Sally Errey - Staying Alive - Cookbook for Cancer Free Living - Real Survivors - Real Recipes - Real Results (2006)

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Sally Errey - Staying Alive - Cookbook for Cancer Free Living - Real Survivors - Real Recipes - Real Results (2006) digital download. Info: [1 Scan - 200 J...
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Sally Errey - Staying Alive - Cookbook for Cancer Free Living - Real Survivors - Real Recipes - Real Results (2006)

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Finally, a book every caring person will want to give friends, colleagues or family members diagnosed with cancer.
With every cancer diagnosis there are hundreds of agonizing choices. It can be difficult to sort out what to think, and who to believe. Cancer patients long to talk to others who have survived the experience. Now they can! 

This is a collection of some of the most inspirational stories you'll ever read. This book is also filled with practical hints and proven, health-promoting recipes.

"More than just a cookbook, Staying Alive! Cookbook for Cancer Free Living may help save the life of someone you love or even your own. These stories, tasty recipes and strategies will inspire and motivate you to achieve optimum health."
- Neal Barnard, MD President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

All the people in this book have managed life with cancer... and you can too! Now you have the opportunity to learn from real people. Discover their winning strategies and secret, delicious, easy recipes! Imagine regaining your energy, health and vitality. These intimate, amazing and true stories are guaranteed to provide you with inspiration and hope - today.

You get:
• Simple, fast and delicious recipes
• Secrets to immunity boosting foods
• Proven exercises and therapies - successful in managing and preventing cancer
• How to incorporate cancer-fighting ingredients in your recipes
• Weight management - without counting calories or following strict formulas
• How to get started immediately and enjoy increased energy.
"This book is far more than a 
cookbook. In short, Sally Errey has created a very important blueprint for upgrading nutrition and healthy living. Her lively approach and sense of humour make for easy-to-understand and enjoyable reading and referencing. Staying Alive! is a "must read" for not only the lay person or those with cancer, but also for physicians and nutritionists who work with people with cancer."

Dr R. H. Rogers M.D. 
Centre for Integrated Healing / Inspire Health

Staying Alive! Cookbook for Cancer Free Living shares the secrets of these inspirational people…what they did and what they ate. It's like being in a support group, learning from others experiences - in their hearts and their kitchens.

Readers will discover, the top 20 cancer fighting foods, how to incorporate them in daily food plans, nutrition information for cancer management and prevention, along with over 100 simple, fast and delicious recipes.

Staying Alive! Cookbook for Cancer Free Living provides excellent value. Essentially two books in one. Words to move and motivate - along side recipes that heal and energize. 

As a Nutritional Consultant, Sally Errey advised and motivated people with cancer for 7 years at Inspire Health - the first complementary cancer care facility of it's kind in Canada. Until now, she has only been able to share her extensive knowledge with the clients in person. Her clients demanded this book so that they can share that information with others.