Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

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Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

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Format: [17 Videos (MP4), 26 Transcripts (PDF), 13 Audios (MP3), 1 Template (DOC)]


Lump Sum Profits

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

From the Desk of: Ryan Moran
Subject: "Massive Cash Quickly"

Dear Friend,

Your about to discover that your biggest failures are actually your ticket to FAT CHECKS.

Let's face the harsh truth: you're spinning your wheels, and nothing would "cure" your disenchantment with internet marketing faster than by getting BIG... FAT... CHECK.

I'm not blowing smoke up your rear here, because I see this all the time...

Most people just don't get how clsoe they are to massive payday. I don't know you personally, but my guess is that you're tired of hearing the same things over and over, and if a big check doesn't arrive soon, you're done.

So here's my advice: GIVE UP.

Seriously - give up. Throw in the towel. Cuz that's what I did... and as soon as I gave up, the checks started coming in. Let me explain...

To get that big check, you're gonna have to forget about Adsense, affiliate marketing, or creating your own products too. Because if you want a giant lump sum of CASH right away, there’s a much faster way.

Let’s be real: The problem with doing things like Adsense, affiliate marketing, or your own products is TIME. 

And if you're like me, then all the blood, sweat, and STRESS that went into those sites is now making you... next to nothing.

(Sucks doesn't it? Well, here's the good news: you're about to turn that FAILURE into a MASSIVE pay day. Read on.)

Hi, this is Ryan Moran and I’m about to show you a 100% legal and proven system that puts 4 figure… even 5 figure cash payouts in your hand.

So what could you do with a big payday? I’m talking about someone literally handing you a fat check for $1,000… $5,000… even $25,000?

Now imagine you had a machine that could duplicate the process, and you could turn it on to hand you four and five figure checks whenever you want. Would a fat check of even $1,000 whenever you want change your life?

For starters, you could do things like…

  • Work when YOU want — or as little as you want… (that's the power of lump sum payments!)
  • Pay off some old bills… in one LUMP SUM.
  • Take a much needed vacation…WITHOUT the stress of racking up credit card bills.
  • Make your own emergency or “rainy day” fund… IMMEDIATELY.
  • “Instant Cash” — No more worrying about an unexpected bill or running low on cash. You can raise big money fast using the methods I’m about to share!

By now you’re probably thinking…

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Listen, I'm an information marketer myself, but I've never been able to get a fat lump sum in my information business. In some cases, the method I'm going to share is far more profitable than trying to sell info-products. The painful truth about info-products is that not every one of them is a hit.

If you’ve ever launched your own info-product that did little or no sales, or you put up an affiliate campaign that bombed, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s a lot of “little” details that you need to get right to create your own ultra-successful info product.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do believe in selling my own info-products… I also do affiliate marketing in my online business… and a little Adsense too. But they are a means to an end - and that is a BIG PAYDAY when I SELL.

You see, those other slow methods aren’t always reliable 4 figure or 5 figure income producers… and what I’m about to describe to you is a very real system that works whenever you want… and whenever you want to use it.

It’s the system that I’ve developed for finding undervalued or creating in-demand websites and selling them for massive lump sum payments.

This system works extremely well and it works extremely well because over the last 2 years, I’ve tested and refined it extensively. (I’ll tell you how in just a minute.)

Now I know this might sound too good to be true but you're going to see very real examples of big paydays in just a minute…

But first I want to explain a bit more on how my system works…

My system is based on a core business fundamental: Buy low… Sell high

It’s not a new idea: People have been doing it since the beginning of time.

Investors have been trying to do it for decades in the stock markets.

In 1995, Ebay debuted and millions of people started “flipping” baseball cards, dolls, or whatever they found in their closet or the local yard sale… for big profits.

In the first decade 2000’s, countless real estate investors bought undervalued homes… fixed them up a little… and quickly sold them for thousands of dollars of profits. The market for flipping houses got even hotter from 2001 to 2006.

And in this decade, the profits come from flipping WEBSITES.

Here's why...

Before getting into the internet marketing world, my background was in real estate. I loved the idea that you could acquire assets that made you money... either by renting them out or flipping them for big paydays.

