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Rober L. Cox - Flip the Success Switch

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Flip the Success Switch

Dear Success-Oriented Reader –

Imagine for a minute if everything you want do could be just a little bit easier.

Suppose getting that raise you’ve been gunning for could be suddenly within your grasp…

Suppose it was a breeze to drop that 15-pound “spare tire” from your belly…

Suppose that there was an almost magical switch you could flip that would put all your dreams within reach.

And I’m talking ALL your dreams…

Adding a few thousand bucks to your paycheck each week. (And who doesn’t want a little extra cash?) Turning your passion for gardening into a small business… or becoming a black-belt martial artist… or writing a book of poems.

Whatever you want to do…

Now this is your chance!

That’s because I’m about to show you how to flip a hidden “success switch” that can help you get everything you’ve ever wanted out of life.

What’s Separating You from Your Dreams?

Before we go any further, let me ask you a question…

What’s the difference between you and, say, Bill Gates?

Sure, he may have a few billion dollars at his disposal. And some brains, to boot.

But the truth is, there is NO DIFFERENCE between you and him.

Now, if you are the type of person who believes that there IS a difference…

That some people are born with a “success gene” and others aren’t…

Please stop reading and go do something else.+

I know you don’t know me yet – but I’m going to be very blunt: If you have that kind of attitude, you’re NOT going to succeed – at anything.

If you think that some people are destined for failure, you are probably headed for a lifetime of disappointment.

In fact, there’s no such thing as a “success gene.” People aren’t born into wealth, or amazing careers, or happiness. No one is “destined for greatness.”

How to Flip Your Success Switch to the “On” Position

We’re all born with two things: The same 24 hours in the day. And the same opportunity to make our dreams come true.

I know this for absolute certain. That’s because I’ve worked closely with four men who became billionaires. That’s right – billionaires with a “b.” Some of the richest men on the planet.

And they weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths. They didn’t have trust funds. They came from humble beginnings and worked their way up to wealth and success.

I firmly believe that each and every person on this planet has a “success switch” somewhere deep inside them.

And all you have to do to accomplish your longest-held goals is to flip that success switch to the “on” position.

Now, I watched those billionaires’ every move for years. And I figured out that they practice certain techniques that your Average Joe may not know about.

But once you know these techniques – and they are surprisingly simple to master – you can flip your own success switch to the “on” position… and be on your way to making your wildest dreams come true.

Now, you can flip the success switch just by following three simple secrets, which I’m going to reveal to you in just a minute.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself, and why I know what I’m talking about.

A Man Who Knows Success, Inside and Out

My name is Bob Cox.

And I know a little something about achievement. For one thing, as I said earlier, I’ve worked closely with four billionaires over the past 35 years.

Which means I’ve gotten to see up-close-and-personal what it takes to go from next-to-nothing to mega riches.

For another, I’ve accomplished dozens of goals I’ve set for myself. (I’ve started my own consulting business, I became a pilot at the age of 56, and I’ve even set two world records!)

All the principles my wife Karin and I recommend have worked for us, for the four separate billionaires I’ve worked with, and for practically every other successful person we’ve ever met. We know they work. And we know they can help you accomplish anything your heart desires.

These days, I spend time doing what I want to do. That’s a far cry from the days when I worked from 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. as an insurance salesman!

And one of the things I most enjoy is helping other people turn their dreams into reality.

So Simple, You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Think of It!

Sometimes, the most powerful strategies for achieving success are the simplest ones.

You can flip your success switch to the “on” position… and learn how to get everything you want out of life…

And I’m going to show you how, starting with…

Shockingly Simple Success Secret #1

It’s true – the simple act of writing down your goals can help you achieve them. performed a study on the phenomenon. The results showed that American workers with the highest incomes and most success in the workplace are those who have written goals.

But even more telling…

Of the 70 percent of workers who DON’T write down career or financial goals, only nine percent accomplish what they set out to do each day.

Just think about it:

You could be on your way to achieving the wealth you’ve always dreamed of… the fit, healthy body you’ve always wanted… the happy, satisfying life you’ve always longed for…

Just by putting pen to paper and writing down what you want to achieve.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that something magical happens the instant you set your dreams to paper.

Anything worthwhile takes work.

But that’s where the second secret to success comes in…

Shockingly Simple Success Secret #2

One of the hardest things about accomplishing almost anything is getting past the intimidation factor.

Nancy White, Concord, New Hampshire wrote:

“I felt that I was going in the right direction but you helped me break my goals down into manageable steps and take it to the next level.

“I am really energized and excited about the events that are happening this year. It feels great to be able to take control of my life instead of life taking control of me.”

But you can make any goal much less daunting by putting Success Secret #2 into action.

