Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery

Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery. Archive : Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot MasteryGet Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery on right now! “This is as cl...
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Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery

Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery

Archive : Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery

Get Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery on right now!

“This is as close to printing money as possible”

This is what my client said to me one week when I sent them the messenger bot reports…

Messenger bots are HOT, just like email 20 years ago. It’s now or never.

In the next 5 minutes, I’m going to show you the proven method I’ve been using to halve my lead cost, grow my messenger bot list to over 60,000 people that get 90% open rates and 2x to 5x my ROI compared to normal FB ads funnels.

You’re going to learn more than just what they are. I’ll teach you exactly how to set them up (or just copy mine), what pitfalls you’ve got to avoid, and I’ll even show you the exact formulas I use to generate millions of dollars in profit for my own funnels.

That’s right… you’ll be able to download, import and copy my exact messenger flows… the top converting messages and strategies I use every single day.

No other marketer offers this. They may help teach you how to use them, but let’s face it, there’s a 90% chance you will NEVER actually action it or build it as it takes hours.

So, despite my initial place of just doing the same and teaching you, I thought what the hell… What if I teach you AND give you some of my best messenger bots to ethically copy and edit for your own biz, in 5 minutes!



You’ll learn how to:

  • Score open rates of 80% or
    compared to
    traditional email marketing
  • Master bot setups so you can
    quickly and easily build
    profit-generating machines for your
    own business or for other clients
  • Learn advanced techniques
    that not even the other pros
    know about yet
  • Drive down your cost per sale
    into the basement, and grow
    your profit margins by spending
    less on advertising
Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery
  • Get new customers with
    cheaper lead costs
  • Ennage with your audience
    more effectively by speaking
    directly to them, and telling them
    what they want to hear
  • Copy my most successful, top
    converting flows.
    You get your
    hands on proven, successful
    flows that you know will drive
    sales sky high

Struggling To Get Customers? Here’s The Solution…

If your business is struggling to get new customers, or maybe you just aren’t seeing the level of return that you want, I know what it’s like.

I’ve been there.

But then I discovered a system that has made me over 2 million dollars in the last couple of years… right from my laptop.

My name is Rudy Mawer.

For six years, I worked as a fitness coach. I was making $30,000 a year working 80 hour weeks with only 1000 fans/followers.

Then, this happened…

And I wasn’t just making millions of dollars. I also grew my social media to over 1 million fans, and was featured in Forbes, Inc, HuffPost, Men’s Health, and more. I also speak at events around the world.

I’m not telling you all this just to brag.

I know you didn’t come here to listen to some guy go on about his accomplishments.

But there’s a very simple reason why I’m showing you just a little of the incredible success I’ve had: you don’t have to be a marketing genius to do what I’ve done.

This isn’t magic. Anyone can do this with the right guidance and system.

That’s exactly what I’m going to show you today.

Imagine if you could implement a system that was completely self-sufficient. A true set-and-forget method of driving revenue.

On its own, the system goes out, talks to your best customers, explains exactly what they want to hear, and walks them all the way to a sale.

It’d be like you had an entire staff of expert sales people. True pros, who know just what to say.

Except you don’t need to spend a penny on salaries, benefits, or even office space.

Because they aren’t employees… it’s just one computer program.


Imagine knowing exactly what your prospect needs to hear… and then replying with the perfect thing to close the sale.

And then imagine that happening while you sleep. While you’re on the beach. While you’re having dinner with your family.

It’s going to happen 24/7, and it won’t need anything from you. Except your bank account, so it knows where to send the money…

I’ve heard people call this “as close to free money as possible.

And when that happens, your world is going to change.

Let me show you what that’s like.

The 7-Day Bot Masterclass Will Transform Your Business In A Week

Now, like I told you, this is a brand new course. And it’s got a lot of powerful information in it. Information that my competition would kill for.

So I need to be careful with who I let into the program. I don’t mind telling you that it’s going to be exclusive…

We’re not afraid to say no if we feel like it’s not a right fit. So before you go any further, let me ask you:

  • Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who sells things online? This course is extremely innovative, and we need to know that you’re already selling online, or are ready to start.
  • Are you looking for the next big thing in marketing? Email is still a powerful tool in our kit, but let’s be honest… it’s getting a little long in the tooth. And response rates are the lowest they’ve been in years.
  • Are you ready to digitize your sales process and make more money with less effort? The real power of bots is how hands-off the process is. You’ve got to be ok with a system that makes money on its own.
  • Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? There’s an old saying in business… that different is better. The best way to make your business stand out is to differentiate yourself from others. Bot marketing gives you the edge.
  • Do you want to lower your lead cost and double your returns? Our students are seeing immediate, 50% deductions in their lead costs, and 2x returns when compared to a normal funnel.

If that’s you, then you’re going to immediately understand why the 7-Day Bot Masterclass is going to completely transform your business in a week.

We’ll show you exactly how to answer every question your prospect has. Every issue that comes up, you’ll be there. Every doubt or concern will be met. And in the end, your conversion rates will skyrocket.

7 Days To Messenger Bot Mastery and Crazy ROIs

Let me show you what I’ll be teaching you.


It’s the marketer’s secret weapon: the chatbot builder. On the first day, we’ll do an extensive, deep dive into the tools that chatbots are built on.

And don’t worry, because you don’t need to be some pocket-protecting geek to figure this stuff out (not that there’s anything wrong with that if you are).

But if you can figure out email marketing, you can do chatbots.

