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Speed Copy

The “Speed Copy” Step by Step
Interactive Training Course

Let’s face it, you haven’t succeeded in creating sales letters by reading books or combing the internet for free information.

The “other” information just doesn’t work, there’s no step by step… until now!

On the internet, there’s no telling who you will receive information from for free on some forum — and many popular courses and blogs contradict themselves.

(True story: I once read a blog post that said, “Always Write Your Headline First” and then a few months later, published a post saying, “Always Write Your Headline Last!”)

I’m glad you found this web page today, because I don’t believe in theory. Over the past few years I’ve created 79 sales letters totaling over 798 pages of copy, all on the Internet.

There’s simply too much noise out there, and you needed to get those extra sales yesterday. What you need is a guide cuts to the chase and shows you how to create that sales letter in just a few minutes — not days, weeks, or months.

  • If you’ve never written a sales letter before in your life, Speed Copy is perfect for you — because you only need to follow a simple formula
  • Even if you flunked out of 4th grade English class, Speed Copy is still a great match because we’re not trying to win any writing awards or impress any grammar teachers — just make some sales
  • Even if you’ve already written several sales letters in the past, Speed Copy will decrease the amount of time it takes you to write copy, while increasing the amount of money you make per letter

You write as little as possible, take as little time as possible, and just use the right “hot buttons” to make sure your sales letter basically assembles itself. You can repeat the process over and over again just like I have.

I’m not going to teach you how to spend 20 years becoming copywriting expert… in fact, you can start whipping up your very next sales letter in under 20 minutes… fair?

Let’s see what you’ll dig into as soon as you begin your Speed Copy training…

This course is a membership site where you’ll have 24/7 lifetime access to listen to the introductory audios, read the PDF transcripts, use the Word DOC worksheets…

And most importantly, get access to the webinar recordings for each module!

Module 101: The 5 Minute Sales Letter is
Easy When You AVOID Writing…
“Assemble Your Sales Letter”

(Days 1-30)

Robert Plank - Speed Copy

Which is better: wasting a year of your life agonizing over the perfect sales letter that may or may not turn a profit…

Or: cranking out that sales letter today, launching it, and then making adjustments based on how well it sells, in small five to ten minute increments, making money along the way?

It’s so important to make your sales letter quickly, and get it out there quickly, and that’s exactly what you’ll do as soon as you get access to the Speed Copy private membership site.

In this very first training session, you’ll not only get your sales letter up and running, ready to take orders, you’ll also find out:

  • The very important reason why you should start your sales letter in the MIDDLE — not the beginning or end — and why this technique alone guarantees far more sales than giving away “sample chapters” … listing a “table of contents” or even showing a dramatic demonstration
  • How to craft the perfect story that grabs readers by the eyeballs and forces them to read more
  • Why nearly 75% of sales letters make this fatal flaw — and it’s by NOT revealing what they’re actually offering!
  • How to easily avoid this newbie copywriting mistake: asking for the sale too early or too late — I’m going to show you exactly when to introduce your offer and when to actually ask for the sale
  • The three second rule to choosing one of these three easy and exciting types of headlines to make sure you hold peoples’ attention — If your headline isn’t exciting, and no one reads it, then guess what? People aren’t going to read your sales letter and they’re going to miss what you have to offer! (problem solved)

Here’s where your “Speed Copy” membership delivers where other copywriting courses and copy classes fail.

They teach you the basics, and some might even motivate you to get a salse letter online… but they don’t make you aware of other obstacles you might come across within your the next few weeks.

Module 102: More Money from Tiny Changes!
12 Simple Ways to “Improve Your Sales Letter”

(Days 31-60)

Robert Plank - Speed Copy

Now that your web site is established, and you hit the market quickly, there’s still going to be room for small improvements.

Just because you setup that sales letter quickly doesn’t mean it has to suck, right? For that reason, we’re going to make sure you have all the proper elements in place to keep those sales rolling in.

Example: Believe it or not, you don’t need testimonials to sell a product! But they will help your conversions and increase sales because it decreases your prospects fears while increasing their confidence in you…

During the second training module of this concise, value-packed course, I’m going to turn many out-of-date sales letter theories around and show you what you REALLY need to know to make sales in 2021.