The reason your dreams may seem so far-fetched is that they are so big.

Making an extra $250,000 this year…

Losing 50 pounds…

Writing a history of the French Revolution…

Looking at them whole makes them seem out of your reach.

It’s just like sitting down to dine on an elephant.

You don’t know where to start, the beast is so huge!

How to Eat an Elephant

Instead of worrying about how you’re going to eat the whole thing…

You start with one small bite. Then the next. And the next. Until you’ve devoured the whole thing.

The easiest way to apply the “Elephant Eating Technique” to your goals is to set a time limit for yourself.

Important Note: Make sure your time frame is reasonable! If your goal is to earn a million bucks and your income is $15,000, a reasonable time limit would be 5 years. Six months would NOT be reasonable.

Then, working backwards, break your goal into monthly bites…

For instance, if you want to lose 50 pounds in one year, you’d need to lose just over 4 pounds every month.

Jamie Solomon, Washington, D.C. wrote:

“Your insight and ideas gave me a fresh perspective along with some practical steps that I intend to implement. You helped me remember that great things can be accomplished with discipline and the motivation to have a great life.

“That you asked me to follow up with you and let you know how I’m doing makes me feel like I’m not in this alone.

“Thank you again.”

Then break your monthly goal into weekly bites…

See how manageable your “giant” goal became? Instead of losing 50 pounds, you’re down to losing one little pound every week.

Now you’re ready to list the actions you need to take to reach that goal.

The “Elephant Eating Technique” in Action

I know the CEO of a mid-sized company who used this technique to grow the business from $8 million a year in revenues to nearly $30 million…. In two years.

She didn’t say, “Let’s grow the company’s revenues” and let it happen naturally. No, she got together with her management team and broke that giant goal into dozens of smaller ones.

Their one-year goal was to add $4 million to the company’s revenues. And they set quarterly goals, too… one million every quarter for the first year… two million every quarter for the second year.

And then she set even smaller goals for how they were going to meet the quarterly projections… How many new products they would develop… How many new partners they would acquire… How many new customers they needed to attract.

And the strategy worked like gangbusters for the company’s revenues.

What Works for a CEO Can Work for You

Of course, this strategy works just as well for individual goals as it does for team goals…

The Associate Publisher of the company I just mentioned is a runner. His name is Charlie Byrne, and he loves nothing more than to run a few miles before work.

Katie Brock, British Columbia, Canada wrote:

“I have reviewed, tweaked, and revamped my goals and activities over the last few weeks. As I learned more and as I felt more confident in my own plans, I felt more energetic and enthusiastic to do more!

“Just knowing that all I am doing now will move me forward, is a huge gift of freedom! What a great feeling, to know I can confidently achieve some major goals.”

So he resolved to run in the New York Marathon. By breaking down his goal into small, easy-to-manage chunks, he reached his goal that fall. Even better, he finished the race in less time than he aimed for.

Business builder and best-selling author Michael Masterson set out to write a book of poetry. In order to reach his goal, he determined to write one poem – no matter how short or how imperfect – every day. By year’s end, he’d penned over 400 poems.

If you write down your goals and then break them into bite-sized pieces, you can practically ensure that you’ll achieve them.

But there’s another strategy you can use that could help you accomplish your goals in half the time.

The Mother of All Success Secrets

Now pay close attention…

Because – while the first two success secrets I’ve revealed are incredibly important…

And can help you accomplish anything you set your mind to…

The third secret is possibly the most powerful success technique you will ever learn.

I’ve used it myself for years… and ALL of the successful people I know have used it to skyrocket themselves to wealth and power and, yes, even the happiness that comes with a more satisfying life.

In fact, it’s because of this technique that I know about Success Secrets 1 and 2!

Shockingly Simple Success Secret #3

The thing is, no matter what you want to do with your life… whether it’s becoming the CEO of your own company… or starring in a Broadway play… or writing a best-selling book…

…Someone has done it before.

And knowing that simple fact could help you make your own dreams come true.

You merely need to locate someone who’s accomplished the very same goal you’ve set for yourself… and become his or her protégé.

This is the absolute best way to learn the tricks of the trade. To sidestep obstacles. To veer away from common mistakes.

The Ultimate Short-Cut to Success

Because your mentor has been there before, he or she can help you get there FASTER. Instead of making mistakes and missteps on your own… You can learn from your mentor’s mistakes.

Linda Kemp, Kansas City, MO wrote:

“You helped me get focus, to identify a realistic amount of time I could devote to working on my goals, and to schedule time into my week for goal-oriented work. I now feel on track again and not overwhelmed.”

And instead of wasting time and money on figuring out how to get things right… You can use your mentor’s experience to shortcut your way to success.

