Quantum Powers And Beyond

Quantum Powers And Beyond. Quantum Powers and Beyond Program With The Founder of Quantum Reprogramming™ Victor Da Ponte $ 1093.00 Retail Value Today 96% off D...
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Quantum Powers And Beyond

Quantum Powers And Beyond

Quantum Powers and Beyond Program
With The Founder of Quantum Reprogramming™ Victor Da Ponte
$ 1093.00 Retail Value
Today 96% off Discount Special
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$ 97
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In this program are 53 MP3 Audios including:

The Entry Level Quantum Reprogramming Course:
» 21 Infinite Frequencies Activations Sessions

Divinely Channeled Knowledge:
» Four simple steps for creating super intentions amplified by infinite quantum powers.

Pioneer Exclusive Technology:
» Downloading new realities sessions
and much more.

Advanced Methods Section Including:
» Quantum concentration techniques

30 Day Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

Instant access to the entire program
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8 Part Quantum-Breakthrough Recorded Lives Sessions
$195 VALUE
quantum reprogramming
1. Clearing Negativity
2. Clearing Self-doubt
3. Unleashing the Quantum Power of Passion
4. Shattering the Illusion of lack.
5. Unleashing the Quantum Warrior
6. Shattering the illusion of limitation
7. Shattering the illusion of separation
8. Breaking through with effortlessness

Are you tired of strain and struggle? Listen and experience a dramatic Quantum Breakthrough in any area of your life that you decide to focus on while you are effortlessly transmitted limitation shattering downloads. Encoded with Divine Source Vibrations, these recordings unveil the life of your heart’s desires.
quantum reprogramming
Unlimited Empowerment Secrets Awakened
$ 67.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
• Secrets to unleash your limitless potential.
• Awaken the Master of the 3-D Matrix.
• Use your Divine Vision to always be empowered.
• Manifest what you see in your mind.
• Secrets to Create through Infinite Possibilities.

As a reflection of Prime Creator, in this experience you manifest what you see. If you see blessings and good luck, it will manifest in the physical world. You are the Divine architect of your reality when you awaken and create through a Divine Vision. Drop all burdens and struggle and transform latent energies into the ocean of your infinite abundance. Awaken and live in infinite blessings.
quantum reprogramming
Self-Love Quantum Infusion
$ 94.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
6 - Minute Rapid Love Fusion Session
25 - Minute Self-Love Mastery Quantum Reprogramming Session

• Eliminate Lack of self-love
• Eliminate Self-Judgment and Criticism
• Eliminate Deep Unconscious Blocks to Unconditional Self-Love
• Eliminate Blocks to Unconditional Love from Divine Source
• Remove genetic impressions and encodings from your lineage
• Flow in the Divinity of your Unconditional Love and Approval
quantum reprogramming
Void Vortex
$ 97.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
• Detach, disidentify, depresonalize your reality and realize your ultimate power.
• Manifest without egoic blocks and survival based thinking, sweep through blocks like never before.
• Old paradigms and mind-realities come crumbling down before the infinite power and awesomeness of the Divine Vacuum within.
• Source Vibrations and Power in its purest form creates profound freedom for your spirit to fly.

The field of limitless potential is birthed from the Void. Through this Divine Power you can quickly deprogram and eliminate negative thinking, pessimism, perfectionism, fear, hatred, resentment, anger, unforgiveness, disempowerment and more. Plus, masterfully choose your reality and state of vibration.
quantum reprogramming
Mastering Effortlessness
$ 67.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
• Receive the Ultimate Secret of the Universe Transmission.
• Step outside the 3-D Matrix and Into Oneness and Self-Mastery.
• Realize the Supreme Way of Letting Go and Allowing.
• Magnify your Manifesting - learn to be so subtle yet so powerful.
• Quantum Reprogramming for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Discover your limitless ability to do everything without doing anything. Emulate Prime Creator. Awaken the power of your Consciousness to see, hear and feel your way to the effortless creations and manifesting the miraculous life of your dreams.
quantum reprogramming
Quantum Protection
$ 67.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
• Amplify and raise your energy field and consciousness.
• Faster more effortless Quantum Manifesting.
• Protect and shield yourself from negative energies and thoughts.
• Completely Seal off energy vampires.
• Ideal for all individuals consciously creating through the light.
• Vital if you are a healer, coach, therapist or medical professional.

By switching on a sacred geometric code in your heart you will activate a shield of Divinity that surrounds your entire body. Switching on this energy shield of higher dimensional love and light creates ever expanding waves of joy and abundance through you while at the same time seals you from those dense energies that would normally be absorbed on the etheric level.
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