Robert Moss - Way of the Dreamer

Robert Moss - Way of the Dreamer digital download. Info: [8 AVI] | 2.840 GB. This exciting 8 program video library provides answers to questions that fas...

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Robert Moss - Way of the Dreamer

Type: Digital download

Format: [8 AVI]

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About the Actor

Robert Moss is a world-renowned dream teacher, a shamanic counselor, a novelist and a former professor of ancient history. His deep engagement with the dreamworld springs from his early childhood in Australia, where he survived a series of near-death experiences., and has deepened through his visionary encounters with his Celtic ancestors and an ancient Native American woman of power. He teaches Active Dreaming - his pioneer synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism - all over the world and is the founder of a contemporary mystery school. His many books include Conscious Dreaming, Dreamgates, Dreamways of the Iroquois and The Dreamer's Book of the Dead (Inner Traditions, October, 2005).

Product Description

The Way of the Dreamer featuring renowned author, teacher and shamanic counselor Robert Moss, is your ticket to a limitless adventure. This exciting 8 program video library provides answers to questions that fascinate us all: Do we dream the future? Can we communicate with the departed in our dreams? Can dreams help us heal physically, emotionally, and spirituality? Do dreams provide us access to devine guides and guardians? Can we use our dreams to make our waking lives better? Through his creative Active Dreaming techniques, which blend ancient shamanic dream practices and the best of modern dreamwork methods, Robert gives us a fascinating entree into the rich and vibrant world of dreaming. "We are born to fly," Robert tells us, "and in dreams we discover that the soul has wings."