Rintu Basu - Lancaster Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed

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Rintu Basu - Lancaster Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed digital download. Info: [2 PDFs, 2 MP4s] | Updating. Many people that have seen it have asked me ...
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Rintu Basu - Lancaster Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed

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The Lancaster University Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed

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“Discover the Secret to Delivering Hypnotic Language Patterns that will Drop Your Audience into Trance and Covertly Add Suggestions Direct to Their Unconscious Minds"

Rintu Basu - Lancaster Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed From the Desk of:
Rintu Basu
International Best Selling Author
The Persuasion Skills Black Book

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

Deconstructing the Lancaster University Persuasion Lecture will give you hidden insights into how to apply body language, tone and pace to your hypnotic language patterns.

A few years ago I was asked to talk to a handful of students at Lancaster University about Hypnotic Persuasion Skills. The talk was recorded. I have been occasionally releasing it as a bonus recording with some of my other courses.

Rintu Basu - Lancaster Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed

Many people that have seen it have asked me to deconstruct some of the things that I do with the audience. They keep watching it and keep spotting some of the covert skills that I am using and they keep asking me about little bits of the video. I finally relented, had the video transcribed and started going through the course. It had been a long time from when I delivered the talk and I had watched the video. I was gob smacked with what I noticed.

All of a sudden I realised why people are so keen to have me deconstruct this talk. I thought I would put together an FAQ to explain some of the elements of this course works, how it works and what you can expect from it.

The Lancaster University Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed FAQ

What problem does Lancaster University Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed solve?

NLP Language Patterns and Hypnotic Persuasion are really easy skills to learn when you have the right sort of training. The issue is that a lot of skills are not about what you say and everything about how you say it. For example one great exercise is to take people in and out of trance just through your pitch and tone.

The problem is until you have seen people doing this and you understand the context as well as the audience all you have is your experimentation and guess work to go on. What the Lancaster University Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed allows you to do is view a whole variety of persuasion skills from a completely different perspective.

So the short answer is this course allows you to learn not only the tools and technique of Hypnotic Persuasion Skills but exactly how they work. But the best thing is this course shows you how you can develop and integrate these skills for your own use.

Who is it designed for?

This course is only for people that want to dramatically develop their hypnotic persuasion skills in the fastest way possible.

If you have read the Persuasion Skills Black Book or have a firm grip of how hypnotic language patterns work then you might leap straight in looking at the techniques that I am using, why I am using them and how you could use the same type of skills for yourself.

If you are completely new to NLP, Hypnotic Language and Covert Persuasion Skills just watch the video and soak up the content. Then go through it again with the notes and notice what was really going on. Finally go through it a third time picking up the most relevant bits and think about how you can adapt the techniques for your own situations.

Can I Use These Skills on a One to One Basis as Well as a Group?

Yes. This lecture is for a group so that is where I am doing all the demonstrations but all of this can be easily replicated when working with individuals.

I have Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed, do I really need this deconstruction?

If you already have the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Course you already know how powerful this method of learning really is. the Lancaster talk does cover some different areas from PSoSD. Whilst you don’t need this I would like you to have it because the content is useful.

The short answer is you probably don't need it. But there are different patterns, explanations and a different audience. So the content and my delivery of it is different.

But here is the thing, in terms of going through material I think the Lancaster course has more essential building blocks. So the slightly longer answer is it is probably useful but I cannot answer that for you. If you have never seen the PSoD then this is a much better place to start because it has some important foundations that the PSoSD does not cover even thought it is a far more extensive course.

What makes the Lancaster University Persuasion Skills Deconstructed Course different?

You already know that I use Hypnotic Persuasion Skills to teach Hypnotic Persuasion Skills. Knowing that you can watch out for the things that I use, how I use them and the impact that they have on the audience.

But the one thing extra that you can get from this course that you won’t from any normal course is my deconstruction. As part of this course you will get a transcription along with my notes deconstructing what I am doing.

You will get to see how and why I constructed things the way I did. You will have my explanations of how I structured the covert trance inductions and just as importantly what I wanted to achieve.

You will see me working the audience including what works and what doesn’t.

This course is substantially different from others because you get the opportunity to see things from the perspective of the persuader in a real environment. It means you get to see this through five different perspectives. As an observer, as a member of the audience and through my eyes as the person delivering the content and using the covert persuasion skills.

The forth perspective is where you imagine how you would do things differently and in other situations. Watching the video on these levels whilst following along with my notes is like a deep trance identification process. Just doing this is likely to make big changes in your communication style. But if you do some of the suggested exercises and practice a little you will quickly see a dramatic improvement in your covert hypnosis skills.

Should I read the Persuasion Skill Black Book First?

If you have read the book first you will have a greater insight into what is going on and will already have some strong building blocks to start from. But you don’t have to have read the book to start. If you are completely new to NLP, Hypnosis and Covert Persuasion Skills then all you need do is follow the process I outlined earlier under; “Who is this Course Designed For?” and you will get some great results.

