Psalm Isadora - Urban Kama Sutra

Psalm Isadora - Urban Kama Sutra. Your biggest sex organ is not between your legs… It’s between your ears! You’ve guessed it: Your biggest sex organ is your br...
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Psalm Isadora - Urban Kama Sutra

Psalm Isadora - Urban Kama Sutra

Your biggest sex organ is not between your legs… It’s between your ears!

You’ve guessed it: Your biggest sex organ is your brain!

But unfortunately… instead of using the brain to their advantage in the bedroom (read: mind-blowing orgasms, multiple orgasms and deeply sensual connections), most people let it get in the way of the amazing and fulfilling sex life they desire.

In fact, most people are so “in their heads” that they’re not fully present in their body and the painful results are:

    mediocre sex for both partners and (hardly) any orgasms for the woman
    a disconnect between partners that leads to misunderstanding and frustration
    not loving your own body, judging yourself and assuming “there must be something wrong with you”
    feeling helpless and like you’re not in charge of your body and your orgasms (and this, my friend, is NOT the truth!)
    anxiety around sexuality, repressed emotions and feelings of unworthiness
    frustration, shame and embarrassment for men because they start to believe that they “don’t have what it takes to please a woman”
    lack of confidence when it comes to your sexual potential and desirability
    hyper and hypo sexuality – not knowing how to balance your sexual energy because your libido is either too strong or too low
    numbness and the excruciating fear of missing out big time (because guess what: you were until NOW)…

And so much more unnecessary pain that’s actually easy to avoid!

But maybe that’s not even true for you because your sex life isn’t bad at all… Maybe it’s in fact already amazing but you want to take it to even higher heights of mind-blowing orgasms that are even better than everything else you’ve experienced so far…

    Now what if I told you that you could have these long-lasting, multiple orgasms that rush through your entire body… TODAY?
    What if I told you you don’t even need a partner (or sex toy) to get there?
    And what if I told you that all it takes to experience this sensational pleasure, climax and release is the right technique and loving guidance from an experienced professional?
    Would you think that sounds too good to be true?

Well, it’s not!

Because this is exactly what I’m going to teach you when you join me for Urban Kama Sutra™:

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Urban Kama Sutra™ is The Only Home-Study Program That Teaches You The Ancient Tantric Secrets That Allow You to Discover Your Orgasm-Triggers, Experience Mind-Blowing Levels of Pleasure and Unlock Your Hidden Sensuality!

But let me ask you some questions first! Are you…

A woman, wanting to…

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    Experience long-lasting, multiple orgasms?
    Be able to enjoy a deep rush of pleasure – with or without a partner?
    Learn about your orgasm triggers and how to activate them?
    Take control of your own sexuality and feminine body?
    Attract the right partner?
    Increase arousal and libido?
    Get out of your head and into the sensuality of your body?

A man wanting to…

    Be able to give women the best sex they ever had?
    Learn her orgasm triggers and how to give her more of what drives her crazy (it’s probably not what you think)?
    Learn to tease and arouse her with foreplay?
    Feel more confident in the bedroom and your ability to please her
    Overcome ED and be in charge of your stamina?
    Balance your stamina and libido and be able to last longer?

A couple wanting to…

    have orgasms together?
    take your sex life to the next level of pleasure and intimacy?
    deeply connect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level?
    reach new heights of intimacy you never thought were possible?
    explore the 3 levels of intimacy together?
    create a sacred sexuality ritual together?


Then Urban Kama Sutra™ is exactly what you’ve been looking for!
Are You Ready for Mind-blowing Orgasms, Deeply Intimate Connections and More Energy, Creativity and Success in All Areas of Your Life?

Then join Urban Kama Sutra™ today – you’ll get instant access to the women’s, men’s AND couple’s videos as soon as you sign up below!

Whether you’re a woman or a man, single or in a committed relationship, Urban Kama Sutra™ is going to teach you the ancient techniques that have helped thousands of people for thousands of years to achieve the greatest levels of pleasure, satisfaction and intimacy.

And it will achieve the same results for you! I’ve been doing this work for 10 years and that’s my personal promise to you!

But I know that right now you might be wondering…
What The Heck is Tantra?

And people ask me that question all the time!

    What is Tantra even?
    Why would I need it?

And how on earth is it going to improve not only my sex life but increase well-being in all areas of my life.

I always say: Tantra is the yoga of sex.

Get immediately download Psalm Isadora - Urban Kama Sutra

It’s not just about “regular sex”. Tantra is actually about so much more, because it connects you on a mind, body and spirit level. It’s not just about having sex, it’s actually about truly mastering your sexual energy. Because when you do that?

You give yourself permission to thrive in all areas of your life.

If you master your sexual energy, you’re going to have more energy, more creativity, more joy and more pleasure in life and you’re even going to be able to release old trauma from the past that absolutely doesn’t serve you.

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

When You Have Blocks in Your Sexuality, You Have Blocks in All Areas of Your Life.

And chances are that you’re absolutely not aware of them now. (That’s why it’s so tricky to release these blocks!)

