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Mastering Creativity - Michael Gelb | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


A powerful opportunity to expand your access to creative thinking, novel solutions, dynamic energy and playful fun… all in service to unleashing and giving your greatest gifts.

Be prepared to open your heart, expand your mind, heighten your energy and advance your journey of transformation with the support of a vibrant community committed to mastering creativity together.

Have you noticed yourself falling into repetitive patterns and feeling like your life isn’t as creative, juicy or adventurous as it once was?

Do you feel like something is holding you back and that you aren’t quite expressing your unique talents in an inspired, powerful and energized way?

If so, then it is likely your time for a creativity reboot - one that clears away deadening old habits, builds more empowering ones, and taps you into the universal life force that is ready to power your sense of excitementeach day.

Creativity is about far more than generating new ideas. It’s about opening to your full life energy, which then circulates the passion and gusto that give your life meaning and sparkle.

When you are in a creative flow, you become more exuberant and dynamic, which increases your magnetism. You make more happen with less effort. You engage new friends, master new skills and improve your life far more easily.

There’s a reason that in a recent study, CEO’s said the #1 thing they look for in employees is creativity. Companies are now all about fostering innovative cultures, which is why teachers of creativity are in such high demand.

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Creativity is the engine that drives growth personally, professionally and collectively. The simple truth is that if you want to manifest your full potential and make your maximum impact, boosting your creativity is THE master key. It drives everything else you do, leading to more fun, more love, more productivity and more magic.

You may hear that and think, “Well that may all be true, but I’m not really creative.”

That idea that you are somehow NOT creative is the source of the problem for so many people. When you believe creativity is only for other people - artists, musicians or rebels you hold yourself back from expressing YOUR creative genius, which is unique and can be beneficial to others.

The good news is that you can undo this programming, let go of the old stories and begin to realize that you are a uniquely gifted creative being. Even if you’re well into retirement, you canreconnect with the creative genius you once were as a child - who was generating seemingly infinite possibilities in each moment, and living with a real sense of magic and adventure.

That child is still in you, ready to infuse your adult world with many new adventures!

Creativity is not a “nice to have,” but a “must have,” if we are to be the fulfilled, powerful, awake and impactful beings we are meant to be. It’s essential for our professional and personal lives - recharging our energy and better enabling us to live our purpose while having a lot more fun.

It’s also a vehicle for spiritual awakening because at the deepest level, you are an antenna for universal energy - the creative force of the cosmos - but right now there is probably too much interference in the way of you receiving the broadcast. What you need to do is turn down the static and open to this energy that is your divine birthright.

So much of modern culture conspires against our creativity, asking us to behave in ways that squash our natural exuberance, subdue our creative energy and diminish our openness to greater possibilities. We slowly become fearful to innovate outside of the box or draw outside the lines.

In the Mastering Creativity course, you’ll have an opportunity to reprogram yourself with world-leading creativity expert Michael Gelb, who has made a life study of what it takes to be truly and joyfully creative.

You’ll learn keys for igniting and sustaining the fire of genius in you, such as:

  • How to awaken your Creative Universal Energy (CUE)
  • Practices that help you clear “the static” blocking your reception of creativity
  • How to cultivate a growth mindset and apply it to every challenge
  • How to develop an attitude of genius by learning from history’s greats
  • Ways to recognize and navigate the 5 stages of creative expression
  • Practices that lead you to embrace surprise, novelty and the unusual
  • The importance of the “inner smile,” and the relationship between humor and discovery
  • How to ramp up your “chutzpah” and become more audacious and bold
  • Ways to invoke your inner muse, giving you a daily source of creative input

The best part of learning these skills is that once you’ve developed them, the practices are available to you all the time - whenever you need them, all for free. This leads to a feeling of real empowerment and helps you better fulfill your role within your family and community.

The Importance of a Genius Guide

Your teacher, Michael Gelb, is not a stodgy, garden-variety academic, but rather a fascinating, creative adventurer whose quest for self-actualization has taken him from working with Qigong masters to startup executives to deep study of history’s most creative geniuses.

He’s a blast to be around and is quite the creative genius in his own right!

