Robert Plank - Top Secret PHP

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Robert Plank - Top Secret PHP digital download. Info: [PDF + Script + Video]. Are You Ready to Finally Do Something Different With Your Web Site in 2019...
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Robert Plank - Top Secret PHP

Type: Digital download

Format: [PDF + Script + Video]


Top Secret PHP

Are You Ready to Finally Do Something Different With Your Web Site in 2016?

Four-Year Computer Science Graduate
Goes Crazy and Sells Top Secret Videos...
That Make Conversion Rates Spontaneously Explode, Existing Customers More Profitable, and
Allow You to "Set-It-and-Forget-It!"

"If You Can Spare an Hour to Watch a Quick Set of Fun Videos, I Can Show You 7 Incredible Ways to Make Your Affiliate Promotions and Your Direct Response Sales Pages
Perform Like Never Before..."

From: Robert C. Plank, B.S. CompSci
Presenting: Top Secret PHP: PDF + 7 videos + PHP source code

With just a few short and entertaining PHP web scripting video tutorials...

"Top Secret PHP" will show you how to do all this in your sleep...

  • How to make pop-ups that don't appear to be pop-ups or pop-overs... without Flash, PHP, or JavaScript! It's super simple and requires NO programming.
  • The one thing you MUST do to prevent your joint venture partners from stealing your affiliate traffic from right underneath you!
  • And, how to use this evil strategy on others to keep consistent sales rolling in, even if your monster affiliates get bored and abandon you.

Squeeze Out More Profits With An Easy To Use One-Time-Offer Script That Goes On Any Page And Can Replace Either All Or Some Of Your Sales Letter...
You Decide!

  • Make any order page a one time offer page, with no complicated templates to install... it matches any site!
  • Easily add or remove the one time offer by changing one line of code.
  • Show visitors your incredible upsell without taking them OFF the current page -- so there's almost no chance they'll back out.

Techy Talk is Not Allowed Here!
If You Can Copy & Paste,
You Will Understand This Video Series

  • Find out how you can go crazy with upsells and turn a $5 sale into a $500 sale... all you have to do is create a couple of HTML files... the script does the rest and makes for easy tweaking of your sales funnel.
  • Reward prospects for buying your product early. Add special bonuses on your thank you page for buyers who purchase during the first 7 minutes, 77 minutes, 7 hours, and so on.
  • Multiply your marketing efforts -- place your pop-up on an affiliate site... even if you don't have access to modify that site!

Attention Affiliates:
Make Any Change to the Vendor Sites You Promote!

  • Tweak other peoples' ad copy, add pop-ups, or upgrade to better graphics even if you don't own the site!
  • Add keyword-rich content and articles to attract more search engine traffic to your affiliate page.
  • Add your own unique bonuses even though you are just an affiliate and don't have access to the original page.

... It's all possible with one simple change to the code.

One Last Time: Let's Go Over Over Everything You Get
In This Kick-Ass Package...

  • Video #1: Floating Corner Ad: 5 minutes, 23 seconds.
  • Video #2: Stealthy Redirect: 9 minutes, 25 seconds.
  • Video #3: Client Side One-Time-Offer: 11 minutes, 28 seconds.
  • Video #4: Upsell Serializer: 15 minutes, 53 seconds.
  • Video #5: Fast Action Bonuses: 11 minutes, 54 seconds.
  • Video #6: Affiliate PopUp: 10 minutes, 28 seconds.
  • Video #7: Affiliate Cannibalism: 9 minutes, 55 seconds.
  • Full PHP source code to all scripts shown in these videos.
  • Full PDF step-by-step documentation showing exactly how the script was made and how you can tweak it to make the script your own.

Just Think About It For A Second...
Most PHP Coders Would Charge The Entire Price Of This Package For Just One Script.

If it was a custom freelance job, it would cost even more.

What's more, these scripts are directed to tweak your existing sales pages so they pull better.

What if you found one thing to change on a web site that made you even $1 more per day? If you applied that to 10 of your web sites, now you have an additional $300 income per month... forever!

Everything is done step by step in front of you, and everything is explained in even more detail inside the PDF book just in case the videos weren't enough.

Package Contents

  • PDF book: 35 pages of no-fluff, how-to content.
  • PHP scripts: 7 scripts with full source code.
  • Camtasia Videos: 74 minutes of step by step instructions.
  • Download Size: 82 MB