Ryan Carroll - Your New Facebook™ Advertising Strategy

Ryan Carroll - Your New Facebook™ Advertising Strategy | Instant Download ! Please Note: This course is for people who already have a drop shipping store set ...
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Ryan Carroll - Your New Facebook™ Advertising Strategy | Instant Download !

*Please Note: This course is for people who already have a drop shipping store set up. I am not teaching you how to set up an e-commerce business. This is for people looking to learn an experienced Facebook™ advertising strategy that has made me a lot of money.

How I Came Up With This Advertising Strategy & How It 10X’d My Sales

February of this year I launched a new e-commerce drop shipping store. I quickly scaled it up within the first month to making around $2,000/day. Not bad, but I was looking to go much bigger. So I started putting more & more money into ads daily but the weird thing was my revenue started drastically decreasing. Not only that but my Facebook CPM’s went way up, my CTR’s went below 1.0%, my CPC’s 3x’d, & most importantly my ROAS was no longer positive.

At this time I found my competitors website and saw that they were marketing the same exact product that was driving me 95% of my sales. I also saw their Facebook ads and they were the exactly the same as I was running. On top of that I used a Google Chrome extension tool to see their sales and saw they were making around $10,000/day in sales.

I was upset, but that’s all apart of the drop shipping game. It was nice to see that the product could actually make that much per day though! So I turned my ads off and started thinking of ways I could get ahead of my new competitor.

I knew I had a great store, hot product, and perfect demographic I was targeting. So that left me with 1 thing I knew I needed to tweak in my business… and that was the actual branding of the ads themselves. Something a lot of drop shippers don’t actually do.

Within a week I had my strategy implemented and on the first day back on Facebook I spent $124 on ads and made…. $1,443 in sales! On top of that all my Facebook CPM’s, CTR’s, CPC’s, & ROAS were back up and even better than before.

I quickly scaled my ads up through out the week hitting $10,000 in one single day. After this happened I knew that my new Facebook advertising strategy would be used in all and any new e-commerce businesses of mine!

My Dad’s New Drop Shipping Store A Few Days After Implementing My Advertising Strategy

When my dad started his first drop shipping store he decided to run his Facebook ads the traditional way and unfortunately he was loosing money. I finally got him to start using my method of advertising and he is now profitable already hitting over $1,000 in just a few days of launching his ads!

Results My Students Are Getting

Just a few of my students messages I have received via Instagram DM’s. Super proud of everyone for taking action, beating out their competitors, and making a lot of money with this advertising strategy!

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