Roger Woolger - Eternal Return - Past Life Regression

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Roger Woolger - Eternal Return - Past Life Regression digital download. Info: [8 CDs - 70 MP3s] | 1.214 GB. Eternal Return breaks through to a new and ac...
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Roger Woolger - Eternal Return - Past Life Regression

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Format: [8 CDs - 70 MP3s]

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The subject of past lives - and the possibility that we may have lived before - has fascinated the public and perplexed researchers for generations. The fact is that there are thousands of past-life memories accumulating in the files of therapists worldwide, often mirroring unaccountable symptoms clients report, such as depression, anxiety, and feelings of loss and isolation - symptoms that seem to come out of nowhere and can be difficult to treat.

Could past-life memories offer us a key to unlocking these present-day psychological disturbances? Eternal Return breaks through to a new and accessible understanding of what past lives really are - and which techniques you need to learn in order to explore them.

A Full Curriculum for Exploring Your Past Lives

Presented by Dr. Roger Woolger, the distinguished Oxford scholar and Jungian analyst whose book Other Lives, Other Selves remains a classic in the field, Eternal Return gathers a wealth of theories, guided exercises, and case studies into one comprehensive resource. Dr. Woolger draws from two decades of experience with hundreds of patients to bridge Western psychology with Eastern wisdom traditions, offering a compelling picture of how present-day problems can be deeply rooted in past-life traumas.

Through proven and easy-to-follow exercises, you will join Dr. Woolger to investigate your own past lives - and relive the "stories behind your stories" - to retrieve valuable healing insights. Designed both as a curriculum for self-discovery and an introduction to Dr. Woolger's fascinating work with past-life phenomena, Eternal Return is the only in-depth audio seminar for gaining access to humanity's "collective memory banks."