Did you know that throughout the history of mankind, the most successful people in business and the most creative artists were actually the people who knew how to master and tap into their sexual energy?

This is how powerful managing your sexual energy really is.

I’ve experienced this myself and I’ve been teaching thousands of other to do that for the last decade of my life.

But I get it… you might wonder why you should even believe me and you think that before we get intimate, you’d like to know more about me. Your wish is my command!

Who am I and Why Should You Trust Me With Your Orgasms?

Hi, I’m Psalm Isadora – Sex Expert and Relationship Guru.

Personally, I came from a very disempowered and shut-down place around my sexuality and my own sexual potential had been suppressed and repressed for years… which catapulted me into a downward spiral of anxiety and even depression.

At some point it was so bad that I had gained 30 pounds, I was a single mom and I had no drive or energy to basically do anything with my life… I honestly thought I was going to die if I didn’t find a way to heal myself and my sexual energy.

Until I traveled to India in 2007 and found my “sexual healing” in tantra and yoga.

And since then I’ve been teaching thousands of people from all across the globe how to be happy and healthy with their sexuality, relationships and intimacy and take their sex life to the next level. See, when I tell you that I get it and that I’m here to support you… I TRULY mean it, because this work is truly my life’s mission. After spending the last 10 years working with thousands of people from all across the globe this is what I know for a fact:

YOUR sex and love life can be the most fulfilling, sacred and enriching part of your life. You can have all the pleasure, all the orgasms and all the intimacy you want. BUT it doesn’t have to be hard, painful or take you 10 years to get there.

And if you join me for Urban Kama Sutra™, you’ll see for yourself!

Introducing Urban Kama Sutra™

Urban Kama Sutra™ is an in-depth home-study video training that teaches you the ancient Tantric secrets to multiple full-body orgasms, deep levels of pleasure and mind-blowing sex in a practical, playful and highly effective way – with or without a partner!

If you’re tired of lame and mediocre sex, if you want to finally experience deeper levels of pleasure and long-lasting orgasms that rush through your entire body and take your sex life to the next level, this is the perfect program for you!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join Urban Kama Sutra™:

    Experience long-lasting full body orgasms and multiple orgasms – with or without a partner
    Identify your “orgasm triggers” and how to speed up and slow down your arousal
    Discover how to tease your anticipation for extended pleasure
    Enjoy deeper levels of pleasure with special techniques for the clitoris, g-spot and breasts
    Unlock your hidden sensuality
    Have more energy and creativity
    Release stress and surrender into your femininity
    Take control of your own sexuality
    Have extended full body orgasms that increase the hormones Oxytocin, Dopamine and Serotonin, which elevate mood and increase happiness

Get immediately download Psalm Isadora - Urban Kama Sutra


    learn how to give her multiple orgasms and be the best lover she ever had
    Discover her orgasm triggers and how quickly and easily to “push her buttons”
    Simple yet powerful techniques to arouse her with foreplay
    Get out of your head and enjoy a greater release and climax
    Be able to last longer
    Overcome ED or low libido and get back your stamina
    Balance your sexual energy and avoid being hyper or hypo sexual
    Be able to give her more of what drives her crazy


    Have deeper intimacy as a couple and in every area of your life
    Experience sacred connection and more arousal in your relationship
    Continue after one orgasm even if you’re sensitive and usually stop after that
    Spice things up in the bedroom and explore new techniques together
    Get to know each other on an even deeper level
    Discover and explore the 3 levels of intimacy together
    Create a sacred sexuality ritual as a couple

Here is What Others are Saying About Urban Kama Sutra™

“When I saw Psalm lecture at a recent workshop I was deeply impressed with how compassionate, insightful, and innovative she is, integrating yoga, tantric massage, and sex therapy; clearly, Psalm is a new role model for sexually empowered women.”
Barry Komisaruk,
Ph.D. Behavioral Neuroscientist; Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University, senior author of “The Science of Orgasm”

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

“In trusting Psalm with the delicacy of our relationship, my partner and I found strength in intimacy; a breakthrough of unimaginable pleasure! ”
Gabrielle Anwar, Actress
“Burn Notice”, “Scent of a woman”

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
And Some of Our Participants’ Incredible Results:

“My husband and I got into a little disagreement on the way to a friend’s party where Psalm was to be giving a complimentary tantra coaching demonstration.
The exercise that she had us do was the KISS connection- to stare into each other’s eyes, hands on our partner’s heart and practice breathing in unison. This simple exercise really helped us to reconnect.
After the party we went home to test out the breathing exercise which led us to having one of the most connective love making sessions we have ever experienced!
We are still using this practice to continue with this deeper connection.”

The results described are not necessarily typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
How Does The Program Work?

The Urban Kama Sutra™ program is designed with your pleasure and privacy in mind! You can simply watch the guidance videos in the privacy of your own home and you can do all of the exercises with or without a partner. So wherever you’re at when it comes to fully unlocking your sexual potential, Urban Kama Sutra™ WILL open up new doors for you.

And behind these doors? Multiple orgasms, shivers of excitement and simply mind-blowing sex await you…

So come on in!

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