Peter Thomson - How to Speak Up For Yourself On Any Occasion

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Peter Thomson - How to Speak Up For Yourself On Any Occasion digital download. Info: [13 Audio Cassettes (25 MP3s)]. This new inspirational program will...
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Peter Thomson - How to Speak Up For Yourself On Any Occasion

Type: Digital download

Format: [13 Audio Cassettes (25 MP3s)]


How to Speak Up For Yourself On Any Occasion

By Peter Thompson

The UK ‘s leading Business and Personal Development Strategist

A brand-new program by Peter Thomson entitled “How to Speak Up for Yourself on Any Occasion!” This new inspirational program will teach you all the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge to enable you to be toally confident in expressing your opinion on any occasion! Speaking to one person, speaking to a small group or even speaking to hundreds from a stage.”


* you will be able to easily overcome any nerves… use that adrenaline rush to your advantage.
* how to plan and write out what you want to say for any occasion
* you’ll look forward to speaking, knowing you will be totally in control….
* to create greater success for yourself, greater confidence, and greater wealth
* to express your ideas and the ideas of others clearly, creatively and confidently”


“Peter has been involved in a wide variety of businesses — bank clerk, stationery and industrial cleaner salesman before starting his own business in 1972, as a private investigator! The introduction of mobile phones saw Peter as an early market innovator and led him into leasing/finance where he created and ultimately sold a highly successful business. The sale of that business to a UK public limited company made him a millionaire several times over at age 42.

Since then he has become one of the UK’s leading audio tape business authors, recording, and distributing more than 30 audio titles for Nightingale-Conant and Simon & Schuster. In addition, he has written 3 books and developed “The Achiever’s Edge!” an innovative and successful monthly audio newsletter. His sellout seminars on Business Communication, Sales, Marketing and Personal Development speak volumes for the high esteem in which he is held throughout the UK, Europe & more recently in Asia.”


Track 1: Persuade and Succeed

Track 2: Know Your Audience

Track 3. Essential Planning

Track 4: Essential Planning II

Track 5: Butterflies in Formation

Track 6: Butterflies Part II

Track 7: Writing Your Speech

Track 8: Logistics

Track 9: Opening and Closing

Track 10: Dealing with Questions

Track 11: The Use of Language

Track 12: Body Language — Speaker

Track 13: Body language — Audience

Track 14: Visual Aids

Track 15: Just Do It!

Track 16: Stand and Deliver

Track 17: Practice Makes Perfect

Track 18: On Stage and Anchoring

Track 19: Performance Effectiveness Quotient

Track 20: Creative Thinking

Track 21: Solving Problems

Track 22: Special Occasions

Track 23: Professional Speaking

Track 24: Stories/Quotes/Anecdotes

Bonus: Wind Up Your Mind