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“Discover How to FINALLY Get Rid of Your Wrist Pain Forever and DOMINATE Your Workouts Again”

If You’re SICK AND TIRED of dealing with annoying wrist pain, in AND out of the gym, then this is the most important letter you ever read…

Dear Fellow Wrist Pain Sufferer,

Rick Kaselj Jedd Johnson - Fix My Wrist Pain
My name is Jedd Johnson, and my wrists have taken a beating.

I am a Grip Sport competitor and performing Strongman.

I push my hand, wrist and forearm strength to the limits by lifting odd objects, bending nails and ripping phone books and playing cards.

However, all of this high-intensity training for my lower arms is not what originally brought on wrist pain for me.

It was much more traditional training that first made me experience wrist pain.

Let’s flash back a few years…

I got my start like many people do.

I would go to the grocery store and stop at the magazine stand and check out all the bodybuilding magazines.

Naturally, I thought everything in those magazines was the gospel as far as putting on muscle was concerned, so I followed everything I read to the T.

This led me to trying exercises such as Barbell Curls and Upright Rows, because the two things I wanted to pack muscle on the most were by arms and my shoulders.

Unfortunately, after a few months of Barbell Curls and Upright Rows, my joints were already beat up.

I couldn’t figure out how the guys in the magazines were able to stay in “the game” for so long, since the same exercises they were doing were causing me so much pain.

In a short time, it felt like I had either broken or dislocated something in my right wrist from performing Upright Rows each week, and my left wrist felt like it was on fire every time I performed the Barbell Curls.

I finally quit doing Upright Rows altogether and replaced Barbell Curls with other exercises, but it still took several months before the pain went away in my wrists.

These days, I am much better at listening to my body when I train and have gotten very good at protecting my joints and preventing injuries.

However, I know there are many of you out there who still experience wrist pain every day of your lives.

Your wrists hurt when you drive.

Your wrist crack when drink coffee or eat your lunch.

Your wrists ache when you try to relax or fall asleep.

I bet sometimes it seems like even the smallest and simplest tasks bother your sore wrists.

I know because I have been there too.

Recently, I reached out to my friend, Rick Kaselj. Rick has quickly become the go-to guy for people who are serious about their training because he helps them get out of pain and get back to training the way they want to.

Rick Kaselj Jedd Johnson - Fix My Wrist Pain

Since so many people like you have contacted us asking for help with fixing wrist pain, Rick and I have teamed up to produce Fix My Wrist Pain: 30 Days to Stronger, Healthier, Pain-Free Wrists.

When we designed Fix My Wrist Pain, we had Two Goals in Mind for You:

Goal #1: Help you get rid of your wrist pain permanently so you can get back to doing the training you love

Goal #2: To help you stay in “the game” for as long as possible by preventing your wrist pain from coming back.

Here is How We Are Going to Make these Two Goals Happen for YOU:

How the Fix My Wrist Pain System
Will Help You:

Rick Kaselj Jedd Johnson - Fix My Wrist Pain

Component #1: Rehab Techniques for Wrist Pain ($39 Value)
In this component, Rick will show you what you need to begin doing to get rid of your wrist pain for good.


Rick has put together a straight-forward guide where he will identify the potential causes of your wrist pain, and how to go about rehabilitating it.

This will be just like you’re in an appointment with your Virtual Pain Therapist, Rick Kaselj.

As he takes you by the hand and explains everything you need to know about wrist pain, you will begin to understand all the components of the Fix My Wrist Pain Recovery Program.

Rick will take the time to explain things in a way that you will understand and show you want you need to do, to get the most out of the exercises.

The first time you see this, you will see how different this program is from anything you have seen or any appointments you have attended for your pain.

You’ll be on your way to relief.

Rick Kaselj Jedd Johnson - Fix My Wrist Pain

Component #2: Rehab Exercises ($39 Value)
With the Rehab Techniques laying down the foundation to your recovery, now this is where doing the right exercises, in the right order, at the right amount kicks in.


Rick will give you the exercises that you need to do in order to overcome your wrist pain. He shows you the exercise, describes the exercise, tells you how to progress it and the order to do things.

The exercise require minimal equipment and can be done anywhere.

Rick Kaselj Jedd Johnson - Fix My Wrist Pain

Component #3: Preventive Measures for Avoiding Wrist Pain and Injuries ($29 Value)
In this section, I cover my best wrist pain preventive strategies.


Mindset: You will begin to develop a new mindset to keep injuries from taking place.

Warm-up: You will learn how to prime your whole body for training in order to keep your wrist resistant against injury.

Flexibility: You will come to understand how to keep your wrists limber and tough by stretching. And you’ll know when you should stretch to meet your individual needs.

Mobility: Without proper movement quality, you can’t train how you want to. You’ll see how to keep your wrists mobile and working right. Plus, you’ll learn 3 other body parts that can contribute to your wrist health, that you aren’t even aware of.

Strengthening the Wrists: Strong Wrists SCOFF AT INJURIES. I will show you my top exercises for building wrist strength, and soon your wrists will be reinforced against pain and injury.

Other Top Secret Preventive Methods: Being a Grip Athlete, I’ve learned many alternative methods for keeping the lower arms injury free. And soon you will learn them and know how to put them into action to reinforce your wrists.

Rick Kaselj Jedd Johnson - Fix My Wrist Pain

Component #4: Pain Free Workouts with DIESEL Work-Arounds($47 Value)


Never Skip Workouts or Exercises Again. Use these WORK-AROUNDS Instead!

Over the years in dealing with my own wrist pain, I have developed ways to modify exercises to make them safer for the wrists. And I want to pass these on to you so you can have Pain Free Workouts!

Here are just some of the exercises I’ll show you how to modify so you can start DOMINATING them once again…

Push-ups: They can make your wrist feel like they are going to break. I will show you how to change them up to reduce the pressure so you can do them on a regular basis again, without making them less effective. HINT: It’s not what you think…

Front Squats: Front Squats can make your wrists feel like they are going to snap. Did you know the reason your wrists hurt so bad might not have ANYTHING to do with tight wrists? I’ll show you what to do, so you can prepare to blow your quads up bigger than they ever have been before…

Bench Press: Get ready to set new personal bests on the bench, because your wrists aren’t going to hurt anymore once I show you this one small technique tweak, plus you’ll finally learn how to wrap your wrists right for bigger lifts and a more stable grip on the bar.

And Many More… I’ve only scratched the surface. This component is over 50 pages and I will show you more than 25 exercise modifications for the lifts that cause your wrists the biggest problems. Get ready to get strong on lots of lifts again. It will be like peeling 10 years off your body’s injury clock.