Sara Gottfried - The Energy Cure

Sara Gottfried - The Energy Cure digital download. Info: [5 MP3s, 3 PDFs, 2 MP4s] | 265.72 MB. Because of our high-stress lifestyles (stress is hormone e...

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Sara Gottfried - The Energy Cure

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 MP3s, 3 PDFs, 2 MP4s]

File size: 265.72 MB



Mission Ignition Jumpstart

Do You Want to Feel Happy, Vital, and Juicy?

(For women and the men who love them)

It’s no secret that as the number of birthdays rises, other things begin to fall.

Your Energy Level (but not your to-do list)
Your Metabolism (but not your appetite)
Your Sex Drive (but not your desire to be sexy and sexual)
Your Mood (but not your longing for happiness)

Sara Gottfried - The Energy Cure

Dr. Sara

I’m Dr. Sara Gottfried, and I’m here to deliver some very good news:  you do not have to just live with it!  In spite of what you may have read or been told by well-meaning friends and family members, even your doctor, when what you want up is actually down, it’s not because of birthdays, it’s because you are out of balance hormonally.

Because of our high-stress lifestyles (stress is hormone enemy #1), we can begin to experience the unwelcome effects of hormonal chaos as early as our 20’s!  You do not have to resign yourself that this is the new normal.  No matter your age, you can return to sacred balance and feeling happy, vital, sexy, energized, and inspired!

I’ve been helping women feel at home in their bodies again for over 20 years, and I want to help you too.

I’ve created Dr. Sara’s Jumpstart specifically for uber-busy, mission-driven women like you to get you rapidly the tools you need to rediscover your vital energy and your vibrant, sexy-self!   You might be a working mom like me, or a vision driven entrepreneur or passion-ista for a cause – what ever your mission is, you can only realize your dream if you have the mojo to match!

Mission Ignition Jumpstart includes 5 powerful audios:

Audio 1 – How to Assess and Address Your Relationship to Stress

Audio 2 – Gender Differences in the Stress Response – What Every Woman (and man) Must Know

Audio 3 – Getting Your Body Back on Track

Audio 4 – Q&A Adrenals and Stress

Audio 5 – Q&A Sex Drive and Vitality