Philip Duncan - Storage Auctions Blueprint

Philip Duncan - Storage Auctions Blueprint digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF) + Audio (MP3) + 3 Bonuses (PDF)]. “In Just A Few Weeks You Could Be Earn...

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Philip Duncan - Storage Auctions Blueprint

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF) + Audio (MP3) + 3 Bonuses (PDF)]


Storage Auctions Blueprint

“In Just A Few Weeks You Could Be Earning A
Significant Second Income Or Even A Full Time Income By Learning The Secrets Of Storage Auctions!”

There Is An Absolute Fortune To Be Made In Unpaid Storage Units,
Right In Your Own Backyard!

From The Desk Of Philip Duncan

Re: a step-by-step guide to show you exactly how you can profit from storage auctions!

Dear Friend,

You may or may not have ever heard of storage auctions before. Even if you have, you may have dismissed it as something that is too difficult, time consuming or expensive.

The truth is profiting from storage auctions is easy, inexpensive and quick when you know how.

A storage auction is what happens when a self-storage locker at one of those large self-storage facilities goes unpaid for too long.

The owners of the storage unit have the right to cut the lock off of the unit and sell the contents.

Typically they sell the contents via auctions to everyday people like you and me. And they sometimes sell them very cheaply.

Given Today’s Economic Climate, There Has Never Been A Better Time To Profit From Storage Auctions!

If you are like many people, you may feel a little funny about profiting from somebody else’s misery.

But here’s the thing….

These people are going to lose the contents of the storage facility anyway, no matter what you do. Since you can’t help, you may as well make a profit off of the auction.

Here’s what happens once you win an auction…

The contents of the locker are yours to keep! You can take what you like, if anything, and sell the rest.

You can sell your auction winnings in a garage sale or a local flea market but the absolute best way is to sell the winnings via ebay!

You Can Start A Real Business In
Your Spare Time By Combining Storage Auctions With The Incredible Power Of Ebay!

While you can sell your auction winnings in a garage sale or flea market, Ebay is the better choice.

Here’s why…

    • When selling storage auction winnings on Ebay you pick the time that’s most convenient for you to work!
    • When selling storage auction winnings on Ebay you can work where you want!
    • The auction format Ebay uses can get you a higher selling price than you would at a garage sale or flea market!
    • When selling on Ebay you can build a powerful list of customers that you can easily contact again and again when you get more merchandise!

This just may be the easiest type of Internet/Home Based business to start that really works.

Even though it is an extremely busy model to start, there are are a few things that can go wrong if you don’t know what you are doing.

That is why I decided to release this guide to help others start a business like I have.

You see, chances are you do not live in the same town as I do and so if I show you the way you will not be my competition. Even if you were in the same town, there is enough of these auctions to go around!


Storage Auctions Blueprint!

Philip Duncan - Storage Auctions Blueprint

Storage Auctions Blueprint was made with you in mind.

You not only get a powerfully written step-by-step guide but you also get an informative audio recording of the process (in case you are the type that prefers to listen while you go to work for instance).

If you have little to no experience on the Internet or even if you have a lot, everything is covered in detail in this no-fluff guide.

In Storage Auctions Blueprint you will discover…

    • How to earn plenty of extra money quickly, even if you work a full time job, are retired or even unemployed!
    • that you don’t need any specialized knowledge to get started - simply follow the step-by-step guide!
    • You can keep this business a hobby that you do locally and sell your winnings locally or you can become a top Ebay seller and make tons of money each month - it’s your business to run as you see fit!
    • This step-by-step guide will get you up and running quickly - you can even attend your first auction this week and start selling immediately!
    • You will understand that this is a true business and not some get-rich-quick scam. Afterall, there is some work involved but you can build a real business that can cover your expenses for a lifetime!

In short, this is a business that you can start now even if you have little money and little time! Your business will grow as slowly or quickly as you need it to!

The Storage Auctions Blueprint is a step-by-step guide that is designed to get you up to speed very quickly!

But the Storage Auctions Blueprint is not for everybody….

Please do not invest in this guide if…

> You expect to get ahead while putting no work into your business!

> You are an ‘opportunity seeker’ who jumps from one thing to another and never really focuses on one business idea (Storage Auctions Blueprint works, but only if you work it)!