Rikka Zimmerman - Self Love Mastery

Rikka Zimmerman - Self Love MasteryAre you ready to have a life where you are loved BEYOND MEASURE? Are you ready for the success that self-love creates in...

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Rikka Zimmerman - Self Love Mastery

Rikka Zimmerman - Self Love Mastery

Are you ready to have a life where you are loved BEYOND MEASURE?

Are you ready for the success that self-love creates in all areas of your life- career, relationships, and money?

If you’re ready to live a life filled with everything beautiful - love, gratitude and abundance - one where you are fully present and feeling completely loved in every moment


You CAN Let Go of Your Hurt and Pain, to Heal Your Past and Move into a New, Complete Existence -

Get Ready to Radiate with Self-Love.

February 02, 2020

From the desk of Rikka Zimmerman

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Dear Beautiful Friend,

Do any of the following sound familiar?

    • Life is a disappointment. You try to be happy, but when you look at your current situation, you don’t know how you ended up here. Sometimes you even think you’d like to “check out.”

    • Although you want better for yourself - better relationships, more joy, and less fear - deep down you don’t really feel like you deserve it.

    • You avoid crowded or busy places, because being out and about, especially in a crowded place, is overwhelming. You feel self-conscious and awkward and it’s easier to just stay home.

    • Or, you stay constantly busy, never finding a spare second for anything extra in your life because if you did, you might start to “feel” and realize that you are not living the life you desire.

    • You often experience money issues. Maybe you’re deep in debt and can’t seem to get out of it, or you always have just enough to get by.

    • You’re constantly low on energy, no matter how much sleep you get, what you eat, or how much or little you work. You love yourself, but you’re ready to take that love to a higher level, a higher octave, where you feel like you’re experiencing Heaven on Earth.

    • Deep down inside you feel that you’re wrong. You find yourself thinking terrible thoughts about you and your life.

But there’s great News!

There is hope! Or else you wouldn’t have found this page!!! You’re in exactly the right place! I want you to know you’re not alone. I’m also here to tell you that you can release yourself from the limitations you’re experiencing now, and finally live a life of joy and freedom. You can have it all! You deserve it all! Although it may seem impossible at the moment, I promise you it’s MORE than possible. We are going to turn impossible into “I’m” possible!

And regardless of how much self-love you think you have already attained, I am going to show you how to reach a higher octave.

What is this higher octave of self-love, exactly?

It’s a constant state of feeling infinitely loved by everyone and everything.  It’s as if you know a very special secret about yourself.  That you are - and have always been - divinely perfect, a gift beyond measure. That anyone is lucky to be in your presence, and you glow in a state of being appreciated and loved for the divine perfection that you are IN EVERY MOMENT. When you master this, the world around you will have no choice but to love you, honor you, and care for you, because you do!

First, it’s important to know that it is not your fault you haven’t yet fully mastered this higher octave of self-love and reached the state of bliss you seek.

You have been taught from your parents and your surroundings to hold yourself back, to contract your energy, to keep your vibration low, to bring your “love” octave down and no matter who you are or the success you have achieved in life, this has held you back. It has repressed your ability to unshakably and unapologetically create the life of your dreams!

Generally speaking, most people are starved of self-love!

Experiences from your childhood (and even from your early adulthood) have the potential to make you feel unworthy of happiness, unlovable, or not good enough. We have been taught by our parents that love is something we receive when we do what they want.

But that’s not love, it’s validation - and it has people working overtime in so many ways, trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible, just to feel worthy.

These feelings are hardwired into your subconscious, and the damage can be immense.
The truth is, our realities “mirror back” the love and appreciation we have for ourselves.

So if you want your reality to change, you MUST change the way you feel about yourself.

Prior to my class with Rikka, I was struggling with the “I’m not good enough” and I was still making others and other things “greater than me”. During the class, my body and being transformed on what I can only say was on a “micro molecular” level - a transformation within me that brought me back to me. I am HOME! Despite the fact that December is traditionally a slow month in my business, I closed 100% more sales in December than I did the previous year. In addition, a new job opportunity fell into my lap. Prior to Rikka’s classes, I never would have even pursued this job. Now I KNOW I’m good enough!”

