Lauren Walker - Energy Medicine Yoga for Healing

Lauren Walker - Energy Medicine Yoga for Healing | Instant Download ! What You’ll Discover in These 7 ModulesIn this self-empowering 7-part program, Lauren...
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Lauren Walker - Energy Medicine Yoga for Healing | Instant Download !

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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this self-empowering 7-part program, Lauren will guide you through the fundamental techniques of EMYoga — practices you can use for a lifetime to remedy stress and anxiety, heal trauma, increase your vitality, help prevent disease, and live a more fulfilling and joyous life.

This course will feature teachings and experiential practices with Lauren. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to make EMYoga a daily practice that can calm you in the moment, give you simple ways to deal with ongoing triggers, and provide effective approaches to mitigate the emotional residue of trauma.

PLUS, three modules also include bonus teachings from luminaries in their fields: Dr. Melanie Smith, Susan Stone, Eileen McKusick, Dr. David Feinstein, and Dr. Craig Weiner.


Module 1: Befriend Your Fight-or-Flight Response


In this opening module, Lauren will welcome you into how Energy Medicine Yoga works, with a look at the essential rules of the energy systems that govern the body. You’ll start with an exploration of how your body is actually comprised of overlapping fields of energy that appear solid. Once you understand this intellectually, you’ll get to experience it physically in your body. You’ll find out immediately how and why energy is the easiest to shift among the four pieces that make you who you are: energy-body-mind-spirit.

Next, you’ll explore “Triple Warmer,” the most important system for healing from trauma, releasing stress, and evolving into your best self. This is the energy system that governs your immune system, your habits, and your fight-flight-freeze response. Triple Warmer is the protector of all your energy systems, and if it’s out of order, it can keep you stuck in a feedback loop of trauma and stress. You’ll learn how to befriend and retrain this energy system to keep it from constantly going into overdrive.

You’ll take away:

  • A breathing practice to help you calm your stress response
  • A simple tool to get you grounded
  • How to awaken your healing energy
  • How to corral your Guardian Energy to become your biggest ally
  • An easy way to instantly bring yourself back to center
  • How to keep your cool in public if you’re feeling triggered
  • A method for releasing physical tension in your head

You’ll also receive the following two bonus recordings to deepen your understanding of the materials covered in this module:

Uniting the 2 Sides of Your Nervous System to Rewire & Heal Your Life
With Dr. Melanie Smith
There’s a dynamic interaction between the fight-flight-freeze response in the body and the rest-digest response. Discover powerful tools to start communicating with both sides of your nervous system.

Connect With Your Soul to Heal Trauma
With Susan Stone
The way to deeply heal is to change the state of consciousness from which stress or trauma was created. Explore energy techniques to help you clear the junk so you can move into a different state of consciousness: the spiritual realm of healing.


Module 2: Wake Up Your Energy! — Move Fear Into Courage


Every part of your mind, body, experiences, and cycles of life — as well as the seasons of our planet and the planet itself — falls into one of five elements. We’ll start exploring the Five Element Theory, which traces back to ancient Chinese medicine and is a comprehensive system for viewing yourself, the world, and the interdependence of all things. The Five Element Theory empowers you to understand your emotions with respect to your physical body — and gives you a way to align the two for greater harmony.

We’ll also explore the Water element, and how it’s the start of everything, including healing. You’ll find out what emotions are out of balance when Water is out of balance, and what actions help bring it back into balance. We’ll also cover the chakra system — which holds all the information about everything that’s ever happened to you — and ways to easily and gently work with it for healing.

You’ll take away:

  • The baseline exercise to get your energy systems back on track and working for you
  • A simple technique to unscramble your energies and get them aligned
  • A practice to break through fear or doubt and find your courage
  • An easy hold to help release fear from your body
  • How to balance an essential hormone that controls your stress response
  • breathing practice to release trauma from your nervous system
  • The method for clearing the hard drive of your energy system (just like you clear information you no longer need from your computer to make it work better!)

Module 3: Find Your Inner Voice — Stand in Your Power — Speak Your Truth


If you’re under continual stress or in a trauma cycle, you may feel like you’ve lost the ability to be the master of your own life. To regain your power, you need to relearn how to know what you want, how to ask for it, and — crucially — how to receive it.

In this module, you’ll learn how your inner voice can be compromised, and how to bring it back into alignment with your deepest purpose. Equipped with the courage of Water, you’ll receive tools to move forward with the assertiveness of the Wood element.

And if you’ve never experienced a sound healing (and even if you have), you’re in for an incredible treat. Renowned sound-therapy practitioner Eileen McKusick will join us to bring all of our energies together into harmony. We’ll spend the first 10 minutes of class in shavasana, allowing Eileen to tune our group biofield, clearing trauma and stress out of our fields, and preparing you to receive the practice.

You’ll take away:

  • biofield tuneup from author and scientist Eileen McKusick
  • How to put an affirmation into your energy field
  • A practice to move anger into assertiveness
  • A simple hold to continue releasing anger
  • How to release past and present shock from your body
  • A reconnection to what you truly desire in your life and what ignites your joy
  • Methods to clear your throat chakra so you have easier access to your voice

Module 4: Free Yourself From Anxiety & Reignite Your Joy!


