Richard Nongard - The Seven Most Useful Hypnosis Inductions

Richard Nongard - The Seven Most Useful Hypnosis Inductions digital download. Info: [WebRip - 2 MP4 + 1PDF] | 505.15 MB. inductionsThis class is how you ...

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Richard Nongard - The Seven Most Useful Hypnosis Inductions

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRip - 2 MP4 + 1PDF]

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What is if a client doesn’t like your favorite induction? 

Or does not go deep enough into trace to do the real work?

Richard Nongard - The Seven Most Useful Hypnosis InductionsThis class is how you will discover the specific techniques and strategies for effective hypnotic induction.  You will learn when to use these inductions, and how to use them.   During this learning experience, you will be guided experientially through the inductions, and you will see a demonstration of them utilized with a client.

  You will get complete scripts for each induction, over 25 pages in all.

Have you know how to use Ericksonian techniques in hypnotic induction?   Do you sometime lack confidence to hypnotize a difficult client?  Do you wish you had more than a couple approaches that you knew would work?  This class will teach you inductions you won’t find in many other hypnosis trainings.  We will NOT be teaching an eye lock, followed by an arm drop, but rather practical inductions based on contemporary methods.

Doing more powerful inductions gives you greater flexibility, to help more people, and turn them into referral resources that will talk about how good your services really are!

In this two part (3 hour) presentation, you will learn:

1.)     How to use a child’s imagination to induce hypnosis with children

2.)    How to create deep trance with client who does not think they can be hypnotized

3.)    A foundational induction for Contextual Hypnotherapy

4.)    An alternative to the Elman induction count that requires no touch or a eye-lock

5.)    How to do a 30 second re-induction for successive hypnosis sessions

6.)    How to select the correct induction for a new client

7.)    How to switch inductions during a session, when client response dictates it

8.)    You will learn the value of paradox, confusion and how to make traditional approaches valuable teaching tools with clients.

This course will focus on practical skills.  This course will emphasize techniques for success and you will get printable scripts, resources and more.

You will know which inductions to use, and why, and how to help more people experience better hypnosis.