But like many real estate investors, I was scared by the risk. Heck, unless you're a slum lord, you've got to get at least a $100,000 loan to buy a house, and if that thing doesn't get rented out... you're toast. I mean, it's not like you could build a house from scratch and flip it...

Fast forward to the present day. Domain names & the websites built on them have become the new online real estate!

And I took the same strategies that I learned in real estate and applied them to virtual real estate. Except this time, the barriers to entry are ZERO, you're not confined to shopping the newspapers for good deals, and it's a wide open ocean of hot deals right at your fingertips.

There's two approaches to this: you can either a) build the "asset" from scratch and flip it for huge paydays, or b) you can acquire high valued virtual properties for as little as a few hundred bucks and then flip them for eye-poppingly fat checks.

Now that’s not just cheap talk. Here’s a great example of a website that was flipped for a cool $80,000 using this type of system:

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Of course, not every website will sell for $80,000 so let me show you a few others that still sold for big bucks.

Here’s a “small” flip I did…

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

The cool thing about this site is that I bought it for $750 just a few weeks before. I made a bunch of mistakes along the way and I still flipped it for a nice $2500 profit! Did I mention that I made $700 in those few weeks while HOLDING the website? That was the easiest $3,200 ever.

While we're talking about mistakes, here's the first site I ever flipped - I made every mistake possible and just "gave up" on the website, and it pumped out a cool $1,100. Even though I stumbled through the process, getting a check for $1,100 isn't the worst day I ever had:

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Here’s another site that sold for 5 figures:

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Here's a tiny, ugly website that was sold for a cool $7000 in less than a week using some of the speed flipping techniques that I teach:

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Now I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging but… after several years of refining my system of flipping sites, banking 4 figure and 5 figure lump sum payments from website flipping isn't that hard. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been blessed to have discovered such a profitable business model to use.

I could show you dozens and dozens of these big paydays but I think you get the idea. My system works consistently and I use it all the time.

But I have a big confession to make. I completely stumbled upon it.

You could even say I “accidentally” found…

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Let me explain. I got into internet marketing a few years ago to pick up some extra cash without having to take on a part-time job working for someone else or doing something like flipping burgers.

Like many internet marketers, I struggled with a lot of trial and error, trying to figure out how to make money online consistently. I watched other internet marketers battle through the same exact struggles too.

I watched a lot of them bounce from marketing idea to marketing idea, trying to find that “big thing” that would deliver a major flood of cash.

They’d try something new for a while… not see any progress, so they’d give up and move on to the latest “hot marketing idea”.

It’s no wonder so many newer marketers get so frustrated or give up. There’s a lot of ways to try to make money online but unfortunately, not all of them seem to work for the average guy or gal.

Most people I see will try a few things, and when it doesn't work, they give up.

And then one day it happened... my business friend and I decided to give up on one of our projects.

One of my struggling friends ran into trouble and needed to raise funds FAST. He needed to pay some bills immediately, and he got desperate. He did the only thing knew to do - he sold off one of his failed websites.

It was a sad day... all of this time and energy spent building this business was for none...


We watched in amazement as my friend sold that site for a cool $3,500!

We were stoked... it was more than enough to pay off all the bills, and there was some left over.

At the same time, we were puzzled... with all the struggles and hardship we had been POURING into our business without any success, the big payday came when we GAVE UP and sold the website.

Huh. Whaddya know.

(Can you say "lightbulb moment"?)

We started building little sites and flipping them. We were literally flying by the seat of our pants and learning by complete trial and error.

Some of our “custom” sites sold for $1,100.

Others sold for $3,000 or more.

And when a month-old website sold for $13,000, we knew we had struck gold... this was the real estate gold rush all over again, except way easier and much faster.

Of course, if we had known then what we know now about website flipping… we could have sold all of those sites for A LOT more money.

All we would have had to do was a few things differently and we could have easily boosted the value of the sites being sold by 200% or more.

I’ll be honest… we had some serious trial and error. I remember one flip that we priced way too low... only to find that we undersold it by about $10,000 (ouch).