He’ll show you how you can develop practices that expand your creative toolkit based on what history’s greats, such as Leonardo da Vinci, actually did. Michael weaves together strands from intellectual boosters to energetic practices like Qigong. He takes a fully holistic approach and can show you how to build the rhythms of your day in a way that keeps things dynamic, flowing and creative.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational program, Michael will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies that you’ll need to awaken your creativity, expand your creative toolkit and master your creative process.

Each training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to ignite the creative fire within you.

Module 1: Mastering the Creative Mindset, Part 1

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, “mindset” is “a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.” Psychologists have known for many years that mindsets have a huge impact on your mood, your perceptual abilities and your general level of happiness. And mindset is probably the most important influence on your creative ability. In this session, we’ll begin to explore what it takes to have your ideal creative mindset.

You’ll learn:

  • The key steps to cultivating a mindset that will liberate your original genius
  • How to cultivate and strengthen your “growth mindset,” which is scientifically proven to help continuously develop your creative powers
  • A simple, powerful exercise for clarifying your creative purpose to help you organize and elevate your creative energy
  • To embrace surprise, playfulness, humor and laughter - and see their importance in your creative insight

Module 2: Mastering the Creative Mindset, Part 2

In our second module, we’ll deepen the exploration of the creative mindset, so you can step more fully into it. Important topics include: “Strengthening Your Confusion Endurance” and “How to ‘Assume Chutzpah,’ which comes from what Greek philosopher Aristotle described as “acquiring a particular quality by acting in a particular way”. In other words, you become ethical by acting ethically, and brave by acting bravely. And you become creative by acting creatively. In this session, you’ll also discover perhaps the most simple - yet most powerful - aspect of the creative mindset.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of not just tolerating ambiguity but even embracing it!
  • How to cultivate the “moxie” needed for “acting creatively”
  • The ways to maximize your creativity through a new relationship to beauty
  • How to set aside the ego and welcome in infinite creative power

Module 3: Mastering the Creative Process, Part 1

The creative process has 5 distinct phases. When you understand them and learn to move between them, as needed, you empower your creativity. In this session, you’ll be introduced to each stage of the process and supported in moving through them.

You’ll learn:

  • What kind of preparation is essential to dive into creative genius
  • The keys to moving beyond habitual pathways of thought into fresh, new and authentic expression
  • How to allow your intuition to suggest solutions
  • Thomas Edison’s approach to goal-setting and achievement

Module 4: Mastering the Creative Process, Part 2

If Michael were to recommend just one method for mastering the creative process, it would be “Mind Mapping.” Often called the “Swiss Army Knife of the mind,” Mind Mapping is a versatile tool for generating and organizing ideas using images and keywords in a nonlinear format. Originated by English author and poet Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping enhances all 5 phases of the creative process.

You’ll learn:

  • The keys to Mind Mapping in a generative way
  • How to use Mind Mapping in your creative process through the 5 phases of the creative process covered in Module 3

Module 5: Mastering Creative Energy, Part 1

Once you’ve developed a creative mindset and learned the most important tools of the creative process, you will be primed to explore the simplest, most powerful ways to cultivate creative energy. This session will give you immediately applicable practices for raising your baseline of creative energy.

You’ll learn:

  • The basic principles of Qi cultivation
  • The practice of “The Inner Smile”
  • The 3 Treasures Meditation practice
  • How to nourish your Qi

Module 6: Mastering Creative Energy, Part 2

This session will take you deeper into the most powerful ways to cultivate your creative energy. Ready to feel vital, excited and engaged all day in all your creative pursuits? These advanced practices are for you!

You’ll learn:

  • Qi practices to accompany the 5 phases of the creative process
  • The Inviting Genius Meditation
  • The advanced level of the 3 Treasures Meditation

Module 7: Integrating & Taking Your Creativity into the World

In our final session, we’ll cover all the final bases, so each and every key to harnessing your creativity becomes available to you.

You’ll learn:

  • Powerful ways to apply this work to your daily life
  • Ways to explore what is next for you
  • How to discover - out of all you’ve learned - what is the most alive for you at this time in your life.
  • The next steps to living your masterfully creative life now!

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