Nancy W. Hawaii

Helping you vibrationally shift your entire life with this higher octave of self-love is my specialty,
it’s what I came here to bring to this world!

What does embodying this higher octave of self-love bring?

You will:

    • Find “dream-come-true” opportunities, seeming to appear out of thin air.

    • Experience the deep intimacy you’ve been looking for.

    • Attract the love of your life.

    • Enjoy dramatically IMPROVED HEALTH.

    • Inherently and easily treat your body like the gift it is.

    • Eliminate old abusive patterns: overeating, involvement in abusive relationships and more.

    • Have MORE ENERGY.

    • Discover your passion and what you love to do.

    • Radiate self-confidence.

    • Have the love you’ve always looked for in others.

    • Forget what work is, because everything feels like play in a field of infinite love.

    • Are completely FREE FROM JUDGMENT, and the ability to judge.

    • Attract people, opportunities, and money to you, naturally.

    • Get the job, the audition, the opportunity everything you truly desire.

    • Become what everyone on this planet wants the embodiment of self-love.

    • Trust your intuition and watch it skyrocket.

    • Wake up every day HAPPY to be you!

    • Finally embrace the ABUNDANCE you deserve.

    • Live in the constant flow of your higher awareness and knowing.

    • Embrace the big and beautiful future you are meant to have.

    • Become the love you’ve always searched for!

    • FINALLY get to have it all.

Everything has changed since my class experience with you all worry and fear has dissolved, the peace and understanding for myself and others has been flowing freely, and my Yoga TV program has taken off and is airing on Network as well as in other countries my husband’s career has flourished more information keeps flowing through and we have created more income in one month than I did in 6 months last year!!! Anyway, I am so thankful for your contribution to my life and cannot thank you enough for the peace you have reminded me of that was always there.”

Sarah S. Wisconsin

If you are ready to live a life where all of your dreams come true


Before I explain, though, let me tell you a bit more about myself and how I can help you.

I’m Rikka, speaker, author, consciousness facilitator and creator of Adventure In Oneness™. I have collaborated with internationally recognized spiritual teachers all around the world.

I’ve appeared internationally on TV and the radio, an in innumerable print and online publications.

I am in the top 2% of women in business, with Adventure In Oneness®, my consciousness education company.

I’m not telling you this to brag; I’m sharing this because I have been there and want to show you how to get to the other side.

I’ve traveled my own long path from pain to self-love, and it hasn’t been an easy one. I didn’t grow up feeling loved and special. I grew up without support, without someone believing in me.

As I grew into an adult, I believed everyone hated me.

Although I pretended to be proud and confident and have it all together, deep down I believed I was not worthy - a bad seed.

I didn’t feel worthy of love, real friendships, or authentic loving relationships.

I always judged myself first, before anyone else even could - subconsciously preparing myself for incoming abuse.

Finally, I realized I really was going to die if I didn’t change. And I turned a corner.

I realized I had to make myself THE most valuable thing in my life. I realized it was completely up to me; I had to teach myself. I had to make choices for myself.

On May 11th 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic melanoma cancer. I had 7 brain tumors in my head, (one the size of 2 golf balls) tumors in my lungs, adrenals, large intestines, neck, spine and hip. The cancer had eaten away at my C1 vertebra and my left hip.

The doctors gave me 8 weeks to live if the treatment didn’t work.

I used these exact Self Love Mastery tools to get through cancer. With the help of these tools, nutrition, eastern and western medicine I am now CANCER FREE!!!

And the journey returned me to an even deeper state of Self-Love. I wake up every day grateful!  I GET to live!  I GET to Love!  I HAVE the greatest gift of all. Self-Love. And I want you to have it too!

That is why I am so passionate about you having these foundation tools that create Self-Love!  It will allow you to heal and recover from any and all of lives challenges and be more in Love with you and life because of it!

I now have people in my life that support and honor me. I make choices for my highest good. I function 99.9999% of the time thinking loving words about myself and others.

