Risk Doctor - Diamonetrics & Position Dissection

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Risk Doctor - Diamonetrics & Position Dissection digital download. Info: [7 DVDs (AVI) + 2 Ebooks (PDF) 3 Excel (XLS)]. Risk Doctor Webinars, Interactiv...
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Risk Doctor - Diamonetrics & Position Dissection

Type: Digital download

Format: [7 DVDs (AVI) + 2 Ebooks (PDF) 3 Excel (XLS)]

Diamonetrics & Position Dissection

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Diamonetrics™ For The Novice Or Professional

This three hours of recorded (audio/visual) Diamonetrics.avi, the Diamonetrics.pdf Manual and the Diamonetric Grids.xls (pre-built for immediate chart overlay) will get you going right away if you already understand options strategies mentioned below.

Diamonetrics™ has been my proprietary technical analysis tool and never really shared because it was rather difficult to explain how to build a proper Diamonetric Grid. But now the essential Diamonetric Grid comes pre-built, ready to copy and paste, to simply stretch, scrunch, and swivel into place capturing the market’s essence. Diamonetrics ™ is used, most efficiently, to determine profit opportunities based on forecasting probable trading ranges, at particular expiration dates.

I know of nothing better available for speculating with limited risk…. high probability short premium (time on your side) plays (butterflies, condors, calendar spreads, iron calendars, etc.) and hedges for stocks, equity indexes, financial futures, currencies, commodities and other underlying securities.

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Position Dissection

This three hours of recorded (audio/visual) PositionDissection.avi comes with the Position Dissection Course.pdf Manual and the PositionDissector.xls (with formulae for modification).

Position Dissection allows you to master an ostensibly complicated position, involving thousands of long and short odd quantities of puts and calls covering 7 strikes and underlying, without the aid of a computer. That would certainly help to understand the types of position you intend to have.

Wingspread Dissection

Dissecting out wingspreads can play an important role in the decision making process for initiating positions and adjusting them. Develop your consciousness to neutralize with a single trade (always be one trade away from comfort) representing a high level of control, turning a convoluted position around in an instant. Know where the fire is burning in your position.

Price : $349