Sandra Coan - The Missing Link

Sandra Coan - The Missing LinkA step by step guide to creating a natural light look with artificial lightHere is the truth! Natural light is beautiful, but it...
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Sandra Coan - The Missing Link

Sandra Coan - The Missing Link

A step by step guide to creating a natural light look with artificial light

Here is the truth!

Natural light is beautiful, but it isn’t always available.

Sometimes it rains.

Some days are dark.

Sometimes conditions are less than perfect.

What do you do when that happens to you?


Grab your digital camera and bump up the ISO to 6400?

Push your film and pray for good results?

Wouldn’t It Be Better To Just Have Perfect Light All The Time?

To know that regardless of the weather or location, you could create beautiful images with zero stress and worry.

Wouldn’t it feel AMAZING to be able to walk into any lighting situation and know that you can handle it?!!

Well Guess What?!! YOU CAN!!!

I will teach you everything you need to know to creating beautiful, natural looking light by teaching you exactly what you need to know to get ed.

You will learn:

  • The equipment you need to get ed, even if you are on a budget
  • How to set it up and get it working with your cameras
  • How to meter from color and black & white film as well as digital cameras
  • Instruction on light modifiers and how they effect the look of your images
  • How to use one light and one modifier to create different looks
  • The difference between strobes and speedlight flash, and how to use them
  • Quick and easy ways to create a natural light look with artificial lighting

You will also get

  • Instant access to eight video modules
  • 10 additional demo videos
  • Continued Support in a private Facebook group
  • A stress free, light filled life!!

Who Is This Class For?

This class was designed for designed specifically for Film, Digital and Hybrid Photographers who are looking to create that natural light look…. basically anyone who is ready to take the guess work out of artificial light and master their craft!

See What Others are Saying

“One of the best investments I have made in my film journey has been working with Sandra. Literally changed my world. It gave me the knowledge and confidence to explore new avenues in photography and know that I would get the results I wanted. I feel like words can’t do justice to how appreciative I am to Sandra for sharing her knowledge and expertise. She is the only person I know offering this content and with this level of expertise and years of experience in the subject matter. Definitely a game changer for any film or hybrid shooter out there!”


“I signed up as a way to take myself out of my comfort zone and try something completely new, and I walked away knowing that I can use artificial light in a way that looks natural, and there’s no reason to be scared of using it. Thank you again, and I’m excited to using strobes regularly!”

- Kerinsa Mullins

“I am a newborn photographer based in Hong Kong, I shoot on location-small apartments- and low lighting was always a major challenge. What I learned about how to use strobe to fill in the main light naturally and effectively, changed my photography business completely. Sandra made using strobes with film so simple.”


Course Curriculum

Getting ed
  • Intro (10:42)
  • The difference between film and a digital sensor (5:26)
Module One
  • Sync Speed (8:34)
Module Two
  • Equipment (32:17)
  • Setting your Meter to Flash Mode (0:51)
  • Video Demos (10:31)

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