Quantum Leap System Video Program (Smart Real Estate Coach)

Quantum Leap System Video Program (Smart Real Estate Coach) digital download.

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Quantum Leap System Video Program (Smart Real Estate Coach)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: Smart Real Estate Coach

Smart Real Estate Coach - Quantum Leap System Video Program

Smart Real Estate Coach - Quantum Leap System Video Program

Here’s How You Can Make Big Money in a Huge, Overlooked (And Underserved) Niche in Real Estate

With QLS, the goal is to get you everything you to need to do 5-6 figure deals on your terms. Whether you want to supplement your income or you want to replace your income, it doesn’t matter (think about what one deal alone can do for you this year, never mind one per month eventually).

Within a few weeks of studying the QLS, we’ll have you generating approximately 6-10 leads weekly. But, is this an overnight way to get rich? Unlike most educators, I’ll tell you NO. Most of our students do their first deal in 90-180 days — and some take longer.

But, quite frankly, who cares if you take 6 months or 9-10 months to get rolling when you know you’re going to be averaging $75,000 per deal potentially (and if you’re on the lower end of our averages around North America, would you be okay with $45,000 on a deal?).

Once you get this down, you will have this ability for life. And if you want to make more, my team and I can help you plan out your goals and show you how to use the QLS Home Study Program to reach it predictably.

With QLS, Here Are All The Benefits You Get

With QLS, you’re going to discover…

  • How to create 3 paydays per deal instead of feeling like you’re on a treadmill, creating one paycheck per deal, and having to do it all over again.
  • How to get potential buyers and sellers emailing, calling, and texting you every month to do deals with them - at little to no cost.
  • Our Smart Real Estate Coach Secrets to getting the BIGGEST monthly payments and upfront payment from your buyers - this way you pocket more up front and create PASSIVE income than you never thought possible from a single deal.
  • How to set up the perfect terms for your sellers and buyers, so you are always creating a win/win/win.
  • The easy step-by-step road map you can follow to quit the rat race in 12-24 months or less and keep your real estate deals for supplemental income.
  • How to get trained virtual assistants and a fully automated phone-dialing system that do almost all of your calling AND will save you from cold-calling yourself. We only want you speaking with sellers that WANT to speak with you.
  • How to give yourself 5-figure “surprise paydays” in February and March as buyers get their tax refund - and make enough so you can take the rest of the year off (if you want to, that is).
  • The exact legal, tax, and insurance documents that our attorneys have spent 500+ hours putting together — all assembled in ready-to-use templates.
  • The “rejection-proof” scripts you repeat to get buyers and sellers every time you want to close a deal.
  • How to get a financial commitment from a pre-screened buyer without taking your house off the market.
  • How to do deals in your IRA or Coverdell.
  • How to complete a Sandwich Lease, a Subject To deal, and Owner Financing deals with principal only payments.
  • Live calls with actual Sellers and Buyers to review.
  • And much, much more!

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