Ray Alcorn - Deal Maker’s Guide to Mobile Home Parks

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Ray Alcorn - Deal Maker’s Guide to Mobile Home ParksDealmaker’s Guide to Mobile Home Parks: How to Buy and Profit from Mobile Home Parks

In DealMaker’s Guide to Mobile Home Parks, Ray Alcorn uses his lifetime of experience in dealing with one of the most profitable property types in the investment real estate arena.

Written from a hands-on, real-world perspective, this book provides invaluable information about how to identify opportunities, determine property value, acquire and manage a mobile home park.

In 108 pages of text and a LARGE Appendix of forms and contracts included on CD, this work covers everything you need to know about profiting from mobile home parks, including:

    • The three unique factors that make mobile home parks an ideal investment
    • How to evaluate mobile home parks
    • How to document income and expenses
    • How to conduct market research
    • Why rental homes are the death of a park, and how to profit from the mistakes of owners who are now very motivated sellers
    • Performing due diligence and exposing shadow rental homes
    • Tools for financial analysis, including spreadsheets and valuation calculator
    • Calculating the property’s upside potential
    • Deal structure and contract negotiation
    • How to use financial analysis and projections to get the money for your deal
    • Finance sources for mobile home parks
    • Loan proposal and presentation
    • Takeover, operation, and management alternatives
    • Marketing the park and creating multiple income streams
    • Sell or hold analysis
    • Selling a mobile home park
    • And much, much more!
    • You also get all the checklists, forms and contracts you need, in both hard copy and on CD, including:• Letter of Intent to Purchase• Two complete Contracts for Sale and Purchase• Schedule of Exhibits to contracts• 100 item Due Diligence Checklist

      • Pre-loaded spreadsheets for evaluation and projections (Excel)
      • Valuation calculator (Excel)

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