Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz - The Go For No! Movie: Yes is the Destination No is How You Get There

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Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz - The Go For No! Movie: Yes is the Destination No is How You Get There digital download. Info: [DVD (MP4)]. Designed to he...
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Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz - The Go For No! Movie: Yes is the Destination No is How You Get There

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The Go For No! Movie: Yes is the Destination No is How You Get There

Designed to help people reprogram the way they think about failure and rejection… and specifically the way they respond to hearing “NO”… Go for No!® has impacted over 100,000 people.

And now, with the movie, millions more are sure to follow!

Armed with six hand-held cameras, best-selling authors Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz took 44 days to drive almost 12,000 miles around the country – from Seattle to Boston, from Miami to San Diego – interviewing over 50 top performers (including Jack Canfield, Larry Winget, Randy Gage, Lisa Jimenez, and many others) to prove a single point… “You can achieve virtually ANYTHING you want in life if you are willing to hear ‘NO’ often enough!” And the result is “Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There!”… a 98-minute personal development “documentary” that best-selling author Chris Widener declared “a motivational masterpiece!”

What’s In The Movie?
Best described as “the ultimate personal development road trip”, Yes Is the Destination, NO Is How You Get There! explores…
•Why People Fear Hearing “NO”
•How “Top Performers” Interpret “NO”
•Responding to (and Learning From) “NO”
•The Value of “NO”
•How “NO” Isn’t Personal
•Reprogramming Thoughts about “NO”
•Dealing with Failure & Rejection
•Learning from Failure
•How Top Performers Define “Failure”
•How Often You Need to Hear “NO” to Succeed
•The Power of Persistence
•Talent vs. Tenacity? Which Matters Most?
•Advice to a Younger You

And, in the film’s finale, Richard & Andrea pull a play right out of the book Go for No!® by asking what advice their guests would give to a “younger version” of themselves!
It’s a road trip like none other… and You’re Invited Along for the Ride!

Who is in the Movie?

A wide variety of people in all walks of life who were willing to share their Go for No! stories, philosophies, and beliefs, the documentary includes guest appearances by the following people…
•Jordan Adler… Author of the smash hit book, Beach Money
•Dr. Tony Alessandra… Author of The Platinum Rule
•Margie Aliprandi… Built one of the largest network marketing distributorships in the world
•Frank Attwood… Motivational speaker and ‘actor-preneur’, portrayer of Thomas Edison
•Kody Bateman… Founder & CEO, Send Out Cards
•Jeff Blackman… Business Growth Specialist, author, “Stop Whining, Start Selling!”
•Don & Melinda Boyer… Author/creator of the “Power of Mentorship” book series and movie
•Richard Brooke…President of OxyFresh, author of “Mach II With Your Hair on Fire!”
•Bob Burg… Co-Author of best sellers; “The Go-Giver” and “Endless Referrals”
•Jack Canfield… America’s foremost authority on Personal Achievement, Co-Author Chicken Soup series
•Jim Cathcart… Founder, the Cathcart Institute & Author, Relationship Selling
•Todd Chism.. President and CEO of & Internet Marketing Expert
•Michael Clouse… MLM expert, president of Nexera and author of “Future Choice”
•Honoree Corpron Corder… Executive Coach, Author of The Successful Single Mom & Tall Order
•John DiPietro… Sales & Marketing Professional, Author, You Don’t Have to be Perfect to Be Great!
•John Milton Fogg… Network Marketing expert, & Author, The Greatest Networker in the World
•David Frey… Online and Offline Marketing Strategies Expert
•Jon Friedman… Author, Rejected! Tales of the Failed, Dumped, and Canceled & Comedian
•Randy Gage… Speaker on Prosperity Consciousness and top MLM marketing expert
•Nelson Grist… Founder for the earth, creator of WhatOdor? featured in Discovery’s “Pitchmen”
•Laura Gross… Sales Trainer & Speaker – Owner of no,no,no,Yes! Inc.
•Gerald Haman… Founder at Thinkubator Innovation Center, Editor
•Burke Hedges… Author of the soon to be released book, The Servant Soul
•Mark Heerema… Author of the new book, “Better Your Best for Sales”
•Robert Imbriale… Author, Motivational Marketing” & Host,”The Motivational Marketing Show”
•Lisa Jimenez… Speaker/trainer, Author of Conquer Fear!
•Art Jonak… Top Network Marketing Professional; Co-host, MLM Cruise
•KT Jones… Author of “80 Pound Chimp or 800 Pound Gorilla: Which Are You?”
•Connie Kadansky… Principal, Exceptional Sales Performance for Highly Profitable Prospecting
•Pam Lontos… Owner of PR/PR Public Relations, author of “I See Your Name Everywhere!”
•Joe Malarkey… the Worst Motivational Speaker in the World (AKA: George Campbell)
•W Mitchell… CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, author “It’s Not What Happens to You, It’s What You Do About It”
•Josh Mueller… Achieved over $1 million sales for CUTCO by age 28, Sales Coach/Trainer
•Rick Nicoletti… Vice President & Fleet Sales Manager, Napleton Fleet Group
•Dr. TC North… Speaker, Trainer, & High-Performance Business Consultant
•Lethia Owens… International speaker, founder & CEO of Lethia Owens International, Inc.
•Dr. Nido Qubein President, High Point University & Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.
•Wayne Allyn Root… Entrepreneur, BizLearning producer, sports handicapper and VP nominee
•Millie Rosenbloom… #1 Sales Associate, Baird & Warner, Chicago’s Premier Real Estate Co.
•”Rudy” Ruettiger… His inspiring story made into the movie “Rudy”; Motivational Speaker
•Dr. Elayne Savage… Psychotherapist, Coach, and Author “Don’t Take it Personally!”
•Tom Schaff… Board of Trustees, Statue of Responsibility Foundation & Founder, Exponentia
•Scott Silverman… Exec. Dir., Second Chance & Author, Tell Me NO, I Dare You!
•Mary Simone… GM Marriott Courtyard, Marlborough MA
•Tammy Stanley… President of The Sales Refinery & Author, Carpe Phonem (Seize The Phone!)
•Marcia Steele… Leading expert on leadership, strategy, and workplace productivity
•Scott Sullivan… Founder, Caring4Kids – feeding homeless and in-need kids
•Tim Taylor… Real Estate & Success Coach helping people build extraordinary wealth
•Joe M. Turner… AKA: America’s Corporate Conjurer, Award winning entertainer; Magic Castle Guest Performer
•Jacqueline Wales… Author and creator of the Fearless Factor
•Wendy Weiss… Queen of Cold Calling, Author of “Cold Calling for Women”
•Paul White/Mindy Rodman… Whimsical, colorful, contemporary sculpture artists
•Chris Widener… Speaker, Author of The Angel Within & Above All Else
•Scott Zimmerman… Creator, Cyrano Marketing System & Co-author, “The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery”

With a running time of 98 minutes, Yes is the Destination, NO is How You Get There! will be a movie you’ll watch again and again, catching something “NEW” each and every time!