But fortunately, every time we flipped a website, we made money.

There was just one problem...

We couldn't build the sites fast enough to keep up with the demand! As you already know, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to build sites from scratch and make them attractive to buyers (except if you follow my now proven system - it's scary fast now that I've got it down pat).

I decided to “experiment” with a new strategy to get paid even faster: I started buying existing sites cheaply and trying to sell them for a profit.

What I discovered quickly became a...

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

While experimenting with this simple "buy low, sell high strategy," I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed…

  • Finding undervalued websites being sold for little or no money…
  • Fixing them up a little so they became more valuable…
  • And then selling them for a massive payday!

I started testing different methods of finding great domains or websites at below market value. What worked, I kept doing and what didn’t, I quickly tossed.

I talked with other successful website flippers… people who were flipping sites for $1,600… $7,000… $21,700… even $80,000 a pop. I picked their brains to find out what they did to create their big money paydays. Then I took what they told me and start using it in my own website flipping efforts.

I even interviewed one BEAST of a site flipper who averages about $100,000 per flip, and he said to me, "Come on, what I do is so f$!#[email protected]^! easy, what do you want me to say?"

I started getting really good at website flipping… so good that I was soon pulling off 4 and 5 figure paydays month after month.

But here’s the thing: Very few people knew I was doing so well with my website flips.

I was having a lot of fun quietly living into the college student lifestyle while running my own six-figure online business in my spare time.

My online business was growing by leaps and bounds and most of the people who knew me didn’t know how much money I was making.

And then one day it happened…

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Let me explain… 

I was doing a lot of website buying and selling on a website flipping service called Flippa. It's a marketplace that I still use - although not as much anymore (read why below).

Now the folks at this very popular site can see how much every website is being bought or sold for. They know exactly how much money is being banked on every website flip.

They also know who’s making a ton of money flipping sites too.

It’s no surprise that they also knew how many sites I was buying and then flipping for big paydays… and they could see that I was doing it like clockwork.

They asked me to teach a class for their members on how I was cranking out lump sum paydays so regularly

At first, I didn’t want to do it and I had several good reasons why.

First, I didn’t want the publicity. I was enjoying making a six-figure (and growing) income… and I was doing it without being in the public spotlight or being labeled a some type of “guru”.

Second, I had developed my own system… A system that works extremely well and works like clockwork.

So why would I want to share something so profitable with anyone else? (I think you can see where I was coming from. I felt like I had some pretty good reasons for not teaching my website flipping system.)

And I realized something really importantI was being selfish.

I realized that I could share my methods with other motivated online marketers and I could do it without hurting my business one bit.

But you know the REAL reason that I didn't want to teach this to Flippa members??

Simple: I was finding my BEST deals far away from the marketplaces.

Look, marketplaces like Flippa are great for sellers, but when trying to buy a site, you're dealing with a TON of competition.

And I find my best deals far away from the marketplaces, where no one else is looking. How stupid would I look if I taught marketplace members that they were doing the whole thing wrong?

I discovered that MOST people flipping websites were trying to buy sites on auction and then flip them BACK on the same auction. WHAT A MISTAKE!

I couldn't teach this publicly... I agreed to teach it, but only to a small number of private students, and NOT for free.

The plan was set in motion, and in April 2011, I taught a no holds barred $997 class where I shared every detail of my website flipping system.

While I was teaching that class I discovered I really enjoy helping other people become more successful too. I discovered I really enjoy getting emails from my students telling me about their own big cash paydays.

Since that class, countless numbers of people have asked me to teach my “Lump Sum Profits” system again.

I get a constant stream of emails from people asking me for website flipping advice or if I would consider taking any apprentices!

Now it might sound like bragging but…

Between you and me, some of the top “gurus” have gone through my training or have come to me for advice!

In fact, at a recent event in Austin, TX, internet marketing mogules Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss referred to me as their "resident expert on buying and selling websites."

Quite frankly, I don’t care if I’m considered a guru or not… I just love getting that emotional rush when I hear about another one of my students banking 4 figures… 5 figures… even 6 figures from my teachings.