I surround myself with people who truly love me, support me, nurture me and actually want the best for me.

When I finally chose to fall deeply in love with me, before and beyond all others, and put that choice into action, everything changed.

My business expanded. My relationships were strengthened.

I am joyful and happy to be me all the time.

And new opportunities keep showing up that I could not have imagined were even possible just a few years ago.

And I want, more than anything else, to help as many people as I can to transform their own existence, so they can experience this same level of happiness and fulfillment.

I want this for YOU!

I’ve been divinely guided to present to you

The Self-Love Mastery Course

A 12-week Video and Audio Course
With 3 BONUS Pre-recorded Livestream Calls

15 Total Modules To Return You Home to Self-Love!

designed to help you overcome and eradicate
the barriers that keep you from loving yourself fully, so that you can FINALLY

Become your own hero by loving yourself and finally have the life
that you’ve always dreamed of!

Rikka is truly captivating, masterfully inviting aching souls back to the truth of themselves, wrapping them simultaneously in the pure joy and playfulness of a fairy while gently coaxing transformation through the power and nurturing of an angel’s heart. She weaves in so many different levels, the experience becomes a rich tapestry of infinite possibility, a symphony of light. Thank you for all you do to help people remember their magnificence.”

Karl F. Producer, Streaming for the Soul TV, Los Angeles

Self-love will light you up in ways you can’t imagine.
It WILL turn your life into the blissful, fulfilling experience you desire and deserve.

Here’s what we cover in the 15 Module Self-Love Mastery course:

3 Two-Hour BONUS Pre-recorded Livestream Sessions

When you invest in the Self-Love Mastery Course you will instantly receive the 12 Module Video and Audio Course so you can begin transforming your life into Love Today!

Rikka is also including 3 Two-Hour BONUS Pre-recorded Livestream calls. You will get to listen in on questions by callers and Rikka’s facilitation assisting you in the massive life-transforming gift of Self-Love.

Pre-recorded BONUS Livestream #1

The Foundation of Self-Love  “How” to Use Self-Love to Transform Anything In Your Life!

During this class you will learn:

    • The foundation of what Self-Love is and that foundation of “how” to attain it!

    • How to eliminate the stuck vibrations and beliefs that keeping you from experiencing this great and profound Love.

    • Exactly how to dissolve these beliefs and the vibration attached to these beliefs - easily.

    • And so much more!

Pre-recorded BONUS Livestream #2

Self-Love Mastery Q & A
Watch and listen as the group asks their questions and receive personal facilitation from Rikka!

During this class you will learn:

    • Learn from first hand facilitation from Rikka to the group that will dynamically impact your life!

    • Be enlightened by the questions that pertain to your life about how to return to Self-Love.

    • Heal and transform the old patterns that are keeping you from experiencing the love that you are.

    • And so much more!

Pre-recorded BONUS Livestream #3

The Final Key to Embodying Self-Love

During this class you will learn:

    • The final key to embodying the Self-Love that will make your life a dream come true!

    • Experience yourself in a whole new Universe of energy and love.

    • Bring in your new future now that you have given yourself the gift of Self-Love

    • And so much more!


And there is more
you get these video & audio modules:

Topic #1

Releasing Your #1 Self-Love Block:
The First Step to Living a Happier, More Fulfilled Life

During this class I’ll be guiding you through a process called Core Reprogramming™ a tool you can use immediately to transform any area of your life that will remove blocks that stop you from moving forward, growing and expanding.


You will learn:

    • How to unlock your #1 Self Love Block using a process called Core Reprogramming.

    • How to eliminate the stuck vibrations and beliefs that are connected to your #1 Self Love Block.

    • Exactly how to dissolve these beliefs and the vibration attached to these beliefs - easily.

    • And so much more!

