Rudy Hunter - Hitting The Bricks

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Rudy Hunter - Hitting The Bricks

Rudy Hunter - Hitting The Bricks

For months, I had been dithering on making several complex decisions for my business. I was overwhelmed, getting frantic as deadlines loomed, yet unable to move forward. Rudy must have created Hitting the Bricks just for me, yet I let it sit around for several weeks, unlistened-to. I finally got around to listening, then woke up
the next morning with the clarity and courage to forge ahead.
All those difficult, dreaded decisions suddenly became simple and obvious.
Moral of the story: always listen to Rudy, ASAP. He knows what you need before you do!
Love and Wholeness,

Hitting The Bricks
with Rudy Hunter

A Truly Gentle Way Out Of Your Self-Inflicted Suffering
Teaching from Rudy + powerful EnergyWork to help you
Hope you learned a few things & enjoyed!
So…what happens during the rest of the audio tool, because it runs a full 27:28 minutes?
Glad you asked!Here is the layout of the deep & powerful rounds that offer you real help:Round #1 - The PUSH IssueRound #2 - Your Proof

Round #3 - Addiction To Suffering

Round #4 - Self- Abuse [not the fun kind!]

Round #5 - Surrender & Letting Go & Putting The Bricks Down

It’s deep, pervasive, transformational work that is here for you whenever you need it.
Purchase your personal copy and download it right now. It is $77.00 and runs 27:28.
The embedded energetics will never wear out so you can use this as much as you’d like to.
That means that all your self-inflicted suffering can finally begin to drain away & start dissolving.
It will serve you well for life.
Much love,