Rintu Basu - Resume Writing and Interview Success using NLP Persuasion

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Rintu Basu - Resume Writing and Interview Success using NLP Persuasion digital download. Info: [Videos (WMV) + Audios (MP3) + eBooks (PDF) + CV Template (D...
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Rintu Basu - Resume Writing and Interview Success using NLP Persuasion

Type: Digital download

Format: [Videos (WMV) + Audios (MP3) + eBooks (PDF) + CV Template (DOC)]

Resume Writing and Interview Success using NLP Persuasion

“Do you want the best chance of having the career you want?”

Then you will want to develop CV Writing and Job Interview Techniques that can boost your chance of success dramatically and in moments

You can Learn these Skills Quickly and Easily
(Even if You Have An Interview Tomorrow !)

Capital D Image For Slow Computer Paragrahear Frustrated Interview Candidate,

Fact: Current Research suggest 95% of Interview Candidates fail the interview in the first ten minutes through lack of proper preparation.

Fact: The current economic climate has created the toughest job market for over ten years. Competition is fierce. If you are not prepared with the latest leading edge Job Interview Skills your career is on a backward slide.

If sitting at your PC, reading this, you have experienced the worry of being rejected for a job or a promotion then you can start to feel better about the fact that you have found the one solution to getting the job you want on your terms.

Can you imagine delivering an interview performance that has companies begging you to come work for them? Would you see yourself being more in control of your career?

Consider if you could deliver the perfect answer to every tough interview question without having to think about it, would you be more confident to get the jobs you want?

Think about how would you feel when the interviewer tries to pick on a weakness and you turn the whole thing in to a positive benefit that they simply have to agree with. How would you feel about your career development when every one else is worried about their job?

If you had all this you would never have to lose out to a better prepared competitor.

You may think this is impossible… but if there is a chance that you have stumbled on to the most powerful persuasion skills possible applied to Job Interviews, delivered in a quick, easily digestible format do you not owe it to yourself to discover how to get the job of your dreams?

Take this quick Quiz

Are you in any of these situations?

(Tick all those that apply to you)

I am worried about an interview I have tomorrow
I am constantly rejected for jobs, even when I thought I did well in interview
I don’t have the confidence to go for jobs even when I know I can do them
I feel like I am selling my soul and not being myself when answering interview questions
I get flustered with difficult interview questions
I can’t talk about myself and don’t come across well
I don’t even get past the CV and paper sift phase
I have no idea of what a good interview should be like
There are things I don’t want the interviewer to ask
I get nervous even thinking about job interviews

Consider the advantages of having a system to quickly and easily learn Psychological Interview Techniques that build a compulsion in your interviewer to hire you. Read on to find out how:

You can Get the Job You Deserve and Get Paid What You Are Worth within days of applying this system and keep applying it whenever you want a new job.

Sadly it isn’t the best person that gets the job, it’s the person that performs best in interview.

The simple but little known secrets to applying NLP, psychological skills and hypnosis to Interview Techniques is the solution to geting the job you deserve.

You could have:

An attitude that has you walking in to the interview with cool, calm confidence that just guarantees you give a stunning account of yourself

Straightforward NLP techniques that banish interview nerves quickly, simply and forever

Psychological Skills that build so much rapport with your interviewer that you not only control the interview but often win the job in the first two minutes

A formula that allows you to answer any question almost without thinking, coming up with stunningly good answers to even the most difficult questions allowing you to relax and be yourself

Hypnotic statements that make the interviewer imagine you as the best candidate for the job long after you have left the interview so your name always comes up first when reviewing candidates

If you had this you would be looking forward to:

Being relaxed about interviews
Making a great connection with your interviewers
Giving a brilliant account of yourself explaining how you fit the job and the company

And ultimately the most important part just getting the job you want.

You might feel you don’t have the confidence or the time to learn… many of the people I have taken through this system felt the same at the start. But, trust me, as you go through the programme you will find that the system is quick, easy and simple to put in to place, even if you have an interview tomorrow.

Many that have been through the process before you found that they were automatically putting these key principles in place and turning those dreaded interviews in to a source of fun and profit.

This is simply the most powerful set of psychological, NLP and hypnotic tools applied to Job Interviews that are available.

Finding an effective system for winning the job is the hard part however

To get the edge, crush the competition and take charge of your interview you need to make an investment in yourself and learn the most powerful persuasion tools in the world.


Psychological Tools to Get the Job you Want and Get Paid What You are Worth
The quick, simple, almost magical way of winning Job Interviews

You can download the files in minutes and you will get five comprehensive WMV Video presentations packed with information and exercises gleaned from twelve years of research and experimentation from the top persuasion experts in the world and all applied to Interview Skills.

The first two presentations give you a step by step process for making sure you are calm and focused as well as how to use body language and pre interview chat to take control of your interviewer.

The next two teach you an answer format that will mean you have great answers already prepared that will fit any question as well as how to deal with any difficult or surprise situations that might arise.

The final presentation shows you how you can use your own questions to implant suggestions in the head of your interviewer so they will be considering you as the ideal candidate long after you have left the interview room.

In a very short time you can master the simple but powerful keys of job seeking success.

You will quickly learn the secret to:

Checkmark ImageCreating the attitude that makes companies want to employ you

Even with a normal Interview Techniques this one secret will increase you chances of landing the job by over 50%

Checkmark ImageFitting your answers to the job so you were born for the role

Planning your five killer answers that you can fit to every interview question as if you were born for the role.

Checkmark ImageBuilding the mindset that automatically makes you look and act the part during interview

Walking, talking and acting in a way that inspires confidence. Stepping in to interviews full of poise, grace and self-esteem ready to give your best and totally banishing interview nerves.

Checkmark ImageWinning the job in the first two minutes of interview

Build rapport and take covert control of the interview so that the interviewer unconsciously has already selected you for the job.

Checkmark ImageAnswering any interview question with hypnotic suggestions

Prepare all of your answers to hit hypnotic trance words, building high levels of trust and acceptance with your interviewer imagining you doing the job long after you have finished the interview. You will leave a lasting impression of being perfect for the role and increase your chances of getting the job dramatically.

Checkmark ImageHandling any weakness in your experience or qualifications

NLP language patterns that allow you to turn any objection, weakness or problem in to a positive benefit allowing you to be confident you will always be given consideration even if your experience does not fit the job.

Checkmark ImageClosing the interview with confidence

How to generate questions to ask the interviewer that will leave them imagining you being perfect for the role.

But will this programme work for me?

This programme has valuable never before seen information that works for anyone, including:

Checkmark ImagePeople looking for a career change and a new direction
Checkmark ImageStudents looking for their first job
Checkmark ImageAnyone returning to work after a career break
Checkmark ImageAmbitious managers looking to move up the corporate ladder
Checkmark ImageDirectors and Executives looking for larger, more challenging roles
Checkmark ImagePeople in the minority that feel excluded or discriminated against

In short how ever good your interview skills are, whatever your situation this programme will improve your interview techniques and dramtically boost your chances of getting the job.

But what if I don’t have the time?

The system is quick and easy to put in to place. Whilst it is designed for you to go through from beginning to end and to develop all the skills each section only takes a short time.

If you only have little time to prepare choose the section that would make the biggest difference. Download and watch the video presentation and do the exercises as they come up. If you have more time left just pick the next area. Even just watching the presentations will make a huge difference.