I’m somebody who has always had a lot of chronic illnesses; my whole life I’ve had something. In my adult life, I’ve had Osteoarthritis that fused my spine, along with congenital deformities and developed rheumatoid arthritis also. I’ve had things like toxic shock and a number of head injuries. Also in my past, there was abuse in my family, and on and on. I started taking Rikka’s body livestream class and at about week 4, I really unleashed and my body started vibrating and humming and it hasn’t stopped since. I’ve been able to stop one medication after another. I’m off all the medicines that I was on, saving myself over $20,000 a month! I just don’t know what to do with myself I feel so good! My doctors are just stunned and amazed and so excited. All of this change happened in 6 weeks! I want everyone to know, radical change is possible, thanks to Rikka and her infinite support!”

Julie C. New Mexico

Topic #2

Setting Up Your Foundation of Transformation using the
Life Transformed™ Processes.

During this class, we lay the groundwork for the tools and processes that are the foundational elements of the Life Transformed™ Tools and Processes.

These secrets to long lasting energetic change will ensure your best possible transformation for the class.

You will learn:

    • The secrets to lasting transformation using Life Transformed™ Tools and Processes.

    • How to elevate your vibration and connect with higher dimensional energies.

    • Experience yourself in a whole new Universe of energy and love.

    • Exactly what you can do, now, to raise your vibration and start to build the life of your dreams.

    • And so much more!

Life is tricky sometimes. Being able to listen to one of Rikka’s audios helps me ‘reboot’ and raise my frequency every time. Everything is more fun and easier! It makes a huge difference at work (more productive, less stress) AND at home with my husband and kids (more love and laughter!). So grateful for the energetic support Rikka offers us!”

Molly D. Washington

Topic #3

Learning the Secrets to
Coaching Yourself Into Self-Love

One of the keys to total freedom is mastering the tools, processes and awareness that will allow you to shift the world around you.

During this course you are going to choose “Homeplay Partners” to go through private session work with. This will give you the building blocks to create lasting transformational shifts with your homeplay partner.

You will learn:

    • How to facilitate deep, powerful and lasting changes within yourself.

    • The vibrational framework of “how” to work with yourself to create the most amount of change.

    • And if you’re a teacher, coach or healer you can use this new awareness to work with your clients!

    • And so much more!

I started listening to Rikka three years ago, at the time I was $100K in debt and about to lose my house. I am now set for life financially! I’m so grateful for your beautiful support every step of the way! THANK YOU!”

Rhonda C. California

Topic #4

Self-Love in Your
Relationship with Money

Your money problem is not a problem with money. The energetic solution is always inside of you, once shifted, your financial abundance shifts with ease, as if by magic. It’s time to let go of that, completely, so that you can receive money like you receive nature: easy, effortlessly and abundantly.

You will learn:

    • What this relationship is really about. (hint: it’s NOT actually about money)

    • The truth behind your financial decisions - or indecisions.

    • Step-by-step guidance for creating an ease-filled, beautiful relationship with money.

    • And so much more!

I would like to let you know that today’s session has moved me so much and I am beyond grateful to you for working with me and holding my hand through the entire process. Words fall short describing how amazing YOU ARE. My heart is singing in Joy. I can’t thank you enough ”

Jyothi S. Maryland


Topic #5

Self-Love in Your
Experience with Others

Painful, negative, overwhelming relationships with others often mean you don’t value yourself enough to recognize that you deserve healthy, loving relationships.

You will learn:

    • The truth about why you may feel awkward, self-conscious, or uncomfortable around other people.

    • Why you may feel uncomfortable in social situations, and what you can do about it.

    • How to release judgments from the past so you can create your own future.

    • And so much more!

The amazing energy and space you all provide for us to play in your livestream class has been miraculous. Watching my personal interactions shift and change, especially those with my immediate family, is the best gift I’ve ever allowed myself to receive. In letting everything go, I have stepped into something far more precious and beyond anything I could have ever imagined - yet somehow, is what I always knew was. There really aren’t words for the sensation. It’s beyond safety and love and support, but is all of those things at once, along with everything else. It’s the sun and rain and rainbows and colors we have forgotten we knew. It’s everything and nothing and so beautiful. Time to step into the 99% I’ve been pretending I didn’t know about!”