I mean that seriously. I'm okay financially now, and I get WAY more out of hearing my students' success stories than I do out of making more money.

But let’s face it: Not everyone who wants to get into website flipping can afford a $997 class.

And quite honestly, that high-level training class was a ton of work and a major time commitment for me. (There was all of the training materials to create… the time spent teaching it… answering students emails and so on.)

So I seriously doubt that I would ever teach my complete system and offer such personal one-on-one coaching so inexpensively again.

That’s why you’ll be happy to hear that I came up with a solution where everybody wins. But first let me ask you a question…

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

The obvious answer is of course… so I’ve done exactly that.

I’ve taken some of the best training material that I shared in my $997 class and created an online training program called “Lump Sum Profits”.

Now before I tell you what’s in “Lump Sum Profits”, let me tell you what it’s NOT.

It’s not the complete website flipping class that many people gladly paid $997 to attend.

I can’t in good conscience take the same exact program and turn around and sell it for $297 or even $497.

I’ll be honest… If someone took what I paid $997 for and started selling it for a mere fraction of what I paid, I’d be really ticked off.

So I won’t do that to any of my students.

Instead, I’ve taken some of the core fundamentals and training materials that I shared in my $997 class and put them into “Lump Sum Profits”.

I’ve added some new resources and bonuses too which I’ll tell you about in just a minute.

Why would I do this?

Two reasons really.

First, I want to help marketers who want to get started with website flipping but are dealing with a limited budget to pay for high-level training. I mean, I know that there is basically an unlimited number of folks who have four and five figure paydays waiting for them, and I want to help them get there (mabye it's an ego thing, I don't know).

Second, some of my “Lump Sum Profits” customers will choose to go for even more advanced site flipping training or private mentoring with me.

But even if most of my “Lump Sum Profits” customers don’t buy another product from me…

Or hire me for private one-on-one coaching…

… This program is designed to help them start pulling down their own big cash paydays.

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Everything you need to get started is included. I’ve already figured out what someone needs to get started with profitable website flips right from day one.

Everything you need to flatten your learning curve is included. There’s no painful trial and error because I’ve already gone through the trial and error for you.

Everything you need to know to cut your risk of making a bad flip is included…Believe me when I say I’ve made some expensive mistakes in the past and I’ll tell you how to not make same mistakes that I did!

And everything you need to start with landing your own four figure… even five figure flips quickly is included.

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

The “Lump Sum Profits” system is made up of four major pieces.

First, you get my guide “Ditching The Stress Monkey”

(Why the silly name? Because I've found that getting that first check is a HUGE stress relief. If you've got debt or an unexpected bill, simply follow this simply process to kick that Stress Monkey off your back.)

This powerful step-by-step guide takes you by the hand and walks you through how to flip your first website. This guide is based on my field-tested and proven to work system for flipping sites for major cash payouts.

Here’s a few things you’ll discover inside this powerful guide…

  • My six step process to go from complete rookie to expertly selling your first website…
  • A simple way to make sure you choose the right niche for your first campaign…
  • No money? No problem! I’ll show you how to create your first custom build site that you can flip for 4 figures or more!
  • An easy benchmark that tells you how much traffic your site should be getting before you try to sell it for a big pay day…
  • And much more!

Second, you get my “Success Stories Collection”. I’ve taken some of my very best case studies of people who have enjoyed a big payday by flipping a site.

People like…

… John who regularly gets $3-7K for tiny, ugly sites that he flips…

… David who pulls off $100,000 per flip deals like clockwork…

… Or even Cary who landed a $80,000 lump sum from a site that he built from scratch and then sold.

You'll get to follow their exact process and get to model their success.

Third, you’ll get access to the video training walkthroughs of actual successful site flips. I’m also including my own “Flipping Trophy Case” where I share some of the sites I’ve personally bought and sold.

These videos are one of the most popular parts of the “Lump Sum Profits” program because you can see and hear me walk you through how I located these hidden treasures…

How I positioned the site for a major payday…

What 100% legal marketing tactics I used to create a bidding frenzy.

I’ll share all of this and more as I speak quite candidly on what I did. You’ll know what I did right so you can do the same exact things and enjoy even bigger profits on your flips!

