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Robert Plank - PHP Decoded digital download. Info: [(ebook) pdf+7 scripts]. You Can Pay Someone Else $75 To Make A Script For You, Or Give Me $25 One Ti...
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Robert Plank - PHP Decoded

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Format: [(ebook) pdf+7 scripts]


PHP Decoded

You Can Pay Someone Else $75 To Make A Script For You, Or Give Me $25 One Time For A Bucket of Pre-Made Scripts To Keep Your Sites and Your Internet Business ALIVE AND KICKING!

Look Over My Shoulder As I Create Profit Maximizers Out of Thin Air -- with the "PHP Decoded" Video Package!

Robert Plank - PHP Decoded

From: Robert C. Plank, author of 15 PHP books
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Dear Friend,

The "Wild Wild West" days of the Internet are over.

Social networking and niche marketing are now mainstream, and because of that... every niche on the planet is about to become saturated and overcrowded.

Underdeveloped countries are finding their way onto the Internet for the first time, bringing in a flood of low-cost labor and countless experts in any field.

Sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Blogger make it easier than ever to create an instant community.

If someone sees you are making a lot of money in your niche, and wants to become your competition:

  • It's now dirt-cheap for them to develop a competing product.
  • It's now so easy to bump you down in the search results.
  • It's now common to see a veteran marketer get elbowed-out by a crazy mob of thousands of new competitors in a given niche.

Your list building, article marketing, and pay-per-click efforts are becoming less effective with every passing day.

How Will You Stay One Step Ahead of Them?

How Will You Survive?

The thing you have that they don't, are your Internet street smarts! Most niche marketers are clueless about viral marketing, mailing lists, content rollout, and RSS feeds.

They don't know all the things I can show you about making your profit-pulling, sticky, and automated web site.

Are you ready to transform your web site into a 24 hour profit center, while your competition is still working on their amateur site features like a "guestbook" and a "splash page"?

I'm offering these seven mind blowing quick-fix PHP scripts that will help you to launch more web sites in a day than some newbie can launch in a month.

Prepare to be excited and amazed as my videos show you:

  • Why I Avoided Tell-A-Friend Scripts Like The Plague For Years... and how, when a marketer gave me an idea to virally spread a site using the visitor's own e-mail program... it changed my opinion forever! (15 minutes, 31 seconds)
  • How to Throw Together a Silent Opt-In Form, Colored Pop-Over, or One Time Offer! Gather up new prospects for future follow-ups without losing customers. (9 minutes, 7 seconds)
  • How to Make Your Site Sticky With An RSS Feed. Display your web content on other sites on your pages to keep traffic coming in every time you update! (13 minutes, 47 seconds)
  • How to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Site Without Worrying About E-Mail Filters or Spam Complaints. Create and use an RSS follow-up autoresponder! (12 minutes, 51 seconds)
  • How to Create An Instant, Plug-N-Play Authority Site. You load in tons of articles on various subjects, supply keywords and the script decides which pages of content to display. This script alone can literally save you days or weeks of site building and followup-message compiling. (17 minutes, 30 seconds)
  • How to Stalk Your Favorite Web Sites With A Web Site Change Notifier. Run a news site, or do you just want to spy on search engine results and get an immediate notification if you rise or fall in the search engines for your favorite keywords? Get an e-mail any time a web site you like changes... but only if it changes SIGNIFICANTLY! (14 minutes, 27 seconds)
  • How to Slowly Roll Out Membership Site Content With a Revisited Page Delay. With just a few minutes of work, create pages that only appear after the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd month of a paid subscription! (6 minutes, 25 seconds)

You can use some of these scripts to increase your mailing list numbers from 1 to 2 new subscribers per day to 10 to 20 subscribers per day... with no work on your part once it's setup.

You can calibrate your loser sales pages that convert less than 1% of visitors into buyers into something that closes a sale with five times as many prospects.

Did I Mention Each Script Comes With Super Detailed Install Instructions, Along With A Customization Video?

Let me explain it this way: If you wanted a really really good piece of cake, would you rather...

  • Buy a cake from the store?
    (a.k.a. Buy a canned PHP script for your site that works but doesn't have all the features you want.)

    This will get you by but won't taste as good as if you made it yourself -- and when you're hungry again, you're out of cake!
  • Get a cookbook, buy all the ingredients yourself and try to figure it all out?
    (a.k.a. Buy a 900-page book from the bookstore, spend months figuring out how to program, then make the half-assed script yourself.)

    Hit-and-miss... you could easily get the directions wrong!

Or, will you let me give you the best of both worlds? First of all I will give you 7 plug and play PHP scripts that you can put on your web site. This is like having the cake itself. Then I will give you detailed instructions on how the scripts were made -- this is like having the cookbook so you can make slightly different cakes in the future.

As if that wasn't enough... I will also give you videos explaining and showing the PHP scripts in action... this is the computer programming equivalent of watching The Food Network! Who doesn't like to watch TV? And since when has watching TV raked in more sales from your web sites? As of now, it does!