Sarah N. Colorado

Topic #6

Self-Love to Attract YOUR
Perfect Partner

If you’ve been looking for ‘the one’ for any length of time, you may have faced a lot of disappointment. No one needs a soul mate, but I can tell you from experience, it sure is fun and extremely rewarding!

You will learn:

    • Why you’ll inadvertently send your sweetheart away, if he or she does come along and you don’t make a change.

    • What your own vibration has to do with attracting your soul mate, and how to increase the vibrational frequency of the love energy you emit so that he or she can show up.

    • How being in love with yourself can actually change the world. (Yes! You have more power than you think!)

    • And so much more!

During Rikka’s livestream class, I felt the pain in my body disappear for the last time in 20 years.”

Kristina M. Minnesota

Topic #7

Self-Love in Relationships
Romantic and Family
(Past and Present)

You know true intimacy is possible, but for some reason you struggle to experience it in your relationships.

True intimacy begins with self-love, so let’s get you there!

You will learn:

    • The truth behind why you judge your partner, friends and family members - and how to stop

    • What your feelings about the world in general reveal about how you view yourself and how to heal yourself so you can become open to a truly loving relationship

    • How to identify whether you truly want your partner to change (Think you do? Think again.)

    • Why you feel like you fall short when you’re around your family and how to finally feel whole and loved

    • How to discover the true gifts of every single one of your “bad” experiences so you can use them to return to self-love

    • The truth about how loved and supported you have been throughout your life - in ways you haven’t seen until now

    • And more

I have interviewed thousands of famous authors, visionaries and leaders in the human potential movement, but none has had a greater impact on me, and my listeners, than Rikka Zimmerman. Not only does her powerful energy and magnetic presence ignite people’s passion, they bought more of her products than any other speakers, including best selling authors, 6-time Oprah guests, and 3 stars from the movie and book, ‘The Secret.’ Rikka is outstanding and really in a league of her own in the awakening of people’s consciousness. She is the new ‘big deal!’ Watch out, she’s on fire!”

Sheila G. The Sheila Show

Topic #8

Self-Love in Yourself

What if you could love yourself so much, that the whole world around you had no choice to but feel the same way about you? Now you can!

You will learn:

    • To finally let go of your own past judgments, so you STOP feeling “off” or “wrong” and start feeling loved and loving.

    • Techniques you can use right away to move out of alignment with the field of separation and into alignment with Oneness. (when you do, you’ll experience unprecedented love and energy)

    • How to banish all thoughts and feelings of being unworthy, undeserving and unlovable so you can finally begin loving yourself and your life.

    • And so much more!

I have been listening to Rikka for about 9 months now, and so much has changed in my life. I have gone from being fearful and struggling through life to starting a heart-centered business with my sister, creating a new, happy relationship with my parents, losing 10 pounds and having a new relationship with food, moving out of state and remembering what it’s like to have joy in life. And, even though I wasn’t looking for a job, the universe brought me a magnificent new job! Where I used to just want to hide from the world now I welcome new experiences and so many opportunities have been showing up to meet me! Magic can happen!”

Gina B. Omaha

Topic #9

Self-Love in Your Body

Chances are, you judge your body - its appearance, its health, and/or its sexual energy. Your body is on your side, and you’ll learn to embrace that, so you can move on to true self-love.

You will learn:

    • How to see the lessons your body has for you, and quicken your journey to self-love.

    • Why you may feel “wrong” for the experience you’re having with your body, and techniques for resolving the issues that cause those feelings.

    • To recognize your body’s “job” - and how that relates to the beliefs you have so you can move into greater self-love.

    • And so much more!

I was in an emotionally and financially abusive relationship for the past 6 years. Two days after your listening to your program I am finally out and on my way to a better life. I already got a call from a law firm and they want to interview me right away for a job; I have been looking for work for more than three years! Thank you!”

Ivy S. Texas

Topic #10

Bringing it All Together:
Half-Day Self-Love Integration

During this half-day interactive livestream, we’ll dive super-deep into the vibration of self-love.

