Richard Desich - Accelerated Wealth Building

Richard Desich - Accelerated Wealth Building digital download.

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Richard Desich - Accelerated Wealth Building

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Richard Desich - Accelerated Wealth Building

Richard Desich - Accelerated Wealth Building

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It includes a total of 17 cd’s. 12 Richard Desich CD’s, 2 Ron Legrand Bonus CD’s, 1 Robyn Thompson Bonus CD, 1 Marco Kozlowski Bonus CD, and one Lou Brown Bonus CD . In this course you will learn the best strategies for quickly amassing millions of dollar’s tax free in a self directed Roth IRA. You will also learn how you can utilize a coverdell educational IRA To build wealth for you and your children.

The subjects also covered are:
Family Limited Partnerships
IRA regulations & Federal Taxes
Coverdell Educational IRA
Estate Planning Strategies
Tax Lien Purchases
How to create a Roth IRA
Funding an IRA
Asset Protection with a Roth IRA
How to convert a regular IRA to A Roth
Purchasing a business in your IRA
The Private Bank Concept
Simple and Sep IRA Plan
Land Trusts
Federal Estate & Gift Tax
Case Studies
Exit Stategies
and a whole lot more…………..

1. Quick-turning real estate and note deals tax-free.
2. Raising millions of dollars “hassle-free” to fund your deals.
3. Compounding your profits tax-free for up to 100 years.
4. Building a substantial portfolio of assets with tax-free gains.
5. Making your child or grandchild a millionaire.
6. Preventing losses by investing in areas you know and understand.
7. Getting checks from the government yielding a tax-free return of 14-25% on your savings.
8. Saving and sheltering up to $40,000 of income every year, plus get a 100% tax deduction.
9. Making profits on government money you’ve “borrowed” at an effective rate of 1-2%.
10. Accumulating over $200,000 in tax-free dollars (starting with just $2,000) to pay for all your children’s college or private school expenses.
11. Collecting tax-free retirement income at age 40.
12. Saving your estate hundreds of thousands of dollars when it passes to your heirs.
14. Protecting your assets from life’s unexpected catastrophes.
15. Retire in 5 years or less by accelerating your wealth building NOW.

Ron Legrand (Pretty Houses/Ugly Houses)
Lou Brown (Trust & Asset Proctection)
Larry Oxenham (Nevada Corporations & Estate Planning)
Robyn Thompson (Rehab Queen)
M. Kozlowski (Investing in Million dollar homes)

If you are serious about making,growing, protecting, and paying literally no taxes on the money you have made. This course will save your financial life you act!

You will immediately discover how to start saving, investing and compounding the same dollars you’re needlessly “donating” to the IRS right now! You will learn the secrets of using mortgages, liens,real estate and other “unconventional” investments to accelerate your wealth building and secure your financial future!

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