Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training Package

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training Package digital download. Info: [5 WMVs, 2 MP3s, 2 PDF] | 85.56 MB. I wish you were around when I was doin...

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Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training Package

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 WMVs, 2 MP3s, 2 PDF]

File size: 85.56 MB

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The Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques

Specifically for people who want to integrate powerful persuasion strategies into their lives

"What started as a collection of lessons on the power of persuasive language has turned into the must have programme for beginners and even Master Practitioners who have spent thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours studying NLP..."

Now including powerful new Audio and Video Presentations

�I wish you were around when I was doing my NLP Training...�

I wish you were around when I was doing my NLP Training. I can't believe that twenty minutes reading your book put all my training in context so I can now easily use (technique edited). I finally have the confidence to properly use hypnotic language in my presentations and with my teams and the results are showing already.

Sales Manager
Master NLP Practitioner

“Now I can't wait to go out and try this technique out on my patients and see the effects”

I have just read the first pattern (from the course) and thought it was excellent. I am amazed at the insight required to write stuff like that.I will be honoured to have you as my "NLP guru" in the future. Now I can't wait to go out and try this technique out on my patients and see the effects....

Dr Sri
NLP Newbie
Scotland 2007

Before I tell you more about how much you can get from this download course let me share the language pattern that Jamie used to make more sales in one afternoon than he normally makes in a week.

Free Persuasion Lesson Extract from
The Persuasion Skills Black Book

The first language pattern I am going to share with you is short, simple and very easy to use.

Despite this NLP Trainers will not give you this pattern until you have paid hundreds of pounds and are trained to Practitioner Level.

Even then most of them cover it with some much jargon and gobbledygook that it is no longer useable.

Here is the link to that first persuasion skills pattern and is an excerpt from the Persuasion Skills Black Book which is included as part of the whole programme.

Here is how Travis has used the same pattern and got a great results...

“The results are undeniable....”

Hey Rintu,

I appreciate the great info I�m getting from you. Your thoughts on the redefine are excellent. I work sales in the home improvement industry. I took a couple days to script out a few common scenarios I face that are perfect for the redefine and practiced them thoroughly until they sounded natural and could be delivered with the proper tone and pace.

The results are undeniable�.the economy being what it is here in the U.S. and homeowners being very conservative where I live�.our company has had a difficult couple of weeks.

After employing your ideas I had a great week.

Four sales and four happy customers last week. I�m looking forward to adding the agreement frame to the mix this week.


14th October 2008

What does the Persuasive Techniques Master Training Programme Contain?

Firstly there is The Persuasion Skills Black Book which has thirty four chapters of hard hitting lessons, specific examples and applications for some of the most powerful Hypnotic Language Patterns you can imagine along with ideas, hints and suggestions on how to rapidly develop your persuasive power. It is the ideal resource for everyone that wants to improve their persuasive ability.

Here are some of the areas and ways you can apply this information immediately:

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training PackagePersonal Development
You can use these patterns on yourself to develop confidence, self esteem and motivation. You could calm your nerves let go of negative emotions and change limiting beliefs. Become more of who you want to be.

Chapter Twelve has ideas and suggestion on how you can use NLP Language Patterns for your own personal development

Read here how Gareth used the course to develop enough confidence to ask for a date

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training PackageSales and Negotiation
Get people excited about your products and services as well as feel bad about your competition. Bypass resistance and objections and keep your prospects focused on benefits. Make more sales with less effort.

Chapter Twenty Three shows you a sales process using hypnotic persuasion Skills

Read here how DR made an extra £6000 in one sales meeting using patterns from the book

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training PackageBusiness Leadership
Inspire, motivate and lead teams of people to take action on your behalf by selling the vision in powerfully hypnotic ways. Grow your business through others.

Chapter Thirty Two demonstrates how one person used these skills to massively ramp up the performance of his team.

Read here how Barry is using persuasion skills to get commitment from senior managers

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training PackageFlirting and Dating
Reframe objections like not being the �right type� or �I don�t want to lose our friendship� and focus them into the fun and excitement of trying something new. Attract more dates than you have time to go on.

Chapter Twenty Nine is full of examples and patterns to use in flirting and dating situations.

Read here how Gareth used patterns from the book to get a date

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training PackagePersonal and Professional Relationships
Build long term strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Widen your social and business networks having people begging to spend time with you.

Chapter Twenty Four explains how you can use language patterns to make someone feel good and remember all the good times they had with you several times a day.

Read here how Dr Tom made a real difference for his daughter

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training PackageTrainers, Presenters and Coaches
Get groups or individuals excited, motivated and eager to change then seal their commitment to doing the work. Create more change with people with less effort.

Chapter Thirty One gives you an entire process to getting people excited and associating that feeling to specific tasks.

Read here how one person increased the response to his presentations

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training PackageGeneral Life Skills
Chapter Thirty Three illustrates how one person is using these patterns to manage a difficult boss

Chapter Eighteen demonstrates how one person made his daughter feel better when she was feeling bad about school

Chapter Ten includes how I used hypnotic language patterns to save myself from being beaten up

Chapter Sixteen has examples from teachers, employers and the specific persuasion techniques a person used to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Read here how Bob is managing his boss 

Rintu Basu - Persuasion Skills Master Training PackageJob Interviews
Bypass any holes in your experience or skills, and keep the interviewer focused on the benefits of hiring you. Get the best jobs, promotions and free yourself from the fear of redundancy.

Chapter Fourteen explains a specific process to take covert control of the conversation in a job interview situation.

Read here how Harry has developed interview skills and confidence.

These are just a few thoughts; there are infinite ways to use these patterns to your benefit. Spend a few moments reviewing your thoughts from the exercise earlier and comparing them to the benefits you can get from my manual.