Feeling joyful is possible. Finding your inner resilience so that you can become a radiant light in the world can happen.

With the Fire element, you’ll discover how to ensure that your inner-joy energy is no longer left defenseless. The protective energy field around your body (your aura, or biofield) is like your spacesuit, keeping out challenging or difficult energies and bringing in beneficial ones. It can become compromised with continual stress and trauma — so in this module, you’ll learn how to bring it back into wholeness to ensure your protection is intact.

And, to further cleanse your aura and your entire system from trauma and stress buildup, we’ll work with ancient energy medicine techniques to literally shake the buildup off and release it.

You’ll take away:

  • How to reconnect your aura to your physical body
  • How to strengthen your aura and connect all your energy systems together
  • A practice to bring anxiety under control and transform it into inspiration
  • A powerful physical practice to clear trauma from your body
  • Ancient breathing techniques to get your fire energy under control
  • A hold to permanently clear racing thoughts of the future or past

Module 5: Find Grounding & Home With Love


Please plan to have some massage oil for this practice, preferably organic. Also, we’ll learn the Ayurvedic technique of Nasya in this module. Bring your Nasya oil or sesame oil with you.

Longstanding stress and traumatic experiences can interrupt your relationship with yourself. The good news is that you can restore that relationship. It’s common to blame or shame ourselves for what we’ve gone through or are going through, so this module will give you techniques to help you come into a place of love, compassion, healing, and caring for yourself.

With the Earth element, you’ll embody soothing ways to love yourself again with 100% compassion, 100% of the time. You’ll also discover the gentle power of two Ayurvedic techniques for releasing trauma from the delicate tissues of the body. You’ll learn EMYoga poses to move out of the state of worry into a true state of caring for the self, as if you’re literally caretaking your own inner child — with the same compassion you’d use toward someone else. And you’ll explore the power of your unconscious mind and how you can easily reprogram it with the first powerful tapping tool you’ll learn in this course.

You’ll take away:

  • An ancient Ayurvedic practice to increase self-love — the EMYoga way!
  • The Ayurvedic method to clear toxins from the brain (tarpaka kapha)
  • How to clear stagnant energies out of the meridian channels
  • An EMYoga practice for transforming worry into self-love
  • A two-minute tapping routine to reprogram your unconscious mind
  • How to increase self-love and create internal calm

Module 6: Learn Acceptance, Faith & Letting Go


Now that you’ve harvested the wisdom of the full cycle of the wheel, you’ll understand more deeply than ever how everyone goes through hardship, and that there are lessons and gifts to be gained from even the most challenging times. You’ll stop seeing adversity as something inflicted upon you by some intentional force, or seeing yourself as a victim, and you’ll stand in a new position of resilience and strength.

In the Metal element, you get distance as well as perspective into your life. You’re able to release the struggle and come into a place of faith and deeper understanding. This is where you understand that there is a higher power — not necessarily in a religious sense — but in the sense that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and your spirit is always whole no matter what, even when you’ve felt completely broken. This is where you’ll learn how to train your brain instead of being at the mercy of its wild thoughts.

You’ll take away:

  • A simple practice to surrender grief into faith
  • A sound to help you release grief
  • How to clear toxins from your lungs and large intestine, cleansing the pathways of pathogens for better clarity
  • A breathing practice to bring more calm and ease
  • A powerful tapping technique to start reprogramming any negative emotion into ease
  • A calming and peaceful guided meditation that has been used for PTSD, sleep disorders, and manifesting desires

You’ll also receive the following two bonus lectures to deepen your understanding of the material covered in this module:

A Scientific Perspective on Tapping
With Dr. David Feinstein
Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping works from a scientific perspective.

Tapping for Calmness & Clarity
With Dr. Craig Weiner
Find out how you can use the simple EFT tapping technique to get calm, centered, and clear.


Module 7: Unite Together for Emotional Flow & Ease


Just as each element flows into the next, like the seasons, your emotions flow from one to the next. This understanding gives you valuable information when you can’t flow — to help you find where you’re stuck and how to get unstuck.

In this concluding module, you’ll explore how your emotions move around the Five Element wheel in both the Flow and Control cycles. This will open you to powerful ways of moving the energy of emotions out of your body so they stop getting stuck in your tissues. Now you’ll have a comprehensive set of tools to train your body to come back to center, peace, joy, and health. You’ll integrate the reframing of the trauma or stress you’ve experienced — so you can move forward with resilience and the power to help others. And you’ll have a simple yoga practice you can use for the rest of your life.

You’ll take away:

  • An understanding of the ancient MRI technology, the Flow and Control cycles
  • A beautiful flowing practice of all the elemental poses to move emotional energy out of your body
  • A way to work with your emotions just by vocalizing (when you can’t do anything else, you can do this and get the energy flowing again!)
  • How to balance the hemispheres of your brain and your emotional energy so you can be centered and calm in any situation
  • A review of each of the hand positions on the head to move stuck emotional energy into a more balanced expression
  • Resources for continued learning and support
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