Peak Trading Performance Programme (Thetradingframework)

Peak Trading Performance Programme (Thetradingframework) digital download.

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Peak Trading Performance Programme (Thetradingframework)

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Thetradingframework - Peak Trading Performance Programme

Thetradingframework - Peak Trading Performance Programme

A Practical Personal Transformation Programme

A unique personal development and transformation programme originally presented live to a group of traders and fully recorded. It has been developed for traders that wish to learn specific techniques for mastering themselves, their emotions and negative behaviours. The techniques you will learn will encompass some of the most powerful methods that professional trader Kam Dhadwar has learned and used personally during his own journey towards peak performance trading. Your Coach Kam Dhadwar is a professional Proprietary Trader with nearly 15 years of Trading experience as well as a Master NLP Practitioner since 2005.

The programme consists of 4 separate modules that are delivered via members area with audio and visuals. This programme is purposely split into separate sessions. This is because each session will involve practical techniques that you will learn to apply and use yourself until the next session, at the end of you will have the tools and knowledge required for Peak Trading Performance as a Trader.

Module 1: Learning to Understand and Master the Unconscious Mind

  • Intro to your Mindset and how you function, learning about the ConsciousUnconscious Mind
  • Learn how the unconscious mind functions and how it may be working against you.
  • Learn how your inner world is creating your outer world and its experiences and how to shift this around to be inline with GoalsObjectives.
  • Learn the programming language of the unconscious mind.
  • Learn specific techniques for Modelling more positive states, which will effect how you handle emotions, your behaviours and ultimately you resultsexperiences.

Module 2: Rebuilding Yourself with more positive Beliefs and Values

  • Learn the Process of Self Enquiry to establish which beliefs, values and attitudes work against you and for you.
  • Learn to reduce the effects of limiting beliefsvalues and utilise more empowering beliefsvalues.
  • Learn how to recognise internal conflict and remove the unconscious obstacles that you don’t normally see.

Module 3: Destroying Attachment to Negative Past Memories and Experiences and Setting up for a Better Future

  • Understand Time Line Therapy and how to use it to change your attachment to past experiencesevents and let go of the associated emotions and negative feelingsmemories.
  • Learn to use Time Line Therapy techniques to set futures outcomes, goals and objectives on an unconscious level to increase your chances of achieving that which you desire.
  • Learn how to use strategic visioning processes and visualisation techniques to focus your attention and commit to a goal in the moment.

Module 4: Getting the Most out of the Present Moment and Remaining in the NOW

  • Understand the importance of being in the now, letting go of the past and future for enhanced Peak Performance states.
  • Learn to get in the zone with ease and stay there.
  • Learn specific meditation techniques and understand why it is essential for your trading success and discipline.

Please note the above is just a guideline of what to expect. Each session will be packed with useful and practical information and the above is just a taster of what to expect on each session. Every session is viewable as many times as you like at your leisure. Unlike books on trading psychology where you just read about what should be done, these individual sessions which make up the complete programme will help you learn specific techniques that you practically use to target specific problems that are common with traders and human beings in general.

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