PUA Training - 43 Text That Guarantee Sex

PUA Training - 43 Text That Guarantee Sex digital download. Info: [11 Videos (FLV) + 10 eBooks (PDF, DOC) + 4 Audios (MP3) + 1 JPG] | 321.46 MB. The comp...

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PUA Training - 43 Text That Guarantee Sex

Type: Digital download

Format: [11 Videos (FLV) + 10 eBooks (PDF, DOC) + 4 Audios (MP3) + 1 JPG]

File size: 321.46 MB

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Archive: https://archive.ph/SkbAg


  • The 43 Texts That Guarantee Sex Core System

    The complete 6-module system, packed with videos, text, and hundreds of example conversations that guide you through the entire "43 Texts" system... step by step.These modules are delivered online so you can watch them IMMEDIATELY, the moment you gain access. Just follow the steps, choose your first target, and use the method to turn her on.

  • The 43 Texts Online "Recipe Book"

    Additionally, you will be receiving your 43 Texts online "recipe book" complete with every message you'll ever need in your texting arsenal. The recipe book is all laid out for you in one module, ensuring quick and easy access to the perfect text the instant you need it most. You'll copy-and-paste these messages to girls in real time. There's nothing to memorize and no hard work…just easy pussy

  • Advanced Bonus Training Videos

    Go above and beyond the core training with this set of bonus advanced training videos. Discover how to apply the system specifically to women in your office...How to use it on women who already have a guy in their life... How To "Outsource" the whole system so you can get someone ELSE running your text game for you on autopilot. And much, much more. Remember: Everything is digitally accessible and will be available just as soon as you complete the secure order form on this page.