Richard Roop & Dan Doran - Profitable Classified Ads Secrets

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Richard Roop & Dan Doran - Profitable Classified Ads Secrets digital download. Info: [ 5 Audio (MP3) + 5 (docs) + 4 (pdfs)]. The focus of this training ...
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Richard Roop & Dan Doran - Profitable Classified Ads Secrets

Type: Digital download

Format: [ 5 Audio (MP3) + 5 (docs) + 4 (pdfs)]

Profitable Classified Ads Secrets

Super Profitable Classified Ad Secrets for Investors

The focus of this training system is how to find deals, occupy homes and raise quick cash with classified ads including how to generate $2,700 in profits for every $100 invested and how to predictably generate an extra $6,000 in cash each month.

Getting dirt cheap ads working for you
Learn what to put in all your ads to increase calls by 300%, how to design ads that literally “jump off” the page and the top 4 methods for automatically capturing the phone number, email address, fax number and mailing address of each caller.

Strategies for creating winning classified ads
Discover a proven 9 step formula that increases readership, maximizes response, saves you money, improves overall results and boosts the profitability of each insertion. Stretch your marketing dollars by applying all these vital elements prior to running any ad.

Digging up killer deals through classified ads
Start using classified ads for getting sellers calling you, locating unadvertised distressed properties, finding burnt out landlords and building an awesome in-house list of pre-foreclosure properties that have not been made public yet.

Creating the ideal call handling system
Put together a strategy and system that’s best suited for you and your desire to take calls live. Know when and how best to use a local number, an 800 number, free recorded message lines, fax back systems, website, email auto-responders, hired help and live answering services.

Automated systems to handle buyers or tenants
Discover how to use a small, cheap classified ad to completely describe your house, point out the most compelling features, give out the property address and directions, explain your owner financing or lease option terms, weed out unqualified buyers, show the inside of your house, get prospects a flyer and application, get the application completed and returned… and redirect disinterested prospects to your other properties… all systematically, 24 hours a day without ever taking to anyone.

Avoiding the 5 biggest ad mistakes when selling
Learn the 5 most common mistakes you might be making in your ads to sell houses… and how to avoid them. Learn what to do and what not to do to occupy your homes fast and build a qualified buyer’s list.