Ryan Hall - Defensive Guard

Ryan Hall - Defensive Guard digital download. Info: [3 AVI] | 3.030 GB. World Martial Arts presents Ryan Halls Defensive Guard, possibly the most groundb...

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Ryan Hall - Defensive Guard

Type: Digital download

Format: [3 AVI]

File size: 3.030 GB

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World Martial Arts presents Ryan Halls Defensive Guard, possibly the most groundbreaking Jiu-Jitsu series ever released!

Ryan Hall’s Defensive Guard concept is unlike anything you have seen before,because it views the guard as a position with multiple defensive walls, with each wall having its own set of tactics for defending and counter fighting. 

Using this strategy, Ryan teaches that the sum of multiple guard walls is far greater then the whole and if an opponent is able to defeat one wall, you simply fall back to the next defensive wall and effectively continue the battle.

Additionally Ryan teaches within each individual guard wall position, how to move, unbalance and attack your opponent with sweeps, turnovers and submissions.

Ryan teaches the when and how and why to every defensive wall you can use, regardless of what position you find yourself in and all of the offensive and defensive options needed to finish the fight!

This DVD set spans over5 hours of video with 53 incredible Defensive Guard techniques shown in the same methodical teaching style that has made Ryan Halls previous Jiu-Jitsu DVD sets world famous! This is another World Martial Arts exclusive!

VOLUME 1: Building Your Wall Part 1

1. Series Intro
2. The Defensive Guard Concept
3. Fundamental: Technical Stand Up
4. Fundamental: Shrimp
5. Fundamental: Reverse Shrimp
6. Fundamental: Granby Roll
7. Fundamental: The Turn Away
8. Fundamental: The Rock
9. Strategy: The Wall
10. Strategy: Pushing Grip vs. Pulling Grip
11. Strategy: To Sit or Not to Sit
12. Strategy: Layers of Defense
13. Strategy: Your Money or Your Life
14. Strategy: The Trap
15. Strategy: Going Underneath
16. Strategy: Slinky Spine
17. Strategy: Lifting
18. Combination Drills

VOLUME 2: Building Your Wall Part 2

1. Sleeves vs. Collar Grips
2. The Wall: The Sole
3. The Wall: The Instep 1
4. The Wall: The Instep 2
5. The Wall: Shin-to-Shin
6. The Wall: The Knee Shield
7. The Wall: Relocating 1
8. The Wall: Relocating 2
9. Locked Hands
10. Secondary Wall: The Straight Arm
11. Secondary Wall: Crossing the Sleeve
12. Secondary Wall: The Collar Tie
13. Secondary Wall: The Inverted Collar Tie
14. Secondary Wall: The Whizzer/Belt Grip
15. Secondary Wall: The Hips

VOLUME 3: Guard Walls In Action

1. Shell Guard 1
2. Shell Guard 2
3. Seated Guard 1
4. Seated Guard 2
5. The Lift 1
6. The Lift 2
7. The Lift 3
8. The Unbalance 1
9. Unbalance 2
10. Going Underneath 1
11. Going Underneath 2
12. The Collar Tie
13. The Inverted Collar Tie
14. The Whizzer
15. The Hip Block
16. Flow Drill
17. Collar Tie:Hip Escape
18. Collar Tie:Back Roll 1
19. Collar Tie: Back Roll 2
20. Collar Tie: Head Toss
21. Inverted Collar Tie: Hip Escape
22. Inverted Collar Tie: The Switch
23. Inverted Collar Tie: The Kimura
24. Inverted Collar Tie: Kimura to Switch
25. The Over Grip Variation
26. The Granby Roll