As I said earlier, I’ve put this technique to work for decades. In fact, I’ve spent the past 35 years as a student of success.

You see, I started out in insurance sales. But I was fortunate enough to cross paths with one of the billionaires I mentioned earlier. Back then, he was “only” worth $25 or $50 million. His name was Roy Speer and he took me under his wing.

I became Roy’s right-hand man. And he became my mentor.

Over the years, he taught me everything he knew. And the strategies he used to build his billion-dollar fortune helped make me a wealthy man.

In fact, Roy and I created the first Home Shopping Network together… which not only put our faces on magazine covers, but made us rich as well.

Because I could see with my own eyes how successful Roy was, I knew that he had a lot to teach me.

So I watched his every move…

And discovered the little secrets he used to enhance his productivity… make partnerships with influential people… handle interruptions… deal with emergencies… and much more.

Now, Roy isn’t the only billionaire I’ve befriended. Because of my association with the Home Shopping Network and Roy, I was able to develop friendships with a group of other masters of wealth building.

Learning the Tricks of the Trade from Professional Money-Makers

Richard Newton, Raleigh, NC wrote:

“I am thankful and very excited that I can learn from your successes to help me become more successful. Thanks again Bob & Karin.”

I grew close to three other billionaires.

And I kept my eyes and ears open whenever I was around them.

And let me tell you – just like Roy, they had plenty to teach.

If they knew anything, it was how to make money. And by watching them closely, I was able to break down their massive success into its component parts.

How to Profit from Others’ Experience

Once I figured out the little strategies these professional money-makers were using to get ahead… I started applying them to my own goals.

For one thing, I used their techniques to transition out of sales and into my own consulting business. I used these billionaire strategies to amp up my income – and I now have enough money to live in my dream house… take exotic vacations with my wife, Karin… and even fly my own private plane to another state for lunch if I feel like it!

But one of my proudest achievements is that I became a private pilot. And I did it at the age of 56! Plus, I went on to set TWO National Aeronautical Association world records.

Now, I worked hard. And I was dedicated.

But I couldn’t have achieved ANY of the goals I set for myself quite so quickly without the powerful advice I’d received from my billionaire mentors.

If you look around, you’ll see that almost everyone who’s achieved fame, wealth, or success has gotten there with the help of a mentor.

* Author Jonathan Safran Foer has said that his mentor – bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates – helped propel his career forward. With her expert advice and support, Foer landed a $500,000 deal for his first novel, Everything Is Illuminated.

* Richard Branson – billionaire business magnate – used the advice of mentor Freddie Laker to help get Virgin Atlantic Airways off the ground and turn it into a success. In Time Magazine, Branson said of Laker, “He warned me I would have to defend my business against monopolist and protectionist governments, and also explained why we needed to beat competitors on quality of service as well as price.”

* Real estate guru David Lindahl hooked up with a mentor who’d made his fortune in real estate – mainly by buying, selling, and holding apartment houses. With advice from his mentor, Lindahl owned eleven apartment houses within 12 months… and was making nearly $10,000 a month in positive cash flow!

* Best-selling author and management consultant Peter F. Drucker mentored Jim Collins, who in turn became the best-selling author of Good to Great. In an article in Business Week, Collins recounts that “Drucker altered the trajectory of my life by framing our discussion around one simple question: ‘What do you want to contribute?'”

A survey commissioned by the Elliot Leadership Institute at Johnson & Wales University confirms the power of having a mentor. Researchers surveyed senior executives and middle managers in the food service and hospitality industry about leadership competencies. What they discovered was that leaders who had been mentored learned how to build all kinds of leadership skills, including decision-making, strategic thinking, planning, coaching, and effectively managing others.

Finding a mentor is the best and easiest way to flip that success switch to the “on” position.

Finding Your Personal Mentor Is Easier Than You May Think

You can bypass all the research that goes into searching for a mentor…

And still learn specific, easy-to-implement strategies that can make your longest-held dreams come true.

Richard Newton, Raleigh, NC wrote:

“You have been really effective at increasing my productivity and helping me find more time in the day. I was able to find an extra 15 minutes in the morning that I use for doing yoga. I have also learned great ways to be more productive – more efficient workouts, quiet time, managing phone calls, emails etc… Great ideas and very motivating.”

Imagine a personal mentor that you can consult at any time, day or night…

Together with an Internet-based business called Early to Rise, I’ve put together a selection of the most powerful money-making, success-reaching strategies I’ve learned over the past 35 years.

You see, Early to Rise is a company that’s devoted to the success of its customers and subscribers. And the programs they develop are all aimed at helping people become healthier, wealthier, and more successful.