This integration helps you put to work everything you learned in the 11 previous weeks.

You’ll be ready to:

    • Experience the Universe of love like you never have before!

    • Seal this energy of love into every cell of your body so that it never leaves you again!

    • Move into alignment with the highest vibrational energies that would make your life heaven on earth!

    • And so much more!


When you enroll in
the Self-Love Mastery course, you receive:

15 2-Hour Modules
Includes 12 Audio & Video Courses and 3 BONUS Livestream Courses


2 hours each, on the topics of self-love in money, relationships, soul mate love, romantic relationships, childhood and family, yourself, and your body and more.

And 3 BONUS livestream where you get to be a fly on the wall of a recent QA call and learn from participants while receiving vibrational clearings too!

    • 11 2-hour Audio & Video courses that will activate self-love in every area of your life!

    • 3 2-Hour BONUS Livestream Calls

    • 1 Half-Day Self-Love Integration & New Future Integration (3 Hours via Pre-recorded Interactive Livestream)

    • MP4 VIDEO Recordings of all sessions for your permanent success library.

    • MP3 AUDIO Recordings of all sessions for your permanent success library.

8-10 Vibrational Toning Tracks from Class

These incredibly powerful sessions support you in fully removing old energies and patterns from your body and being and usher in new frequencies of light and love, and harmonize any energies that are keeping you from returning to self-love. These scientifically-tested, carefully calibrated tonings lower stress levels, balance energy, unlock and release stuck energy, and clear emotional patterning, among other things.

9 Homeplay Sessions
Plus 37 Instant Self-Love Activating Tools!

Consider these “play dates,” which you work on with your classmates in private sessions. They’re designed to help you implement what you’re learning between classes and fully integrate these tools and higher vibrations into your life! You’ll also receive a manual with 37 “Instant Self Love” Tools! This will serve as a quick-start guide that will help you return to self love in every moment!

Access to an exclusive Facebook
community of Self-Love Masters!

So you can meet new friends, find home-play partners, and give and receive support and advice throughout your entire journey.

Course Schedule:

When you invest in the Self-Love Mastery Course you will receive instant access to all 12 Video & Audio Modules

You will also receive:

3 BONUS Livestream Courses With Rikka

These BONUS sessions are recent pre-recorded Livestreams with Rikka. You can watch and listen to these calls anytime you’d like.  There is no right or wrong order to work on the Modules or Bonus Modules.

PLUS, to Enhance your Journey Even More,
When You Enroll in the Self-Love Mastery Course You’ll Receive these 2 Awesome Bonuses!

#1 Instant Freedom: Free Yourself from All Suffering, Self-Judgment, Resistance and Pain

This course contains 10 Mp3s and 2 bonus gifts and is designed to guide you in unraveling the lower harmonics of judgment so you can stop feeling wrong, bad or evil and start feeling free, beautiful and empowered.

$997 in Value!

#2 Unlocking the Hidden Limitations of Virtues

You may believe that by adhering to certain virtues instilled in your consciousness as a child, such as Good, Right, Superior, or The Answer, you’re following the “correct” path. But the truth is these virtues are not what they appear to be and are stopping you from moving into this higher echelon of self-love.

$997 in Value!

That’s $2000 in Bonuses Alone!

In Other Words, You Get Absolutely Everything You Need to Transform Your Life and Master Self-love!


I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that the direction we are going is so in-line with what I have been looking for. For the first time ever, that I am opening up in a way that I could only dream of before! It feels as if all that searching is over. I so appreciate your willingness to be our guide in this adventure in oneness!”

Sarah K., Florida

First of all, I want to thank you, our beautiful Angel Rikka, for all that you are doing in Adventure in Oneness. I started classes with you a few months ago and want to share with you the amazing differences in my life since then. The weekly classes keep me ‘on course’ in what I consider to be the purpose of this embodiment. I have searched for enlightenment and understanding of this world since I was a child and after studying many teachings and modalities I feel that, with you, I have finally come home to MYSELF to that which I was searching for all along. So behind these words comes a Heart Full of Gratitude for the clarity, the Grace, the deep “movement” of energy and yes, lots and lots of Angel laughter and Joy along the way! On the physical side, chronic headaches of 30 years are dissipating into a new love for my own body and very being. A VERY, VERY, VERY DEEP THANK YOU ”

Kathleen V. Switzerland

We usually charge $997 for this course.
But you’re not going to invest that when you enroll today.