The technology we’re going to introduce you to is just as simple to use. We’ll spend the day going through every feature and option so you become an instant master of chatbot building.

Day 2: Messenger Bots To Generate High-Ticket Leads

On Day 2, we’ll take everything you learned about setting up chatbots and we’ll put it to work. I don’t believe in waiting around, so we dive right into it.

You know how valuable an email address is. It lets you begin to build that vital connection with the customer. Relationships where trust is developed. That’s how you make a customer for life.

And chatbots are maybe the best way on the market to collect emails.

Once you have that, your doors open wide. You can continue to use chatbots, combined with email marketing. It’s an offer your prospects won’t be able to resist.

Day 3: How To Create Your First Messenger Bot Ad In Minutes!

On the third Day, we take a little bit of a different strategy. Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated but it helps to understand a little psychology.

I’ll show you how to quickly identify exactly what your prospect wants, and then give it to them without them even realizing what you’re doing.

Remember, the better you can align your offer with the secret desires of your customers, the more likely they are to buy. Make it effortless for them!

Day 4: How To Grow Your Facebook Group To 10,000+ Members With Facebook Ads & Bots

Building on the previous two lessons, we’ll go over the best ways to overcome the objections and pain points of you customers.

This is a great way to lead your prospects into a webinar. I’ll help you set up a registration event directly in the chat bot, which will increase conversions and bring those all-important eyeballs into your webinar.

You’ll get a chance to apply the methods I outline, and you’ll learn how to recreate it for yourself whenever you need it.

Day 5: Messenger Bots To Sell Physical & Digital Products

Remember when I said every day is built on the day before? I’ll show you exactly how to put together everything you’ve learned into your first, total chatbot ad.

I’ll teach you how to make sure it all comes together… and it’s super high-converting.

Remember, we need to get your customers to the chadbot in the first place! But it’s not always easy to do so.

That’s why I take all the guesswork away by showing you exactly the steps you need to follow.

Day 6: 2x Your Revenue With just Follow-Ups

On Day 6 e do a deep dive into turning your high-converting chatbot ad into a revenue-generating machine that turns a profit without you lifting a finger.

That means setting up a strong follow-up.

We’ll create a system that automatically checks in with your customers and sells them exactly what they want to buy.

Plus, I’ll teach you the ways to get crazy high 80% open rates… when was the last time you sent an email with an open rate that high!

Day 7: Split-Testing & Optimizing Your Flow

I always say, never sit on your laurels. That’s especially true in marketing. One of the main things I teach my clients in private consultations (for which, by the way, I charge $25,000) is that they have to be constantly testing.

That’s the only way to know for sure what’s working… and how to ditch the loser ideas.

Stack your best up ideas against each other and let the audience decide.

We’re not talking about swapping subject lines here.

This is a little bit more advanced than that. We’re going to teach you how to split test and optimize your entire flow… to drive revenue skyhigh and deliver real value to your customers.


Facebook ads get more crowded and competitive every day. And emails are almost a lost cause - most people have thousands of unread emails in their inbox.

Your business has a choice.

It can keep doing what it’s been doing. Maybe you’re successful and that’s great! But you have to ask yourself, how much longer will it last?

If you had been an expert in direct mail in the 80s and 90s, you would have missed out on email.

If you’d only focused on email in the 2000s, you’d have missed Facebook and Google.

And now, we’re standing on the brink of the next big revolution in marketing.

And best of all, it’s exactly what your customers AND Facebook wants.

Your customers WANT a more interactive, smarter method to get the answers they need to buy.

And Facebook WANTS businesses to use chat bots because it keeps the audience on Facebook messenger longer.

But the businesses that act first will get out in front and the rest of their competition will probably never catch up.

It’s a real-time conversation for your customers that feels totally organic… without you paying a dime for staffing costs. It’s like having a customer service and sales department of hundreds or thousands.


My 7-Day Bot Masterclass is the Only way to Master The Most Innovative, Powerful Marketing Technique of the Last 10 years

Normally a course like this might cost $25,000 if you had to come all the way to Florida to attend a full 7-Day training program.

And people would jump at the chance, because businesses know they can make that back almost instantly with smart AI-marketing.

But that would be so far out of reach for the little guys that it just wouldn’t be fair.

Starting next week, I’ll be charging $999 for full access to the 7-Day Bot Masterclass.

But as an early adopter, I want to reward you for being innovative and ready to embrace this new challenge.

You get:

Full Access to 7 Complete Modules on Chatbot Building ($999 value)

  • An Inside Look At Our Chatbot Builder & Everything You Need To Know To Get Started! ($47 Value)
  • Creating Your First Flow - Opt-In Flow To Collect Emails & Phone Numbers & More! ($198 Value)
  • Leveraging Reverse Psychology - 2-Step Commitment Flow & More! ($177 Value)
  • Messenger Bots To Sell High-Ticket, Physical & Digital Products ($197 Value)
  • Creating Your First High-Converting Facebook Chatbot Ad ($295 Value)
  • 2X your Revenue With Just Follow-Ups ($75 Value)
  • Brand NEW Content Updated Weekly ($11 Value)

BONUS #1: Download Our Top Converting Messenger Flows ($2999 value)

BONUS #2: Every week, win a chance to have my team build a Messenger bot FOR YOU! ($499 value)

BONUS #3: Advanced Facebook Ad Training - Updated Weekly ($499 value)

Get Rudy Mawer - Messenger Bot Mastery on right now!
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