Richard P Cordock - Leadership Development Programme

Richard P Cordock - Leadership Development Programme digital download. Info: [51 Audio (MP3) + 2 Docs (PDF)]. Unlike most leadership courses which are s...

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Richard P Cordock - Leadership Development Programme

Type: Digital download

Format: [51 Audio (MP3) + 2 Docs (PDF)]


Leadership Development Programme for Fast Track Managers

The most successful people you’ll ever meet in business all share one thing in common… they are outstanding leaders.

At a global level that could be Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Michael Dell. At a local level, it could be the successful business leaders you know directly or indirectly, and whose rewards (expensive cars, big house, exotic holidays, memorable life experiences) come from their leadership ability which you have witnessed first-hand.

In order for you to get the most from your team, you must keep developing yourself, finding your own mentors and finding new ways to expand your horizon.

The Leadership Development Programme for Fast Track Managers does just that.

Unlike most leadership courses which are saturated in textbook theory, our engaging and fast-paced course has been built on extensive interviews with some of the UK’s most successful business leaders. People such as Sir Tom Hunter (Scotland’s richest entrepreneur), Lord Bilimoria (Founder – Cobra Beer), Lord Harris (Founder – CarpetRight), Chris Rucker (Founder – The White Company), Simon Woodroffe (Founder – YO! Sushi), Duncan Bannatyne (BizLearning Dragons’ Den), Luke Johnson (Entrepreneur, investor and current chairman of Channel 4), and many other award-winning business leaders.

To create the Leadership Development Programme for Fast Track Managers, we interviewed these leaders at their homes, offices and hotels to capture exactly how they think, act and make decisions. From these interviews, we built their leadership styles into a 20 session mentoring programme, to give you the tools to excel as a leader.

Why 20 sessions? Simply because it takes time to learn these principles, and the little and often approach which comes from listening to a short 15 minute mentoring session each day (or each week), gives you time to learn, digest and apply the learning right back in your business, almost with immediate gain.

So, what will you learn in the programme, and more importantly, what will it do for you?

Let’s start with what you’ll learn…

Firstly, you’ll learn the commercial way of thinking which all great business leaders have. In the initial five sessions of the programme you’ll focus on your customer, and how to:

o Make customers buy from you,
o Get them to repeat buy,
o Stay relevant to them,
o Make sure everybody in your team knows the importance of your customer.

You (or your team) may not directly connect with customers in your day-to-day role, but make no mistake about it, leadership in business is ultimately about delivering products or services for customers, and no business leader can do their job without first understanding the sharp end of their business.

In the next five mentoring sessions, you learn the proven strategies other business leaders use to lead their teams. You’ll learn how to:

o Make your team believe,
o Maximise results through communication,
o 7 strategies to get the most from your team,
o Get your people to go the extra mile,
o Unlock the talent within your own team.

At the end of sessions 6 to 10 you will have the knowledge and understanding to provide a higher level of leadership and direction to your own team.

This programme is not about managing, it’s about leading.

It’s about getting the most out of your people, not because you tell them what to do, but because you inspire them and give them an environment to excel in, and achieve extraordinary results themselves. Results which positively reflect back on you as the leader.

In the final part of the programme — sessions 11 to 20 — you explore the subject of personal leadership, and focus on YOU, the leader.

It’s often said that leadership starts with yourself, and if you cannot lead yourself, you cannot lead others.

This is where most leadership programmes fall down, as they fail to recognise that the first step in leadership is to work on yourself, develop your own style and approach, and be comfortable and confident in your role as a leader.

Therefore, in sessions 11 to 20 you’ll discover how to:

o Conquer your own fears, doubts and limiting beliefs,
o Overcome failure and setbacks,
o Develop unshakable confidence,
o Extend your own comfort zone (so you can push and challange yourself, and push and challenge your team).

These three core subjects of customers, teams (leading teams), and personal leadership are what all high-performing and successful business leaders have conquered. They know that leading in business is about making employees, teams and customers believe in them. They know their own success comes from first believing in themselves, and then making their teams believe in them, and next making their customers believe in them.

The same is true in your career, and in your role as a manager and leader.

When your teams believe in you, they’ll go the extra mile for you, and achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

When customers believe in your teams, customers will buy, repeat buy and then do your marketing for you, bringing significant revenues and profits to your P&L (and tremendous personal rewards for you).

Where the Leadership Development Programme is different from most programmes is that it has been developed from the ground-up for you to study on your own schedule.

Where most training programmes require you to attend expensive offsite seminars, our programme for Fast Track Managers can be downloaded instantly to your MP3 player or iPod, and over 20 short mentoring sessions, will guide you through the core subjects of customers, teams and personal leadership.

During the sessions you’ll be guided by Tom McMillan, Lucy Robinson, Stephen Fox and Michael Redford, who all work at Amroze Technology. And it is Amroze Technology which provides the backdrop as a case-study for your training.

This is what we will get
– 20 MP3 mentoring sessions,
– 218 page workbook,
– 4 hour spoken-word MP3 audio book (BUSINESS UPGRADE)
– and 1.5 hour summary CD, y

– a PDF version of Profit Upgrade: How to Turn Your Workforce into Your Salesforce, and add £1,000s, £100,000s or £1m+ to Your Bottom-Line Profits (each year).