Paul Zaichik - Easy Flexibility - Hamstring Stretching And Flexibility Intermediate

Paul Zaichik - Easy Flexibility - Hamstring Stretching And Flexibility Intermediate. Rotator cuffOften the rotator cuff injury come from lack of mobility in t...
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Paul Zaichik - Easy Flexibility - Hamstring Stretching And Flexibility Intermediate

Paul Zaichik - Easy Flexibility - Hamstring Stretching And Flexibility Intermediate

Rotator cuff

Often the rotator cuff injury come from lack of mobility in the scapula or he shoulder blade. For example poor upward rotation of the scapula is known to injure or even tear the supraspinatus tendon. Common rotator cuff stretches involve passive holds. This program uses kinesilogical stretches. Each rotator cuff muscle is isolated. Action vs action technique stretches the muscles, while minimizing the stretch reflex. At the same time the muscles remain fully alert and active. This allows for fast flexibility gains. In addition strength exercises are used. This allow to develop strength in deep ranges in order to protect the shoulder and transfer the flexibility into the skill.

Hamstrings Flexibility - Intermediate

In this DVD you will learn everything that you need in order to get your hamstrings flexible! If you can touch your toes this is the DVD for you! This is a full follow along workout for fast hamstrings flexibility for intermediate students.

Hip Flexors Flexibility

How to know if this program is for you. For many people the use of this program is its patented Zaichik Streching Techniques and their difference from standard stretches.  One of the large problems with mainstream stretching techniques is that, if you can’t stretch, you don’t know what is holding you back. In terms of the hip flexors, it can be Sartorius, Rectus Femoris, Tensor Fasciae Latea, Pectenius, Psoas or Illiacus. It can also be upper Adductors or even Gluteus Minimus. If one is tight, the rest will not move. Zaichik Stretches allow you to get each one by itself and lengthen much faster, once you know where the problem is

Glutes: Abductors and Iliotibial Band

The Iliotibial Band has become a household name among, competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike. Runners, cyclists as well as other repetative sports athletes often live with ITB pain or injury concern. There are 5 muscle groups located in the area. Their actions balance each other in Flexion/Extension, and Rotation. (Gluteus Minimus, Medius, Maximus, Deep Six External Rotators, and Tensor Fasciae Latae) This program addresses each one employing Zaichik Stretching Techniques. The ability to take each muscle apart and focus on the problematic one is the hallmark of Zaichik Stretching Techniques. Avoidance of the stretch reflex and quick easing of the muscle is another. Many athletes who tried this program have felt quick relief of tension and pain

Adductors Flexibility and Strength Training

Exercises such as straddle and butterfly are common adductors stretching techniques. These exercises are helpful yoga postures. However they target many muscles at the same time. Zaichik Stretching approach is different. Each muscle is targeted individually. At the same time using action vs action approach, stretch reflex is avoided. Avoiding the stretch reflex allows to eliminate the pain of stretching. Moreover Zaichik Stretching allows the practitioner to pinpoint the problem. In other words, if only one muscle is tight out of the group, all the athlete has to do, is focus on that muscle and release it.  Many people found that Zaichik Stretching to do the trick for them. Allowing them to break through the wall, where traditional stretches have stopped working. ​

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