Next, I’ll share my secret “underground” source for buying established, high value websites for pennies on the dollar.

A lot of website flippers rely on website auctions to buy or sell their sites. But as I mentioned, my big shocking confession is that my most profitable deals don’t take place on an auction website.

So I’m going to share with you my secret source… all you have to do is simply tap into the same source and you can find sites that you can invest in or flip for fast cash…

Last but not least, you’ll get my “Getting Top Dollar” secrets. Now you may not know this but… most people overlook how to sell their sites for more money using a few easy-to-do tactics to boost value even more!

I don’t want you to make those types of costly mistakes…

… so I’m going to point you in the right direction and help you increase your odds of getting the big lump sum payouts — that you want — and get them on a consistent basis!

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

It might seem kind of obvious but when you sell something for more than your costs, you’re making a profit.

And that’s what this program is about…

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Unlike some of the other website flipping training materials out there, my program doesn’t focus on stepping over piles of cash to pick up a few pennies.

Sure, making a hundred bucks on a website sale is nice… but you have to sell a lot of sites that way to make a substantial amount of money.

So I’m not going to teach you how to make small dollar flips.

I’m going to show you how to get four figures or more on each site you flip. It won’t matter if it’s your sites or ones you find for practically pennies… I’ll show you how to flip either one for big paydays.

You see, when you use the “Lump Sum Profits” system, you get paid in a big lump sum.

There’s no waiting to get paid.

There’s no $5 Amazon or Adsense commission checks slowly oozing in each month.

There’s no "mental bandwith" taken up because you're trying to manage dozens of tiny, unprofitable websites.

You get paid, and then you're done. Rinse and repeat.

You get one big fat check – the type of payday that can change your life for the better in a hurry.

Best of all, you can use my “Lump Sum Profits” system as often as you want.

Think about it: Why settle for one big fat check when you can enjoy several large payouts each month instead?

And you know what else? When you're buying sites for pennies on the dollar, you just may decide to keep some of the sites yourself and sit on the income.

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

By now, you’re probably saying,“Okay Ryan, how much for the “Ditching The Stress Monkey” guide…

… The video training walkthroughs of actual site flips (including my “Flipping Trophy Case”)…

… The “Success Stories Collection”…

…The “Getting Top Dollar” training…

… And my secret underground source for cheap sites that you can flip for massive profits?

Well, I’ll tell you how much you’ll need to invest to get access to “Lump Sum Profits” in just a moment.

But first, let me ask you a question…

Ryan Moran - Lump Sum Profits

Let's think about this for a second...

If you're not already jumping out of your chair to start flipping sites, buying low and selling high, and experiencing the sheer joy of putting lump sum paydays into your pocket, go ahead and hop off this page. Go ahead and keep fumbling around with other people's stuff, and when you get burned, come on back - maybe you'll be in the right mindset then.

You have the right to keep doing what you're doing. Yes, this would qualify under the "definition of insanity," but you certainly can continue to follow the slow methods of putting money into your pocket - you can keep stepping over dollars to make pennies. Hey, if that's your style, I think there are some gurus who would love to sell you more stuff.

And really, the fact of the matter is that your decision on whether or not to invest in your financial future doesn't really affect me that much. I'm very comfortable financially, and I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing regardless of your decision today. It's not gonna affect me much... but it's probably gonna be HUGE for you.

So let me ask you this: How much would you pay to learn the exact step-by-step methods you need to know to start banking your own lump sum paydays?

How much time could you save by going with a proven system, instead of trying to “figure it out” on your own? (Or keep trying to figure it out on your own if you’ve been trying)?

The first time I taught this, I charged $1,000 per student. Some paid even more, because I allowed for a payment plan.

Well, you won't need to invest $1,000 today. You won’t have to invest $500 or even $200 either.

The regular price for the “Lump Sum Profits” program is $197.

But here's the deal...

I only want to work with ACTION TAKERS. I get a much bigger rush out of my success stories than I do out of making money. So if you're not an action taker, go ahead and pass on this opportunity - you're not ready.

So to help you take actio