Right now, we’re offering the life-transforming course for $397.

That doesn’t seem like much, does it?

How much is it worth to you to learn proven techniques, mindset shifts and skills for returning to self-love - so you can truly live with new levels of happiness, joy and bliss? I think it’s priceless.

Because I have experienced the transformation myself, I consider this an easy decision to make. (I WISH someone would have saved me the 35 years of struggling to love myself, with a step-by-step formula to let go of the past and return to self-love, like this one!)

If You Are Ready to Be Free, Once and for All, from Limitation - Ready to Embody a Life that Is More Loving and Beautiful than You Can Imagine, This IS for You.


Rikka asked me a single question and 48 years of paralyzing limitations unraveled all at once! I hope the juicy energy of Rikka and her expansion into Adventure in Oneness touches everyone. Just show up and receive! It is such a gift of loving freedom for your life!”

Deborah S. New York

Maybe you still have a few questions.

I’ve included below some of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help decide whether the Self-Love Mastery course is a match for you.

Q: I’m struggling with money right now. How can I justify this investment?

A: I guarantee your money issues are related to trauma and pain from your past. Only by returning to self-love and healing that trauma and pain can you solve your money issues. There is no better place to begin fixing your money issues than by looking into your past, and that’s exactly what we do during this course.

Q: I’ve attended a ton of consciousness courses, but I still seem to slip into dark places. How can I be sure this course will work?

A: Working with me is like jumping on a rocket ship! I can help you get to the core of your issues quickly and effectively, so you can rediscover the hidden love you’ve been keeping from yourself. And the numbers speak for themselves: 100% of my clients have said they were happier after taking my course, the symptoms of their diseases improved, and their sleeping and skin issues improved. 90% said their relationships improved, they felt more energetic and healthier, they love themselves more and feel more attractive, they encountered new opportunities, AND their stress levels decreased.

Q: I don’t feel like I’m worth the investment, but I truly want my life to change. How can I convince myself to take action?

A: Simply recognizing that you don’t feel worthy is a wonderful first step toward healing and returning to self-love. Make this a defining moment in your life - the moment you CHOSE to believe that you ARE worthy of a time and money investment - that there IS hope.

Q: I am really busy. How can I justify this time investment?

A: First, ensure you’re not using “busy-ness” as an excuse or limiter. If you truly want to take the course, you can make the time. This course is designed to do AT YOUR OWN PACE and when you watch and listen to the recordings you’ll be able to experience the energy and clearings as if you were live!  These trainings are beyond powerful!

Q: I already love myself. How can this course benefit me?

A: Great question. We live in an infinite universe. So imagine moving into an even higher octave of self-love you could truly feel like you’re experiencing Heaven on Earth! Why stop where you are? Constant expansion and growth is the key to constant happiness and fulfillment.

So NOW are you ready?

Are you ready to FINALLY return to self-love?

Are you ready for your life to feel like heaven on earth?

I want you to know you ARE worth it.

You’ll feel more present, more connected, more joyful and less stressed, sick, and bogged down.

You will rediscover your purpose on this planet, and finally enjoy living your dream come true life!

You’ll receive all of this

You Receive:

    • 11 Audio & Video Courses, 2 hours each, on the topics of self-love in money, relationships, soul mate love, romantic relationships, childhood and family, yourself, and your body.

    • 3 BONUS Interactive Pre-recorded Livestream Classes.

    • 1 Half-Day Self-Love Integration & New Future Creation (via Interactive Livestream).

    • VIDEO & AUDIO Recordings of all sessions to keep for life!

    • 12 Self Love Activating Toning tTacks.

    • 9 Homeplay Assignments.

    • Access to an exclusive Facebook community of classmates.

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