Ru Anderson - White Label Nutrition Course

Ru Anderson - White Label Nutrition Course digital download.

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Ru Anderson - White Label Nutrition Course

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Ready to teach your own course… but don’t have time?
Position yourself as the expert with this white-label nutrition course.

A complete done-for-you evidence-based nutrition course for your coaching business.

What ties these 3 things together and makes them all work is content.
The most successful coaches use content strategies to do these 3 things exceptionally well.

Therefore, content really is king.

Everything you want is on the other side of creating content for the audience you serve (or will serve if you’re getting started).

As a coach and/or business owner, your ability to create remarkable marketing, product, and support content is essentially the most crucial asset of your business.

But creating all of the education focused marketing, product and support content is not easy.

The success of your business will be significantly tied to the quality of your content.

You have to research the topics, narrow down the key points, outline a logical flow, figure out learning activities that people can do, write all the content, develop support resources (like worksheets and checklists), create slideshows, design graphics, edit and proofread everything, make it look professional, research technology, work with software, and more.

That’s why my team and I are excited to finally release our complete done-for-you evidence-based white-label nutrition course.

It’s all the nutrition content you need for your marketing, products, and support.

You can use this content in your 1-1 business, in your membership, as a stand-alone course, or as a tremendous value add to your existing coaching resources.

Simply download, brand, and then sell or teach to clients or prospects.

No matter how you use these courses, you can quickly position yourself as the expert and level up your coaching business.

Use this content for marketing your business with articles, videos, blogs, podcasts, and social media posts.
Use this content to create your own products like courses, ebooks, programs, and coaching resources.
Use this content to offer client support with how-to videos, tutorials, onboarding material, and check-in emails.

With this course, you get:
A ready-to-go system, saving you months of time on content creation…
The ability to edit, customize, and brand the materials, so it fits your market and your personality…
A complete “training-in-a-box,” at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch…and much more!

Here’s what you’ll teach
Module 1.

The Nutrition Fundamentals

Having a detailed understanding of the fundamentals provides clients with the perfect platform to further enhance their learning.

Lessons included:

Module 2.

The Advanced Diet Protocols

Being up to date with our nutrition knowledge is critical, so we will dive into the most popular diets your clients are asking you about in this module.

Lessons included:

How Diets Work
The Paleo Diet
Intermittent Fasting
Carbohydrate Cycling
Carbohydrate Backloading
Elimination Diets
Reverse Dieting
Module 3.

Personalized Nutrition

In this module, your clients will learn the most important specific nutritional needs for vegetarians, young, and older people.

Lessons included:

Plant-Based Nutrition
Young People
Older People
Module 4.

Lifestyle Management

A fit body and good health must be a lifestyle. This module will show your clients how to do precisely that.

Lessons included:

The Importance of Sleep
The Importance of Exercise
All About Stress
Module 5.


In this module, your clients will learn the key base supplements they will likely benefit from, and then the more advanced supplements can be used for specific results.

Lessons included:

The Base Supplements
Advanced Workout Nutrition
Module 6.

Sport Programming

In this module, your clients will be provided an introduction to sports nutrition and gain a thorough explanation of energy balance, macronutrients, micronutrients, nutrient timing, and fluid intake in their relation to athlete performance.

Lessons included:

Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
Nutrition for Physique Athletes
Nutrition for Strength & Power Athletes

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