Rachel Rofe - Happy Outsourcing

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Rachel Rofe - Happy Outsourcing digital download. Info: [2 eBooks (PDF) 2 Video (SWF) mp4/doc/xls etc]. Does one of the following describe you? Are you ...
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Rachel Rofe - Happy Outsourcing

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 eBooks (PDF) 2 Video (SWF) mp4/doc/xls etc]

Happy Outsourcing

“Could Outsourcing Be As Simple As A Few Easy Steps?”

Dear Friend:

Does one of the following describe you?
Are you interested in outsourcing more but feel TOTALLY OVERWHELMED by it?
Have you outsourced in the past with “eh” results, or do you think you could benefit by a few tricks?
Are you looking for top-notch outsourcing tricks that’ll take your business – and life – to the next level?
If so, you’re going to LOVE what I’m about to share with you.

But first, a question:

Do You Want Immediate Relief
From Your Outsourcing Worries?

If so, I’m POSITIVE I can help you.

See, I’ve outsourced a TON in my life. Here’s a quick checklist of my “qualifications”:
I used to own company that had over 100+ contractors, all virtual (To this day I haven’t met ANYONE I worked with in that company.)
I’ve used outsourcing to travel to 49 of the 50 United States, while traipsing around Europe, living in Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and taking lots of trips
The best litmus test there is: I’ve gone weeks (close to months) without working while STILL earning money on autopilot
But I know it’s HARD to get started… and even if you can get started, it can be really overwhelming. A lot of times it feels much easier to just do things yourself.

And then there are so many crappy freelancers out there, it just gets SO freaking overwhelming. But…

What If I Could Tell You
Best-Of-The-Best Outsourcers
On The Cheap?

Hint: They’re NOT from the Philippines.

Thanks to my experience, I can show you how to get COMPETENT people – very inexpensively.

I can also show you:
How to immediately weed out 70% of job applicants (There’s a super-simple litmus test you can use that’ll knock people out SUPER quickly.)
How you can avoid training altogether if you want (I have a few “ninja” websites that you’ll LOVE.)
How you can be stone cold positive — before you ever hire someone — that they’ll do a GREAT job for you.
How you can hire HUNDREDS of people at one time WITHOUT having to worry about training them, filling out messy paperwork, or having enough work for them…
The hands-down BEST places to find creme de la creme workers for pennies on the dollar
…and a LOT more.
There’s a lot of golden information that a lot of people have just NO idea about.

And if you’re one of those people who thinks you’re an exception to the rule and that outsourcing won’t work for you… sorry to be blunt, but you’re wrong.

Even If You Have
‘Specialized Knowledge’…
Outsourcing Will STILL Work For You.

A lot of people think they’re unique. That they have specialized knowledge. That people can’t simply speak for them, or “get” their voice, or whatever else.

But the truth is you can still have outsourcers writing articles, making reports, and creating presentations for you… all in YOUR voice, with YOUR material… even if you’ve never written a word in your life.

(Or if you don’t want to write another word in your life.)

I’ll show you exactly how you can do that.

You’ll Also Learn All The
‘Ninja’ Tricks Most People
Have NO Clue About.

You’re going to learn:

Where to go to find the BEST outsource workers for as little as $1.75… and very popular outsourcing places you should avoid at all costs (shocking, but true).
What to never, ever do when paying outsourcers (I learned this the hard way and I pray you don’t have to).
How to immediately isolate your “time waster” tasks… so you can outsource them ASAP…
Practical applications of outsourcing for those who actually want to live the 4 hour work week.
EXACTLY how to craft job advertisements (You can just copy and paste the exact template I give you.)
What countries the BEST workers are from, in my experience… (and again – it’s NOT the Philippines).
How you can ethically ‘spy’ on your outsourcers all day long to make sure they’re doing what you asked (This has nothing to do with oDesk and your workers are FULLY aware of what’s going on.
BONUS: How $330 in outsourcing costs got my partner and I THOUSANDS of subscribers, tons of goodwill, and a LOT of backlinks
…and a LOT more.
And please understand – I’m not one of those “theory” teachers. You’re going to get real-world examples with real-life applications that you can start using today.

Introducing: Happy Outsourcing

All This For Only $19.95!

I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on outsourcing (you have to when you have a 100-person team).

I’ve spent almost 5 YEARS learning how to effectively outsource.

And because I hate the phone, I charge – and receive – $500/hour for coaching time.

But I’m going for a ridiculously inexpensive price here for 2 reasons:
This is the first version of the report. On the thank you page you’ll see a section where it asks you to give me more feedback. I’d like this to eventually be the definitive guide to outsourcing. The more feedback you give me, the better I can make it. I made this a “no brainer” price so anyone would buy it. (And yes, you get free upgrades.)
I can reach a lot more people a lot easier when I go this format. I don’t need to charge super high prices because it’s not one on one time (though I will answer questions, of course).
But even with that said, you’re still backed by a full guarantee of course.