Rick Van Ness - Diversify Like A Pro

Rick Van Ness - Diversify Like A ProDiversify Like A ProIt’s easy tobecome a smart investorLearnhow to diversify investmentsformaximum growth while controllin...
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Rick Van Ness - Diversify Like A Pro

Rick Van Ness - Diversify Like A Pro

Diversify Like A Pro

It’s easy to

become a smart investor


how to diversify investments


maximum growth while controlling risk


The course is a shortcut to understanding diversification, so you can succeed if your investment goal is to “own broadly diversified stocks at the lowest possible cost.”

This course is for everyone—except those who already understand all these concepts:

the difference between speculating and investing
owning individual stocks exposes you to uncompensated risk
how to construct a “good” portfolio
why you cannot beat the Market portfolio without adding more risk
mixing ETFs and mutual funds doesn’t improve diversification
using many investment firms doesn’t diversify your investments

You will learn why you need to manage risk, and where it comes from. When you complete this mini-course, you will know exactly how to improve your portfolio to get on the best track to achieve your financial dreams.

This course is easily approachable for complete beginners, yet includes some eye-opening revelations to even experienced investors.


Your Instructor


Rick Van Ness

Rick Van Ness is a successful private investor and retired executive who provides investor education through online videos, short books, and workshops. Rick has an engineering degree from Cornell University and a MBA in Finance from New York University. His background in engineering and business provides him with the excellent basis for understanding and teaching investments and financial planning.

Rick provides unbiased education. He helps students understand the teachings of the most widely respected economists and financial planners. Students learn that smart investing is simple (not easy) and to take charge of their own finances on their paths to achieving rich and fulfilling lives.

Course Curriculum


Getting ed



Introduction (Video Promo—in case you missed it) (1:46)
Diversify Like A Pro (because it is sooo easy!)


Don’t Confuse Speculating With Investing (9:03)

Why Not Pick The Best Stock Instead of Forming a Portfolio? (8:54)
How Do We Construct A “Good” Portfolio? (14:41)
Common Misconceptions—Important To Correct (6:55)
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