Ray Alcorn - Dealmakers Guide to Commercial Real Estate

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Ray Alcorn - Dealmakers Guide to Commercial Real EstateDealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate: Strategy and Practice for the Intelligent Investor

Commercial Real Estate: A Strategic Road Map for Building Wealth

In Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate, Ray Alcorn shares a lifetime of experience in dealing with many of the most profitable property types in the investment real estate arena.

Written from a hands-on, real-world “dealmaker’s” perspective, this book provides invaluable information about how to identify opportunities, determine property value, acquire, finance, and manage commercial real estate.

Ray has closed over $50 million in commercial real estate deals in the last five years alone. Ray believes that the secret to building wealth in real estate is in developing a personal strategic plan. This book explains-in detail-his methods on how to structure deals and perform due diligence.

This text is HUGE: 532 pages PLUS three (3) Appendices and an Index for cross-reference! After you’ve read it cover to cover, you will refer back to this course time and time again for every future deal you do. It is thatcomprehensive and complete.

Build a Portfolio of Commercial Real Estate with Guaranteed Cash Flow, Accelerated Appreciation, Maximum Equity Growth and Maximum Tax Benefits.

Some “rave reviews” from Ray Alcorn’s students:

“There are only a handful of investors who are able to walk on water. You’re one of them! I cannot begin to thank you for things-knowledge-you have given me. Just wanted you to know that you affect lives and change destinies!”

-Bill Cook, Adairsville GA

“Ray, fantastic book. A real tour de force for anyone who wants to be in this business. If I had it 15 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of mistakes. Highly recommended.”

-Bob Harper, CRE Online Newsgroup

“Folks, this is better than a Danielle Steele, Louis Lamour, Tom Clancy or Nancy Drew (take your pick!). A real page turner. It is so solid, so filled with real info, explanations, and strategy that not only am I beginning to see inside a banker’s head, but beginning to look forward to doing another business plan! (Cut my tongue out.-did I say that?) Do yourselves a favor and get hold of the Guide BEFORE you find yourselves with a hot deal in front of you and no idea how to handle it.”

-Carol K., Florida

“As a recent purchaser of Ray’s latest material, I strongly recommend Ray’s recent masterpiece Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate as the detailed answer source to most of the questions in the area of commercial real estate investing.”

-Mike Cheatwood

Here is just a tiny sampling of what you’ll learn:

• How to get your financial house in order (a personal financial statement template)

• How to raise cash for your deals

• How to choose a management company

• Market analysis: How to find hot spots and sleeper opportunities

• How to analyze all types of commercial property

• How to develop your criteria for investment properties

• How to find deals at auctions

• How to negotiate the most favorable contracts

• How to perform due diligence on commercial properties

• How to value a property: Why “What’s it worth?” is the wrong question!

• How to structure deals and make offers that are too good to be turned down

• Where to find financing sources

• What types of loans are available and how to get them

• How to write a business plan and loan proposal

• How to develop a strategic plan to pyramid wealth

• And much, much more

Table of Contents

Appendix A: DealMaker’s Rules

Appendix B: Credit Rating Criteria

Appendix C: Capital Budgeting Techniques

Bonus Chapter: Tax Planning & Entity Selection by John Hyre, Esq., CPA. (Once you make money, how do you keep it?)

Forms CD: All the checklists, forms, and contracts Ray uses in his day-to-day investing:

      • Personal Financial Statement Template
      • Property Profile and Analysis Form
      • 101 Management Company Questions
      • Personal Investment Criteria Checklist
      • Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention Agreement
      • Confidentiality Agreement
      • Letter of Intent
      • Purchase Agreement
      • Due Diligence Checklists
      • A Loan Calculator
      • A Derivative Cap Rate Calculator
      • Plus, all of Ray Alcorn’s time-tested contracts

Learn from Ray Alcorn’s lifetime of experience. Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate is the definitive tome on commercial real estate. It is a “must have” for experienced investors who want to build long-term, substantial wealth. Order yours today!!

For a limited time Ray has agreed to make his just-released 2011-2012 Commercial Real Estate Forecast available FREE with the purchase of this comprehensive home study course, Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate.

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