Rand Brenner - IP to Income: How to Make Money with Intellectual Property

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Rand Brenner - IP to Income: How to Make Money with Intellectual Property digital download. Info: [2 CDs(MP3) + 1 Workbook (PDF) + 2 Reports (PDF)]. Par...
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Rand Brenner - IP to Income: How to Make Money with Intellectual Property

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 CDs(MP3) + 1 Workbook (PDF) + 2 Reports (PDF)]


IP to Income: How to Make Money with Intellectual Property

Part 1: Getting Started On An Action Plan That’s Right For You, Developing an Intellectual Property Mindset, and finding resources without financing.

One of the most powerful tools for leveraging income and creating multiple revenue streams is by licensing intellectual properties. An intellectual property is an innovative product or service you’ve created that you can license out to third parties to generate income for yourself.

Obviously, one of the first steps in the process of licensing an IP is obtaining a patent, and in some cases a trademark as well. But you need to know that once you obtain one, your IP will become public information. And although having a legally protected invention does give you protection, it’s not going to stop someone from figuring out a way to use your IP. So you need to have an action plan in place before you do anything else. And in this presentation, you’ll hear how to develop one.

Key Aspects for Developing Your Action Plan
• How to develop the money-making “intellectual-property mindset”
• How to find the right licensee for any kind of IP
• Inside marketing strategies that maximize money-making IP
• How to find the most Lucrative opportunities for an IP
• Why going global can make your more money
• How to increase the marketability of an IP
• Licensing OPR – Other Peoples Resources – to make, market, and sell
• How to use licensing to get financing for your business
• How to get paid for signing the licensing deal
• Selling the IP Sizzle – Show-me-the-Money Presentations

Part 2: How To Find Licensees, Shortcuts to Testing the Market, and Creating a “Show Me The Money” Presentation And Negotiate The Terms Of Your Agreement

Companies don’t license ideas; they license money. In order to find successful licensees for your IP, you’ll need to show them how your IP fits in with their business and why it’s worth their time.

To do that, you have to know some numbers about cost, pricing and profit margins. Although this requires a little research on your part, it can easily be done on the Internet or at your local library. And in the first half of Part Two, you’ll hear how to find out what the marketability of your IP is and how to showcase that value in a presentation to potential licensees.

Key Points About Presenting Your IP
• Why identifying what kind of IP you have – benefits vs. solutions, needs vs. wants, cost vs. profitability, and commodity vs. innovation – will determine what kind of licensee to go after and how
• How to “seed the market” by testing your IP to demonstrate real-world success and ways to gather quantitative data
• All about the sell sheets, prototypes, and other tangibles you’ll need to bring to a presentation
• Some examples of what I’ve done in the past to demonstrate how an IP can be applied to a potential licensee’s existing products to “show them the money”
• The exact criteria that makes up a good presentation

Once you’ve had a successful presentation and a company is interested, then you’ll both enter into negotiations to determine the licensing agreement itself. And in the second half of Part Two, you’ll hear how a licensing agreement is usually structured, the steps that both parties take to reach an agreement, and the key terms and conditions to know.

Key Points on Negotiating a Licensing Agreement
• How your research and hard work will pay off in the negotiating process
• Why you’ll want a win-win agreement that makes for a long-term collaborative relationship – and how to do that without being a doormat
• The flexible points of a licensing agreement, determining how hands-off you want to be, and why a bad deal is worse than no deal at all
• All about royalties, the myths surrounding them, and specific amounts you can expect to receive

Once you understand how to Harness the Money Making Power of Licensing, you can create enormous wealth by controlling the cash flow generated from your invention.

Here’s what’s included:
• The Audio Presentation Workbook packed with helpful information including the 3 Key Components of the Licensing Process, 10 Strategic Licensing Opportunities, Developing a Licensing Strategy, How to Make Your IP Licensable, 3 Step Formula for Structuring Royalty Payments, 9 Tips for a Successful Negotiation and Key Business Terms for a Licensing Agreement.
• 2 Audio CD’s with a 90 minute presentation that will introduce you to the strategies, techniques and tools of the licensing process and how you can use these to successfully license your IP.