And when the powers-that-be at Early to Rise (ETR for short) found out I was hoarding so many success strategies from my years with Roy and his billionaire friends…

They knew they’d discovered a gold mine.

A Treasure Trove of Success Secrets Is at Your Fingertips

I’ve sifted through all the knowledge I’ve acquired over the past 3 decades… And pulled out the 189 best and most useful keys to achievement… the ones that will accelerate your success the quickest…

And put them into a never-before-offered collection called Flip the Success Switch: 189 Power Secrets for Becoming a Total Winner (in Practically No Time Flat!).

Here’s a sampling of the powerful strategies and secrets you can learn in Flip the Success Switch:

* How to make any goal – even the most challenging – easier to achieve…

* An easy 4-step process to help you handle tough decisions…

“I know I have determination and the ability to get projects done and achieve serious goals.

Darryl Singer, New York, NY wrote:

“Thank you very much for your support of, encouragement to, and dedication towards our success!”

* The big problem with being the “go-to guy” – and how to solve it…

* Why you DON’T NEED a great memory to get the success you want…

* The surprising power of forming an emotional connection to your goals…

* Why you SHOULD buy yourself a new outfit… or treat yourself to a fancy meal…

* 6 questions that can help you blast through any roadblock on the path to success

* What’s pushing you forward? (And why the answer is crucial to whether you follow through!)

* Exactly how high you should set the expectations “bar”…

* The “chicken approach” to your goals – and how it can motivate you to take action…

* A simple “place” that’s certain to build your confidence, help you sidestep obstacles, and propel you forward… (Hint: Look “behind” you!)

* 3 success strategies BILLIONAIRES use to get to the top…

* And TONS more!

We’ve put together dozens of powerful success secrets that you can apply to any goal you’re trying to achieve.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish…

If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It!

“I have been ‘wearing’ the success techniques that I learned in 2007 and am excited about the new ones to come in 2008.

“When I am asked how is it I have so many projects going, I always say, it is so easy with the success techniques I’ve learned.

Erica Powell, San Jose, CA wrote:

“Thanks a million as always for your work and dedication. I am looking forward to a really great year.”

The success secrets I’ve packed into Flip the Success Switch are universal. They can apply to practically any goal – any time.

I’ve already mentioned how ETR’s CEO and Publisher, MaryEllen Tribby, used the “Elephant Eating Technique” to help triple her company’s revenues in two short years.

But she also applied the same techniques we reveal in Flip the Success Switch to get a running start on her first book. She’d never written a book before, so she wasn’t sure how to go about it.

So she used the same strategies that helped me become a pilot to transform herself into an honest-to-goodness writer.

In a month, she had re-organized her admittedly very busy schedule… She’d learned how to “create time”… She eliminated time stealers from her day… And she pounded out a chapter every two or three days.

She finished the entire book in under six months.

ETR writer Jon Herring, is another person who has used the goal-setting techniques you’ll find in Flip the Success Switch to accomplish one of his most important goals. In January, he was 25 pounds overweight. His mental clarity and energy were lacking, and to top it all off, his skin was broken out.

He’d been putting off improving his health for too long. So he used our goal-setting principles to drop 20 pounds by mid-February. By March, he’d reached his ideal weight. Most important, his energy and mental clarity had returned, his skin was clear, and he was lean and muscular.

If MaryEllen can use these goal-setting methods to write a book…

And Jon can use them to reach his ideal weight…

And I can use them to achieve my life-long dream of becoming a pilot…

What can they help you accomplish?

A Lifetime of Success Is Yours for the Taking

Your success – your health, your wealth, your happiness – is waiting for you.

All you have to do is reach out and grab it.

And the first step is to download my advice-packed guide to making it all happen.

I urge you to click below now. You won’t regret it.

To Your Success,

Robert L. Cox

P.S. Any success-oriented individual can grow and thrive just by following the advice of experts who’ve “been there, done that.” So when you get your copy of Flip the Success Switch, we’re going to give you a special bonus: a free subscription to Early to Rise, the most popular health, wealth, and success e-zine on the Internet.

This enormously valuable resource is already helping nearly 400,000 people achieve the success they’ve always wanted. And it could help you climb the ranks in your career… learn how to grow your money by investing in real estate or stocks… improve your health and fitness levels… create extra streams of income by starting your own small business… discover new ways to balance your work and personal life… and much more.

As I said, your subscription to this e-newsletter is absolutely free. It will show up in your inbox each morning, full of useful advice and good cheer. And in 10 minutes each morning, you’ll have learned at least one new, helpful suggestion for becoming healthier, wealthier, or wiser. Of course, you have the option to unsubscribe at any time. But I doubt you’ll want to, because Early to Rise can help you find new ways to improve your life each and every day.