Ralph Ruckman & Ryan Gray - Lead Generation Guidebook

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Ralph Ruckman & Ryan Gray - Lead Generation Guidebook digital download. Info: [1 eBook (PDF)]. Tired Of Not Getting Enough Leads? “You Just Discovered T...
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Ralph Ruckman & Ryan Gray - Lead Generation Guidebook

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBook (PDF)]

Lead Generation Guidebook

Tired Of Not Getting Enough Leads?
“You Just Discovered The #1 Lead Generation Secrets And Strategies Responsible For Exploding Profits For 1000′s Of Marketers”
But Wait, What Are YOU Doing Here?

First off, I don’t have time to waste.

I’ll be honest, blunt, but fair.

I know you’re not getting enough leads which means you probably aren’t doing that hot in the sales department either are ya “baller?”

Ok, well if you pass my little test below, then I guess I know this isn’t a waste of either of our time right? I’m looking for winners, ninja’s, stone cold-killers and go-getters.

The fact is simple.

You need this information, you want this information, you crave it.

Quite Frankly, You Should.

Other marketers are quietly taking the Lead Generation Guidebook and establishing it’s easy and simple to follow practices and strategies and raking in thousands of dollars!

But, let’s get back to your problem…
If You Were Getting Enough Leads & Sales, You Wouldn’t Be Here… Right?

Ok so here’s what I am going to do for you. I’m not going to make you watch some 1 hr long video presell on magical software. I’m not going to write a long sales page trying to tell you all your dreams will come true.

What I will do is offer you the opportunity to take a peak with what’s possible:

This is the best part about lead generation! There is such a variety of offers, services and products to promote and make money with. No more “putting your eggs in 1 basket” so to speak.
“Build Assets And Passive Income For Longevity In Any Market”

Generating leads and keeping them in a database or autoresponder is as old as the cavemen. (Not really, but you get it!). It’s so simple to do that many marketers over look it. Databases and Autoresponders are a great way to generate a recurring, passive income from month in to mouth out, for years to come!

Here’s another great opportunity that we had emailing some of our leads built up in our databases over the last year. We started emailing them to offers, products and services and ended up generating a substantial sum.

Seriously, we live in an astonishing time, where technology moves almost faster than we can keep up, offer endless possibilities in lead generation online.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying about the Lead Gen Guidebook:

Eric Wyers – “This should be called the Lead Generation Bible, it’s packed with a lot of actionable content and written by experts who have actually done this stuff, not just authors with theories. It’s clear, concise, and I guarantee has information many marketers have not thought of. Also, the examples really are helpful. It’s a winner.”

Testimonial – Preston

Davey Taylor – “The Lead Generation Guidebook is a definitive guide on all of the aspects of online lead generation. From identifying quality leads to monetizing the leads you capture this guide covers all ground in the lead generation process. Regardless of your choice of traffic source, it is thoroughly explained. This is a must have for internet marketers of all skill levels.”

But Hey, What’s In It For You Right?

Yea, yea I hear you

What the Lead Generation Guidebook is going to do, is take you from novice marketer to experienced marketer, literally overnight. There are years of research and experience combined into this book.

We’ve made millions and millions of dollars in lead generation not too much speaking at nearly every trade show event in the Performance Marketing Industry.

What you get is the ultimate lead generation step-by-step manual written by Ralph Ruckman and Ryan Gray. Two of the best lead generation specialists in the world, as well as being authors, public speakers, advertisers, and affiliate marketers.

Millions of dollars have been spent running lead generation campaigns to produce the data, tactics and strategies taught inside the Lead Generation Guidebook.

Hell with it, I won’t even waste your time…

We along with others believe in our book so much that I’m just going to do this right now…

Check out below, here’s some of what you will learn in the Lead Generation Guidebook

Lead Generation Process
5 Steps To Identify Quality Leads
Top Landing Page Best Practices
7 Steps To Success With Lead Gen Creative
Monetizing Leads By Email
Making Your Own Coreg Offer Stand Out
10 Easy Strategies For Lead Generation
Advanced Lead Generation

And Much, Much More…

Here’s what some other people had to say about us after learning our lead generation arbitrage ideas, techniques and strategies:

Curtis H… Both of the IMGrind events were the best internet marketing and stratgezing sessions I’ve ever encountered, either in-person or online. I wish you provided training like this on a more regular basis and/or lived closer to me so I could be in your offices everyday.

fypme… Yup big thanks to Ruck and Ryan, I am already drafting out my master plan.

Ross MC – Thanks guys, awesome session – in fact the best session in my 5 year career so far, didn’t make the pub but got far to drunk anyway.

Luis – Thanks to Ryan and Ruck for an amazing session. I will definitely be on the next one. Already working on my plan, that’s why I didn’t make it to the Irish pub that night, too much work to do now.

nextl– I have been glued to my monitor all day and I am blown away. I WILL NOT be missing the next opportunity to meet up with Ruck and Ryan. Thanks be to you two fellas.

David… I’ve been glued to the videos since you sent me the link. One of the crazy things is… I’ve been using one of these methods for a few weeks now, killing it!

mulamaker… You guys are awesome and very intelligent people on this forum. I had great time meeting lot of you face to face and learned few things from just talking to you guys. Everyone had their own ways to making money: mailers, cpa guys, pay per call, seo, lead gen, ecommerce, mobile, local marketing, network owner, call center, business owner, etc. Pretty diversified group of people here.

So What Is Possible Here?
Quite Simply, The Sky Is The Limit

This is one of our “bread and butter” lead generation sites that has “many legs” and branches going out onto the web. We actually teach these inside! Here’s a look at the revenue from this lead generation stream from July 2011 (when it launched) till Feb:

1 Month Earnings From 1 Lead Generation Hub:

For a limited time, we are offering this guide for just $27. If $27 is too much for you, then this guide is not for you (only $12 Now). This is a blueprint we have used to generate millions of dollars online and one that we teach private forum members at

There are many forms of lead generation and even more ways to generate traffic. We hope this guide helps you understand the online lead generation space a little better to help ensure you make the best decisions before making any investments.

To Your Success!

Ruck & Ryan