Richard Nongard - How to Write a Hypnosis, NLP or Self-Help Book

Richard Nongard - How to Write a Hypnosis, NLP or Self-Help Book digital download. Info: [WebRip - 9 MP4] | 1.163 GB. Do you want to do digital marketing...

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Richard Nongard - How to Write a Hypnosis, NLP or Self-Help Book

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We have an updated version of this course. You should take that course.

This older course is still available and has great content. It is entirely self-paced. There are no zoom meetings scheduled for this older course. You will benefit from the new content in the new course.

Richard Nongard - How to Write a Hypnosis, NLP or Self-Help Book

Do you want to write a successful
hypnosis/NLP/Therapy or self-help book?

Do you have an idea you want to communicate as a book, publish it and get both paid for your ideas and gain the recognition you deserve as a successful author?


Richard Nongard - How to Write a Hypnosis, NLP or Self-Help Book

Have you thought about it for years, yet have taken no action, because of questions about how to really begin?

Or, have you written a book, self-published it, and then been disappointed when nobody discovered it and nobody bought it and now you need to redo it?

If either of these scenarios applies to you, you can move into success by attending the “How to Write a Successful Hypnosis Book” seminar with Dr. Richard Nongard and special guest instructor Rene Folsom. This is the course that can pay for itself with your first successful book!


The hypnosis and counseling books I have written have been some of the most widely read books in our industry. But I have also published top selling psychology and therapy related books, a business management book and other books.

Attending this class will give you more than just knowledge – you will learn how to make money and gain recognition sharing what you love. And, because we are a small group, you will create relationships with others who share your goals, and that encouragement and accountability will lead you into years of success.


Richard Nongard - How to Write a Hypnosis, NLP or Self-Help Book

In this eight-part online training, you will learn:

How to write, format and structure your book. You will know exactly where to start, and where to end.
Bring your ideas, we will create order out of the chaos in this class.

You will learn how write a book people actually want to read.

You will learn how to get a publisher to market your book and how to self-publish a successful book.

You will have a clear understanding of the process that you must follow to make money as an author, in either self-publishing or being published by a publishing house.

We will show you what you should include in your book, and the 5 things that will kill your book if you do include them.

You will learn how to get on talk shows, book reviews and take advantage of the free press opportunities out there.

You will learn how to create residual and royalty income and where to sell your books. I still get checks every month for things I wrote in the 1990’s!  You can create passive income for the rest of your life!

You will learn what content will make your book a success, and what content will make it a flop.



But most important: You will probably come to this class with some ideas, but you will leave this class with an actual plan.   If you follow this plan, people will be buying your book within a few months, and even more importantly – they will benefit from the ideas that you share and love what you have written.

Being a successful author is like having a golden ticket! Are you interested in speaking? The credibility you derive from being an author can be the fuel you speaking career needs to get bookings. My speaking fees tripled in the 1990’s after I wrote my first two books.

Do you want to do digital marketing? You are going to need eBooks and written publications and and you will need the status that comes from being a successful writer to market any digital products.

Do you want to be seen as a credible expert and gain the status and recognition that comes from that? Then you need to take this course.


Richard Nongard - How to Write a Hypnosis, NLP or Self-Help Book
Getting the new books in the mail from the publisher feels GREAT!

I will share insider secrets:

  • How to get an amazon author page – and what should be on it so you can redirect people back to your own marketing pages.
  • How to get interviews media attention because of your books and other publications
  • How to shape public perception of you and the ideas you care about most
  • Creative ways you can monetize your author status

Are you ready for success? Register now! strictly limited to 30 participants.


Full access right now to all the resources in this series. Take my years of experience and do it the easy way, I have already figured out what works and what does not!