Paula & Wanda - Amazonian Profit Plan

Paula & Wanda - Amazonian Profit Plan digital download. Info: [eBook – PDF]. If you’re here, it’s probably because you heard about how we make a good li...

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Paula & Wanda - Amazonian Profit Plan

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook – PDF]


Amazonian Profit Plan

Our complete blueprint for how we average $10K a month promoting Amazon products

Paula & Wanda - Amazonian Profit Plan

Welcome from Paula and Wanda…

Paula & Wanda - Amazonian Profit Plan

If you’re here, it’s probably because you heard about how we make a good living by promoting Amazon products. In fact, we average around $10k a month. But it wasn’t always like this. At one point we were madly adding 8 reviews a day to one of our blogs in the hope that it would somehow start making us a decent living. And we weren’t using any plugins either, we were writing those reviews ourselves…from scratch. It brought in the traffic mind you, but it was tough work and in the end the conversions still weren’t that great.

Then suddenly it dawned on us…

…we were going about this in the wrong way. Because you see, out of the thousands of reviews on our blogs only around 10 to 20 were actually making any money. Sure we had other pages that brought in a few dollars every now and then but only those 10 to 20 were actually making a consistent regular income...albeit it wasn’t much at the time.

So we came to the conclusion that we no longer needed to add hundreds of product reviews or keep building more websites in a frantic attempt to try and make money online. That was a liberating feeling to say the least. What it meant was that we could stop and relax a little and start to focus on only a few pages at a time instead of hundreds.

But that wasn’t what started bringing in the big dollars

What eventually did it for us was when we came to the realization that we really weren’t providing our readers with what they really wanted – and that was quality reviews. Up until that point, our reviews were short and didn’t really provide much substance. They really weren’t particularly helpful at all. We had always thought – “Just get them to Amazon as quick as possible…who cares what the review is like as long as they click through and buy something…”

Boy, were we wrong!

Adding hundreds (if not thousands) or poor quality reviews just didn’t work. It was only when we starting writing quality reviews using a new format we devised, that the sales jumped. We knew we were on to something.

We also realized that we had been choosing the wrong products and it was affecting our sales and ultimately our income. We were just randomly selecting products from Amazon with little thought about how they might convert. So after some trial and error, we came up with a 5 step process for selecting products and it worked.

Suddenly things started to fall into place…

So now with the combination of choosing the right products and using our new method for writing reviews, we suddenly had products that were converting.

Mind you, this didn’t all happen overnight – it took us a while to get all the pieces together but when we did, suddenly everything started falling into place. The money started pouring in and suddenly we were making thousands a month instead of a few hundred dollars.

All we needed all along was the right blueprint. Once we had that in place, there was no stopping us.

So to cut a long story short…

After revealing our income on our internet marketing blog one day, we were literally bombarded with requests to write up an ebook to explain how we do it. We were reluctant at first but then figured there are literally tens of thousands of products in Amazon so it’s not like the market will become saturated anytime soon. It also took us quite a while to complete it as we wanted to include every step. We didn’t want to leave anything out.

So finally here today, we offer our complete blueprint for making money online with the Amazon Associates Program. This is 75 pages of solid step-by-step information – and no we didn’t double-space or use a huge font so it is actually 75 pages.

The most important thing you will learn with this method…

…is that you don’t have to create hundreds or thousands of product reviews in order to make a full time living online. You only need a handful of pages. In fact, you can actually make a full-time income with just one product review…we have individual pages that are doing just that.

However, we don’t recommend creating just one page of never know what Google might do or the product may become obsolete. But essentially what we are getting at is that you don’t need a lot of pages for this method to work. This is really the relaxed way to making money online. There’s no stress and no frantic rush to get hundreds of pages online. It’s a more focused approach and it works.

It involves providing quality rather than quantity. You will feel less stressed and have more time in the day using this approach…believe me!

Here’s a taste of what’s included:

Our complete criteria for selecting Amazon products that convert – our 5 step selection criteria can make the difference between choosing a product that converts or one that is a complete flop. 

A complete step-by-step to creating a product review from start to finish using an actual example – we include how to write the content, the title, where to insert images, how to write your introduction and conclusion and other critical information you need to create a highly converting product review. 

Where to include Amazon affiliate links in your product – we will tell you exactly where to include those product links, how many times in each review and we also include a step-by-step to inserting affiliate links behind images. 

How to write about the negatives – in order to be completely honest with your readers, you need to include the negatives in your review – we tell you how to do it without destroying your review. 

How to tell if a product will get traffic – there’s no point writing a review if you aren’t going to get any traffic to the page – we’ll explain how to determine if a product is going to generate enough visitors for you. 

How to get traffic to your product reviews – we reveal our number 1 method for generating traffic to our product review websites and provide a step-by-step on how to do it. Plus we also include: 

A Keyword List Template you can use when doing keyword research – and yes, we show you how to do keyword research for your products. 

An Amazon Product Idea Checklist Template to use when you are searching for products. 

An Outsourcing Template that you can use if you don’t want to write the product reviews yourself – it’s ready to go, simply add your product names and submit as a project to any freelance site. And what everyone wants to see… 

An example of a completed product review – we use a real life product from Amazon. This is written in the exact format we use for our most successful product reviews.