  • Proof: Do you use all four types of proof in your sales letter, or are you stuck using the “obvious” choice? When you add even a tiny amount of proof to your sales copy, you instantly look better and more professional than your competition — which means you can charge more and you have an easier time closing that sale, just by making that one simple change
  • Video and Audio: What’s great about the internet is you don’t have to work at a production studio in order to make a great offer, and in fact… you SHOULDN’T use live action video (or video of any kind) unless you know what you’re doing — I’ll show you what to do instead…
  • Split Testing: Did you know that you can have a “split test” setup in under three minutes, for free, that will actually TELL you what to change on your sales letter? It’s really easy…
  • Bonuses: Make sure the bonuses you provide ADD to your offer, instead of TAKING AWAY from it… this is something EVERY copywriter (and marketer, in fact) needs to know… but very few do!

After completing this portion of the course, which takes almost no time at all, you’ll now be armed with the tools to ask for even more money for your product or service.

You’ll be able to easily justify any price, and feel confident doing it. But how can you be sure you’ll get that massive flood of traffic you need to get yourself a big launch?

Module 103: Let OTHERS Do All the Work,
With Your Own
“Product Launch”

(Days 61-90)

Robert Plank - Speed Copy

Big Hint: You should launch everything you do. Every blog post, every product, every service. Then, you should relaunch that product or service. Over and over.

What’s really funny is most people are scared of “taking up space” on the Internet to get noticed, because they think it requires work!

Guess what… it doesn’t! In fact, I can show you how to mastermind and schedule your own 1-week or 2-week prelaunch, and have it all running automatically. And it only takes 30 minutes every time you want to do it.

As you listen to the audios, read the PDF transcripts, use the worksheets or watch the quickstart video for this session, you’ll be amazed when you find out:

  • Web pages on their own are boring… but LAUNCHES are exciting! Make yourself impossible to ignore by creating an “event” around the launch, and every re-launch of your product… and the good news is, you can put it all together in around 30 minutes or less
  • Complicated product launch formulas will get you nowhere — especially when there are only FIVE types of emails you need to send to launch a product — I’ll show you exactly which ones to send, and when to send them, to get maximum exposure for you
  • You have now created your sales letter, it’s time to make sure people see it — but how will you look different and more appealing than the millions of others out there? It’s simple… by creating a launch event — I’ll not only show you how, but run one right in front of you
  • If webinars are your thing, I’ll show you how to schedule a webinar event and pitch your product properly to get the highest conversions possible — and even if you’re not on the “webinar level” yet, you will be ready when the time comes

You’ve got a sales letter up, you’ve perfected it, and you’ve launched it… now what?

Module 104: Convert Visitors into Buyers!
Increase Your Prices Instantly
When I Show You
The Secrets to “Advertorial Copy”

(Days 91-120)

Robert Plank - Speed Copy

Now it’s time to charge a premium for your product and get paid what you’re worth.

You’ve course corrected and you’ve amassed social proof… now launch the second edition, volume two, version 2.0, or the “monthly version” of your product — I repeat this model over and over, and now you can too!

It’s one thing to whip up a web page in just a few minutes to pitch a 7 dollar or even 97 dollar report, DVD, or course to your visitors… but what’s the difference between that 97 dollar sales letter and a $497, $997, or even $1997 sales letter?

Surprisingly, only a few small changes… if you know which ones to make!

  • Bottlenecks: remove just a piece or two from your sales letter to make it flow better and triple sales — I’ve done this over and over in minutes by using the proper tools
  • Discover the right way to use a swipe file: sadly, most marketers have been taught to gather what’s called a “swipe file” in the wrong way… this hurts their productivity and kills their creativity at the same time… I’ll show you how to avoid this simple mistake
  • Perpetual Copywriting: I’ll give you four easy ways to overcome writer’s block that work every single time — snap yourself out of that rut and pump yourself up to assemble the best sales letter possible, on a moment’s notice!

Once you begin this training…

You’ll Have A Sales Letter Online
That Will Also Be:

  • Proven to convert
  • Split tested
  • Filled with social proof
  • Free of bottlenecks
  • Completely edited
  • Launched to the public
  • Audio enhanced
  • Video enhanced
  • Price tested

In other words, we’ve taken a task that would have required years of study and 12 more months of action… and completed it in just a few short weeks.

But that’s not all!

Get download Robert Plank - Speed Copy at right now!