Pocketing Premium Basic Package (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders)

Pocketing Premium Basic Package (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders) digital download.

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Pocketing Premium Basic Package (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders)

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Simpler Traders - Pocketing Premium Basic Package (PREMIUM)

Simpler Traders - Pocketing Premium Basic Package (PREMIUM)

Can you get consistent gains when the market moves at the ‘speed of Twitter?’

This strategy is not flashy or exciting.

But if you’re tired of getting whiplash in a volatile market, predictable income might be just what you’re looking for.

This is your opportunity to discover how it’s possible to win on 18+ trades in a row — without being “right” about a stock’s direction.

Even better, this is a fantastic way to “profit from panic” (which happens a lot with the hyped up news cycle).

If you’re looking for a “zero stress” way to earn a steady income from the market, take advantage of Pocketing Premium.

Let Henry show you how he achieved 18+ wins in a row even when the market was highly volatile.

Pocketing Premium shows you how to extract income within a wide price range. And, as long as price stays ANYWHERE in that range, you’d make a profit.

Compare that to most strategies where you have to be precise or get stopped out. Not easy with these wild swings.

Because “close enough” is all Henry needed to win these trades. Of course, they’re not “guaranteed” to win, but the odds are stacked way in my favor.

This chart shows a past trade in DIA. As long as we stayed ANYWHERE in that green zone it’d be another winner.

As you can see, it’s possible to “win” even if you just hit the side of a barn.

Why? The strategy thrives on volatility.

In fact, it’s winning BECAUSE most traders lose in an uncertain market.

That’s how it’s possible to literally “profit from panic.”

These trades open with a credit and have an 86% (or greater) chance of pocketing an even bigger credit when you exit.

Even better — because this strategy can profit across a wide price range, it’s an almost ‘zero stress’ way to generate consistent cash flow.

It’s a combination of high-probability setups with at least 86.5% odds of winning. They’re designed to produce steady income in a volatile market. You can swing trade with the odds stacked deeply in your favor.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

How to enjoy 86%+ winners without being right about market direction

How ‘profiting from panic’ has yielded 18+ winners in a row

Why this income strategy can generate income from ‘ugly’ charts

How a $13 credit turned into $402 within a week

Why you never need to chase a move or take impulsive trades again

Discover how to convert chronic volatility into steady income with Henry’s high-probability spread strategies. All options expire and this is your chance to learn how to “win” as much as 86% of the time. And you don’t have to worry about market direction.

In this intermediate to advanced training you’ll learn:

How Henry generated 18+ winners in a row (without ‘timing’ the market)

How to get in great stocks on ‘gap down’ days (with total peace of mind)

How to exploit weekly and monthly options expiration for steady cash flow

How to get paid a credit to open a trade (ex. Henry turned $13 into $402)

How to turn ‘worse case scenario’ trades into winners

This is your opportunity to learn from the recorded live-trading sessions with Henry and deepen your mastery of this powerful strategy. You can watch Henry sharing his screen as he looked for high-probability setups during market hours. Learning from these live-trading recordings offers a quick way to absorb and internalize your new strategy and “make it your own.”

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