Check the bonus section below. I have recently added a pdf copy of the Persuasion Skills Black Book and the never publicly released abridged audio version of the Persuasion Skills Black Book to as bonus material so you can now use The Lancaster University Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed in the most effective way possible.

Is this just about unethical manipulation tactics tactics?

Everything on this course could be used by the dishonest and unscrupulous to con people. Sadly I can’t stop that from happening. But what I can do is show you how you can ethically use these tools to win business, have fun and bring value to the lives of those you care about.

I don’t know anything about NLP and Hypnosis. Will this be any good for me?

Yes. In fact you are probably better placed that the NLPers and Hypnotists that need to unlearn bad habits, have pre-existing beliefs about what is possible and how you can use these ideas in a normal environment. The original talk was designed for students that have no knowledge of either NLP or Hypnosis. So the first time you go through the video just watch it for the content like a member of the audience would. The second and third time go through it with my notes in front of you and notice how I am using the same techniques on the audience as we discuss them.

How is the course delivered?

The course consists of three files. The video is about 85 minutes long and in mp4 format, an audio only version that you can listen to on your mp3 player once you have been through the video and a pdf that contains a full transcript and my notes on what is really going on. Going through the video with my notes will give you hidden insight into my thought processes and what is really going on as I talk with the audience.

Tell Me More about the Lancaster Lecture

The bestselling author of Brilliant Business Ideas – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Profitable Creativity, Joseph Benn is a student, supporter and personal friend of mine. Joseph asked me if I would present a small course for some of his students at Lancaster University. He told me not to hold anything back. Just before going in Joseph found a camera and microphone and he recorded the session. It is a total bootleg production but I really didn’t hold anything back. Over the whole 85 minute I explained, demonstrated and taught these students:

  • The real secret to redirecting conversations
  • How to create mental images inside other people’s heads
  • About talking to people outside their conscious awareness
  • The basis of personality, how it drives your behaviour and how you can use it to motivate yourself as well as others
  • The one question that uncovers people's deep unconscious motivators and how you can use them

We discuss these in several different contexts including job hunting. You will also see me covertly demonstrate a number of these patterns and skills on the students and occasionally deconstruct what is going on for them. For example in this seven-minute segment you will see me lay out a language pattern which completely by bypasses the audience, I then explain the power of hypnotic language and then show them how I have been using the patterns on them.

In my notes I go through why I set this up in this way and the implications that it has for the rest of the talk. Here is the pdf content page:

I already have the Lancaster University Bootleg Video can't I just pay for the report?

That is actually what you are paying for. If you have already seen the video you already know how much great content there is and also that I am playing with the audience, using language patterns, embedded commands and trance inductions. What the report does is set out what I do, why I am doing it and what should happen as a result. As well as that I take you through exercises for you to master the same techniques and develop the skills for your own situations.

As good as the video content is what you are really paying for is the material in the report.

I’ve been through some of your courses do I really need this one?

If you have Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed then this is more of the same. Normally you would have to decide if this course has enough return of value. But currently I am running this promotion to make sure that you have no excuses and are really going to get value from this course.

If you have never seen any of my deconstructed courses this will be the best value course you will ever buy. I can say that confidently because I have this Easter promotion to introduce the course, get some great results and testimonials. And besides massively discounted price if you have not seen this style of learning before you are likely to be surprised at just how much you take in and integrate in a really short time.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes, I want to give you the best opportunity possible to get the best result possible. So if you have not read the Persuasion Skills Black Book I have included a pdf version for you. And if you already have the book I have included the never publicly released abridged audio version of the Persuasion Skills Black Book. And by the time you have gone through that you will be having fun playing with hypnotic language patterns so I have included the special report Fifty More Patterns to Play With. Here are some more details:

The Persuasion Skills Black Book

The international best-selling book that started the craze on hypnotic language patterns. The book redefines how to learn this skill and uses patterns to teach patterns to the point where you are familiar with the patterns long before you are "consciously taught" them.

The Abridged Persuasion Skills Black Book Audio Version

People learn best if they take the information in through different channels. This audio version of the the Persuasion Skills Black Book gives you the opportunity to listen to the book in the gym, the car or when you are out for a walk. Whilst the audio version has been released as a bonus for some courses it has never been released publicly as a product.

Fifty More Patterns to Play With Rintu Basu - Lancaster Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed

Sometimes you just need some quick fire simple patterns to add to your arsenal of language patterns. This little PDF report contains 50 completely new patterns with an explanation of why they work and three examples of each pattern. And then I show you how you can use particular linguistic structures to expand those patterns into hundreds more without even thinking about it.

The feedback I have had about this report is that it quickly and dramatically improves your persuasive ability.

Many of my students take a pattern of the day approach to developing their skills. They take a new pattern every day and they use it as many times in every conversation they have for the day. If you were to do this you very quickly get used to thinking about conversations on a different level. You get to understand the preconditions to be able to use that particular pattern and how much impact it has in different situations. You also build it into your muscle memory as well as getting used to a different quality to your conversations.

This is another powerful way of quickly learning about hypnotic language.