Pineapple Studios - Street Divas

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Pineapple Studios - Street Divas digital download. Info: [1 DVD - 17 MP4s] | 1.702 GB. Street Divas offers the best dance instruction, with an emphasis o...
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Pineapple Studios - Street Divas

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD - 17 MP4s]

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Debbie Moore former top model founded Pineapple Dance studios in London's Covent Garden in 1979, her aim being to make dance accessible to everyone. Through this series of Everynody Dance DVD's, Debbie invites you to join the world of Pineapple where `To Dance Is To Live'

Everybody Dance: Street Divas is a strong and sexy dance class in which you will be taught full routines to three of the hottest pop hits and then watch them in full performance by The Pineapple Dance Troupe.
Street Divas offers the best dance instruction, with an emphasis on great Warm Up and Cool Down exercises to funky music, which can be used as effective exercise routines on their own

PAULETTE MINOTT:- Is one of the UK's leading commercial dance choreographers. Her edgy street style has featured in countless #1 Pop and RnB vidoes and performances on both sides of the Atlantic. Paulette has hosted numerous dance shows for MTV and ITV as well as Trouble TV's `Bump & Grind'. As Resident Choreographer for Pineapple Dance Studios and Creative Brand Stylist for Pineapple Paulette has created a fresh and stylish production, featuring girls from PDT who have worked with artists including Sugababes, Rihanna, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Jamelia & Ne-Yo.

* Complete body warm up section
* Detailed instructions by leading choreographer PAULETTE MINOTT covering complete routines for;
(** Denotes the artist that made the song a hit)
* Alternative camera angles on instructon section; (a)Mirror Feature (b) Full wide angle
* On screen count in to verse & chorus option on performance section
* Full performance of each routine in pop video setting
* Complete body cool down section
* Meet The Choreographer & Dancers Interview