Ron White - Black Belt Memory (7 Modules)

[Download Now] Ron White - Black Belt Memory (7 Modules) PLEASE CHECK ALL CONTENTS HERE: Black Belt Memory is a product aimed at helping you to have a rete...

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[Download Now] Ron White - Black Belt Memory (7 Modules)


Ron White - Black Belt Memory (7 Modules)

Black Belt Memory is a product aimed at helping you to have a retentive memory in just 21 days. The methods are easy to use that you can learn it at home. The only difference it has from other self-help programs is the follow-up model it uses to track your progress.

After you have completed the course, you will get the chance to practice what you have learned by participating in a sort of quiz competition. This quiz competition will either make the designer give you a certificate or ask you to go through the lessons again. This makes it fit for you to understand it.

The certification is simply a means to help you stay on track but can do more than that. You can frame it, hang it on the wall for well-wishers to know. The product is perfect for adults and children over the age of five. It is not one that uses the regular rote memory type of recollection. It uses a systematic way of ensuring you remember the details you need to remember.

About The Author: The creator’s name of Ron White, a two-time memory champion. He was on the Nat Geo show ‘Brain games’ and held the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA at 1 minute 27 seconds. He has created a new memory program which a comprehensive one. The US Marines have hired him for 4 years in a row to teach this method at Marine Corp HQ.

What Is Included In The Product?

The program starts by testing your memory. Then, it proceeds to teach you about the cluster of the mind. It expounded on the reasons people tend to lose focus and forget names.

Afterward, you will be taught how to make your brain use the file methods. Just like an office, you can arrange the information in your brain to make it easy to remember.

You will then be taught how to make names have a face. The secret behind this is that a face is a picture but a name is not. That is the reason the brain remembers a face and not a name. Afterward, you will be taught how to learn to use ‘On Command” to recall any details you want and harness your actions and emotions.

The program is designed using the martial arts level as a guide. In martial arts, Black Belt is the highest belt anyone can attain. The designer called the program the Quick and simple Black Belt Memory System. They are seven in numbers. White is the lowest and black is the highest.

  1. White Belt - Introduction to memory. You will be given a starting point to measure from and even get 5 steps to memorize anything.
  2. Yellow Belt - Here, you will be thoroughly drilled on how to build mental file folders, understand good and bad choices for files. You will memorize massive amounts of data easily and numbers.
  3. Orange Belt - Here, you will Foreign languages, passwords, business & school uses, definitions, vocab, formulas.
  4. Blue Belt - Here, you will be taught names and faces.
  5. Purple Belt - You will learn Spanish, Russian, languages, poems, quotes, verses
  6. Brown Belt - You will memorize playing cards, advanced number memory, impressive memory games/demonstrations, memorizing books (word for word or point by point)
  7. Black Belt - This is an advanced training, Black Belt Memory You will learn how to impress others with memory skills, learn anything in 1/3 the time.

The program ends with a test.

Benefits of Using Black Belt Memory

People suffer from a lot of memory issue and are not always happy that they cannot remember the intricate details of an event. However, when they finally find a program that teaches them how to remember just a few things, they feel on top of the world. In this Black Belt Memory program, you will finally have a turnkey memory-program that will activate the brilliant part of your memory, which you know exist but have not been able to use. More so, it will expose you to many benefits, some of which can be found below.

  1. 300% Memory Increase: The book comes with a guarantee that no matter where you start, your memory will increase by 300% minimum. If your memory is poor, then it will be sharper for, at least 300%. This suggests that anyone with a normal brain can do this very effectively.
  2. Remember People’s Name: People find it difficult to remember other’s name upon their first meeting; however, with this program, you will finally be able to meet 30 people in 15 minutes and remember their names.
  3. Remember Things After Hearing Them Once: Black Belt Memory affords you the chance to hear 101 words once and repeat them in exact order. With it, you will retain what you learn from seminars and classes.
  4. Increase Public Speaking Confidence: When you use ‘Black Belt Memory, you have the chance of giving speeches from memory without notes, impressing clients and your boss.
  5. Learning Becomes Easier: The program pushes you to memorize chapters of books and to learn any topic ten times faster. In just a few days you will see massive results. After 10 minutes a day for 21 days, you should be able to memorize 50 digit numbers in minutes.
  6. Have Massive Memory: Memorize hundreds of verses in a day, not a year. Memorize your favorite poem, quote or scripture even if it is 200 lines!
  7. Academic Excellence Will Be Sure: You might have put brutal and stressful work into trying to cram and remember as much as you can during a test but it has always been a futile effort. However, with Black Belt Memory, you can remember what you learn from classes to maximize time and money spent on learning; trust your memory as you confidently learn anything new; remember pages of notes for a test and be relaxed while doing; improve grades and reduce stress for students; remember 10 key points from every chapter of every book you read.
  8. Remember Important Details and Even Irrelevant One: A lot of people have grown into adults that cannot remember a single detail of things and this is killing their pocketbook. This program has been designed to help you routinely recall 100 digit numbers to impress your friends, remember phone numbers, facts, and details. Also, you will discover the secrets memory-experts use in remembering decks of cards in 60 seconds.
  9. It Works for All Ages: Black Belt Memory helps you develop a sharp and healthy brain as you age. Discover the 5 steps to memorize anything. Memorize complicated math formulas to take the fear and stress out of math and science.
  10. Learn Other Languages: You will learn phrases in Russian, Spanish & Japanese easily with fun videos.
  11. Become The Expert: When you use this product, you will become a subject matter expert on almost anything in days not months. Also, you will be seen as the ‘go to’ person because you are knowledgeable and prepared. Memorize stats Become a genius in any sport you chose
  12. It Tends to the Needs of Different People: It’s different for everyone. Some people only want a quick, sharp and healthy brain. Students want to improve their grades in school and business people often want to remember names or sales presentations from memory. Everyone has their own reasons and this course addresses them all.
  13. You Will Not Waste Time on Futile Methods: Some people have been made to go through the pain of using the rote memory. Some were even taught to remember details through songs or online games but this memory test helps you remember things without using any of these methods. All that is required of you is to use 20 minutes of your time in a day.

Format: The program is a combination of various video programs that will spur your knowledge and can be accessed forever.