Roger S.H. Schulman - Storytelling for Business Video

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Roger S.H. Schulman - Storytelling for Business Video digital download. Info: [31 Videos (MP4) + Exercice Files]. In this course, Roger S.H. Schulman sh...
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Roger S.H. Schulman - Storytelling for Business Video

Type: Digital download

Format: [31 Videos (MP4) + Exercice Files]



Storytelling for Business Video

By: Roger S.H. Schulman

Duration: 1h 37m

Released: June 08, 2016


When we want to communicate information that’s meaningful to us, we usually tell a story. Human beings are storytelling animals. So if you want to communicate a message about your business, your product, or service via video, go the natural route: tell a story.

In Storytelling for Business Video, Roger S.H. Schulman shows the tools and techniques authors and screenwriters can use to make any business video clearer, more compelling, and more persuasive. These tips work equally well whether you’re trying to sell a product or service or to simply establish brand awareness.

Roger examines the specific steps it takes to build an entertaining and memorable story, first looking at the various intersections between creative storytelling and marketing. Learn how to find the heroes (and maybe even the villains) of your story and use the three-act structure of Hollywood films to communicate the message of your business in a compelling way. Along the way, Roger builds a video script for a fictitious company step-by-step, and shows how storytelling techniques make the final script better in every way.

Topics include:

  • Defining your story
  • Finding your business story
  • Understanding your audience
  • Drawing the dramatic arc for your story
  • Discovering the moral of your story
  • Authoring the “hero” of your business story
  • Finding conflict and resolution
  • Outlining and drafting the script for your video



1. What Is Story?

2. What's Your Story?

3. Out There in the Dark

4. Creating Your Hero

5. Building Your Story

6. Writing Your Story



Roger S.H. Schulman has been a working screenwriter for the past 30 years.

He cowrote the animated feature Shrek, for which he won the British Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for an Oscar® for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay). He previously cowrote the animated feature Balto for executive producer Steven Spielberg, as well wrote the direct-to-video projects Mulan II and The Jungle Book 2 for Disney. Roger has also worked extensively as a producer and writer for television. He co-created the Disney Channel series JONAS and was executive producer of 2gether for MTV and Living Single with Queen Latifah. He's currently cowriting a pilot for HBO with Tom Hanks.

Roger teaches feature and television writing at the University of Southern California. He started out as a science and technology journalist for such noted outlets as Newsweek and Businessweek. He's long nurtured a love of all things tech. When he's not writing, Roger sings in the Angel City Chorale and records introductions for a popular podcast about the Golden Age of radio.

A certified coach, Roger partners with business writers to "bring the Hollywood" of narrative and character to their work, and to better manage the journey and stresses of the writer's life. Access his services at