Robert Glover - Dating Essentials - Master Your Mind A

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Robert Glover - Dating Essentials - Master Your Mind A digital download. Info: [4 Lessons - 12 PDFs] | 758.16 kB . Robert Glover originally developed th...
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Robert Glover - Dating Essentials - Master Your Mind A

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Dating Essentials For Men: MYM A

Breaking News About Dating Essentials for Men

I originally developed this series of courses in 2007 in response to the requests of countless recovering Nice Guys who needed help learning how to approach and connect with women.
Since launching Dating Essentials, I have helped thousands of men successfully get the love and sex they want. I’ve helped them improve their social skills, lower their approach anxiety, create emotional tension with women, test for interest, and get to rejection quickly.
Thousands of men just like you have found great girlfriends, sex partners, and fulfilling long-term relationships with really great women.
I have always asserted that conscious dating is one of the most powerful ways for men to get out of their comfort zone, become aware of their self-limiting beliefs (and blast them away), learn to soothe themselves, and improve their lives in every way.
When I got good at dating, I noticed that the same confidence and skills that had improved my success with women were also showing up in other areas of my life. As a result, my business took off, my income went up, my life became more interesting, and I became a happier, more fulfilled person.
I now walk the planet with a magnetism that attracts people – men and women alike – everywhere I go. I can’t remember the last time I tried to get a woman to notice me or like me. I just don’t have to anymore.
Over the last ten years I have had several relationships with amazing women and more sex partners than I can count. There is no reason why you can’t have these same kinds of experience.
I have some important news for you.
I am offering the four courses of the Dating Essentials for Men series starting this January and running through April, and I want to give you a heads up that this is the last time I will teach these courses online.
After this upcoming series of courses, I will adapt the material into a different format. I will have more information about this later in 2016.
In the mean time, you can be a part of my final series of online classes for Dating Essentials. This will be your last chance to work with me personally in these online courses.
As a way of saying “adios” to Dating Essentials’ current format, I am offering a discounted bundle for all four DE courses.

Save over 30% on all four Dating Essentials Courses! I call this discounted bundle “Winter Wonderland.”

Here is what the Winter Wonderland Bonus Bundle includes:

  • All 4 Dating Essentials for Men online courses (January - April 2016). Perfecting Your Practice A & B, and Mastering Your Mind A & B.
  • 16 Dating Essentials Q&A Podcasts of YOUR CHOICE.
  • 4 60-minute small-group consultations with me.
  • Experienced TAs in every class.
  • A dedicated Instructor Q&A forum where you can ask me any question about dating, sex, and relationships. Plus you can read the hundreds of replies I have posted to questions in previous DE classes.
Save $200 off the Standard Price if you purchased each class separately! Now all of this is only $400 until January 18, 2016.

You can still register for any or all Dating Essentials courses individually. If you are a full time student, active military, or have taken a DE class before, you can register for the same course at 50% off.

Let's work together to help you get the love and sex you want in 2016!

Robert A. Glover, Ph.D.
Robert Glover - Dating Essentials - Master Your Mind A
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Dating Essentials for Men

Dating Essentials for Men is made up of four separate four-week courses. These courses all support each other and can be taken in any order. The whole cycle of Dating Essentials courses are repeated every four months.

The "Mastering Your Mind" (MYM A & B) courses of Dating Essentials for Men focus on becoming aware of and challenging your false (and self-limiting) beliefs that keep you stuck at home by yourself every weekend.

The "Perfecting Your Practice" (PYP A & B) courses of Dating Essentials for Men focus on developing and practicing the skills to approach women with confidence, date successfully, and find your Really Great Woman.

All Dating Essentials for Men online courses are taught by Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

Mastering Your Mind: MYM A

4-week Online Course

Instructor, Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

Registration for MYM A has now closed

You can still access MYM A by registering for the Winter Wonderland Bonus Bundle
Registration for the Bonus Bundle closes Monday, 18 January

There is no reason to be single unless you want to be!

Mastering Your Mind: MYM A Lessons

Lesson 1: The Lies Your Mind Tells You About Yourself and Women

Lesson 2: The Joy of Dating: Uncover and Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Lesson 3: Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection -- Forever!

Lesson 4: Discover the Secrets of Abundance that Naturally Attract Women


Dating Essentials Q&A Podcasts and
Live Coaching Webinar

Robert Glover - Dating Essentials - Master Your Mind A
Participants in all Dating Essentials courses receive four free podcasts of their choice from the Dating Essentials Q&A Podcast archive. You can choose from pocasts covering all aspects of dating, sexuality, and relationships. This is in addition to four podcasts on testing for interest and dealing with rejection that I give you free when you enroll in MYM A.

Plus, during the course, I will conduct a live group coaching webinar where I answer your questions in person. I record these webinars so you can listen in even if you can't attend in person.
About Dr. Glover

Robert Glover - Dating Essentials - Master Your Mind A
When I became single in my late forties after 25 years of marriage I came face to face with the reality that I hadn't dated since college, and I wasn't very good at it then.

Back in high school and college, when I wanted to ask a woman out, I would first spend several weeks thinking about her. I would imagine what it would be like to be with her. My fear, self-limiting beliefs, and lack of skills prevented me from just approaching her and asking her out. When I did succeed in getting a girlfriend, I would hang on to her forever because I didn't want to repeat the process of having to start dating all over again.

This time around, I realized that I would have to learn to do things a lot differently. Here is what I did.

  • I applied the principles contained in my book, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" to meeting women.

  • I began reading and listening to dating and "seduction" books and CD's.

  • Then most importantly, I began applying these principles to see what worked and what didn't. I approached dating as if it were a scientific experiment.

To my surprise, I found that getting women to talk to me, give me their phone numbers, date me, and have sex with me was nowhere nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. In fact, I was often amazed at how simple and easy it could be when applying the right principles.

As I began to have dating success, many of my single clients started asking me to describe to them what I was doing that was working so well. Out of these requests came Dating Essentials for Men.

What began as a weekend workshop to present the concepts and skills to a few, has grown into four online courses and a weekly Q&A Podcast that have now helped thousands of men get what they want in love and sex.

One of the most common reactions men have to the material I present in my Dating Essentials for Men courses, workshops, and podcasts is "This is easy, I can do this!"

By showing you how simple it is to talk to women, get their phone numbers, date them, and get them into bed, it increases the likelihood that you will actually get out there and do it.

Dating Essentials for Men is not pickup

I won’t turn you into a “Geek with Techniques.”

My goal is to help you expand your social and emotional intelligence to where approaching women, talking to them, and asking them out feels perfectly natural and easy to you.

Dating Essentials for Men will teach you how to:

  • Change your thinking
  • Soothe your anxiety
  • Apply the skills to get out there and approach women with confidence

You will be amazed at how easy it is to meet women, talk to them, get their phone numbers, and even get them into your bed when you learn and practice what really works!

There is no reason to be single unless you want to be!

Dr. Robert Glover