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When you get “Say Hello” you’ll learn every single psychological loophole that makes women say yes… and you’ll find women working their hardest to get your attention, impress you, and seduce you.

Bottom line: you’ll be an unstoppable force, and women do whatever they can for you

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How to go from zero to having her obsessed with you in about 3 minutes flat. It’s a specific technique, it uses a story from your own life (no matter how dull or boring), and it causes a woman to paint a picture in her mind about the romantic future she’s going to have with you.

3 words to NEVER say to a woman. It’s very easy to let them slip when you find a woman attractive, but if you even mention these words, it’s like handing her an engraved invitation to reject you.

You’ll learn the beauty of “subtle rejections” — little ways to say ‘no’ to women without offending them. Women love this challenge, and they’ll delight in trying to win your affection back. This is by far the easiest way to keep a conversation going with an absolute minimum of effort.

I’ll give you the amazing rejection to use on a woman who’s rejected you. This turns everything around and fixes just about any mess you’ve made. It makes her think it was your idea to turn her down, and better yet… it makes her want to prove herself to you sexually.

How to capture a woman’s interest before you’ve even opened your mouth. This sneaky but ethical technique cut my rejections down to ZERO when I got it right, and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it.

The natural’s trick to “manipulate” a woman’s reality, so she sees you as confident and charming… no matter how bad how hesitant or inadequate you feel

How to “turn off” your approach anxiety using “feedback threshold” control (this is basically a hidden emotional switchboard inside of you that controls your most embarrassing anxieties.)

7 Body Language secrets that take a woman from “friendly” to “ready to f*ck”. Turn up the heat the way I teach, and she’ll surrender her body to you with enthusiasm. Remember — it’s not what you say, it’s how you make her feel.

And MUCH, much more…

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